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Good morning, 

Here I am sat in my car ready for what feels like it’s going to be a very long day at work.

Ok here is my issue, exactly 12 months ago I started having strange feelings.

- fatigue (feelings really tired)

- Palpitation

- Shakes

- Feelinng sick

This was happening every few hours right up to the point where twice I almost passed out in public places and almost had to call for an ambulance.

Since then I’ve been back and forth to the doctors. I told them I felt like I was having diabetes type symptoms. I’ve had blood tests taken for A1c (twice), Vitamin D, 24 hour ECG and I’ve been monitoring both my blood glucose and my blood pressure. Every time my blood sugars seem fine. Usually in the range of 5.0 and 7.5. 

Still i am no further than I was 12 months ago. This morning I got up and measured my blood glucose which read at 5.1. I could however feel the shakes starting to come on. After 15 minutes I was sat watching the TV feeling sick as ever. I was struggling to even get up to switch the TV over which was 8 feet away. I was shaking, feeling weak, sick, palpitations.

I managed to get up and get some breakfast. I had a bowl of cereal and within 15 minutes or so. I felt normal again. I took a blood sugar reading and it was at 7.0.

I got in the shower to get ready for work, had a mug of tea and helped my partner get my two children ready. I tested my self again an hour later and my sugars had dropped to 5.5 and I could feel the shakes starting again.

Which brings me here. Sat in the car park outside work contemplating life. My doctors don’t know what’s wrong with me and I feel stuck. I certainly don’t have high blood sugars but I do feel like my symptoms are definitely how a diabetic would feel.

This is really getting me down. I feel depressed as I feel like I’m struggling to control what ever this is. My doctors keep telling me my symptoms aren’t of what a diabetic would experience and hay my results don’t signify anything of that. My doctor th Via it could be “hypertension” which I think is rubbish and I do have an 24 hour blood pressure monitor to wear tomorrow.

 Any help and advice would be very much appreciated. 

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    I think you are probably testing your blood sugar too often and worrying about it.

    Test at the same time each day but only once a day.

    Does not sound like diabetes to me but I could be wrong.

    Hope you manage to get to the bottom of what is going on here.

    Take care and keep in touch.


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    Hello GO, 

    Here are some things to look into that can result in some of the endocrine system symptoms you’re experiencing. My guess is that you’re fairly youthful and in good health, as the sorts of symptoms you describe would be more pronounced in a person with a weaker or older system.

    I’d say, look at toxicity and stress related illnesses connected with liver, gallbladder and  endocrine system.

    1- protein, vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Get yourself some good quality supplements and try them out for a few months. For protein deficiencies, you can try essential amino acids- they seem to help with a lot of problems. There are  some genetic factors that can limit B vitamin absorption, B12 shots, or coblimated/methylated Bs can be helpful.

    2. You’ll want to do some research on subacute pancreatitis (aka chronic pancreatitis) as it can cause gut problems can lead to nutritional deficiencies, celiac’s and other illnesses. Basically, you’re starving to death even though you’re eating, because your digestive enzymes and bile aren't getting to the gut... food doesn't get properly broken down, malabsorption and general gut problems happen.  

    Meanwhile, the bile and digestive enzymes are backing up into your other organs, destroying them. Hence the funky blood sugar feelings. 

    Although many illnesses are connected with gut problems, chronic or subacute pancreatitis can lead to every gut problem imaginable as well as the sugar regulation problems you’re experiencing. Chronic pancreatitis generally goes undiagnosed for decades but can lead to gut illness, malnutrition and yes, diabetes. While you may not notice gut problems, a high tolerance to pain or severe nonspecific pain or even desensitization of feet can be symptoms of chronic pancreatitis.

    Chronic pancreatitis is one of the scariest conditions possible, as it can destroy your gut as well as your pancreas. Since there is no ‘pill’ to treat chronic pancreatitis, you have to treat it with diet and other natural remedies.

    5% of people have a variation in the mechanical design of their gallbladder/pancreatic duct that causes chronic pancreatitis. However, it seems a lot more people (symptoms) have undiagnosed chronic pancreatitis than 5%, so I suspect the cause can also be low liver function due to chemical toxicity, high fat diet, high stress levels. Alcohol and drug use can also result in pancreatitis, as it is related to decreased liver function.

    There is a blood test for pancreatitis, however, ranges probably indicate high levels only for acute pancreatitus, do you'd have to do your own research on whether there’s an effective blood test for chronic or subacute pancreatitis.

    3. Other endocrine system problems. The endocrine sysyem organs work together to regulate metabolism- mainly you've got the pituitary, sex organs, thyroid, pancreas and adrenals all working together like a symphony to regulate metabolism and energy levels. The liver, gallbladder and immune system are intimately connected with endocrine function. Basically stress and chemical exposure (toxic chemicals are everywhere!) can act as endocrine system disruptors, wreaking havoc.  So cleaning up your sysyem, eliminating stress and toxins can go a long way towards improving health.

    4. Liver toxicity can lead to heart palpitations, funky BP and other circulatory problems. Poor liver health can be  caused by alcohol and drug use, presription medications, environmental toxins, pesticides. 

    Diet and exercise can go a long way towards speeding up metabolism and clearing toxins out of the system. Eliminating wheat (and all gluten products), dairy and soy from your diet can be helpful for overall health when dealing with chronic conditions.

    Some  people like to fast or cleanse to help tid the body of toxins. Infrared sauna or hot steam, even a hot bath in epsom salts can be helpful to help reduce the toxin load on your body.

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    Hi @GoodyOwl.  Hey, I can't think of what to tell you, except a little story.  About fifteen years ago I was feeling pretty horrible, finally dragged myself to the doctor's office, expecting they would take one glance at me in the waiting room and call an ambulance.  Nope.  Did all the tests, and - just shrugged.  Well, somewhat assured I went home - but still felt horrible for weeks, months.  Slowly got better.  Visiting the doctor a year later, told him, "Hey, but I felt so awful last year, so what was it?"  Doctor just shrugs.  "Maybe a virus."  Doh!  Thanks, doc.

    That in a nutshell is pretty much my history with doctors.

    Well, we have a lot more Internet resources now than then, or I might have ordered up some more tests on myself, but heck, maybe the doctor was right.

    You're doing the right thing testing your BG, but it does go up and down during the day and with every meal.  If you manage your diet and exercise as a diabetic would, you can see if that helps you feel better.  Take care of yourself, try to be positive, and watch for anything that might tell you more. 

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    Thanks for the responses guys. Today I’ve had a further blood test for heart, kidneys, cortisol and vitamin d. Also now got a 24 hour blood pressure monitor to wear.

    Still feel like I’m struggling to stay alive and every day seems to be a battle.

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