In need of help with nasuea after eating.

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It all started about a month ago. Everytime I eat something (no matter what it is) I begin to feel nauseous a few minutes after the meal. There has only been one time where I actually vomited after my meal. Periodically throughout the day I suffer from heartburn, but it usually goes away after a few minutes, but comes back hours later. Also I have had diarrhea since all this started happening. It does seem like after I eat, I do have diarrhea shortly after the meal. I also have the sensation of a "lump" in my throat from time to time. Also I might add whenever I haven't eaten anything and begin to feel hungry my entire body feels fine. It's right after I eat something that the nausea feeling takes hold. There is no blood in my stool and nothing else out of the ordinary.

This whole situation stresses me out because I don't ever want to eat out at a restaurant, and also do not want to eat at work because I'm afraid I'll have to vomit while in the middle of helping a customer. Everytime I group of my friends wants to go out I have to respectfully decline, for I do not want to get sick while out in public. Although I may not have a fear of vomiting, it's something I still do not want to do at work or out in a public setting.

I told my physician about it and he prescribed me Omeprozole but that doesn't seem to help. Tums will sometimes help with the heartburn but it doesn't help with my state of stomach discomfort.

I need some help to figure out what is wrong with me so I can go back to my social and work environments with no worries.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.


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    There is obviously something not right, you really need to go back to your doctor and insist on having some tests carried out, it sounds like some sort of acid reflux problem, unfortunately it is impossible to diagnose something like this yourself and you will only get to the bottom of it (no pun intended!!) through having tests. Do you only have diarrhea after eating or is it all the time?  
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      From what I understand C. Diff. Is associated with diarrhea, belly pain, and fever. I don't have belly pain or fever nor have I had that at any point this month while this has been happening. Hiatal hernia on the other hand sounds like something I may have. All in all I need to see my physician again and ask for some tests. Any other advice, support, or tips would be extremely helpful.
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    Keep a food diary to check for food intolerances and ask your doctor for an endoscopy, colonoscopy, Celiac blood test, stool sample for h pylori, CT and  ultrasound.  Ask about IBS which can cause food intolerance, diarrhoea and constipation.
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    Hi zacharyb3825

    You have all the symptoms of HPylori....the stomach bacteria that thrives in the stomach and duodenum..this tiny bacteria upsets your stomach flora and changes the guts chemical balance hence giving you acid reflux and diarrhoea. This is why docs do a breath test for HP because certain chemicals are present when HP is present. Also Endoscopy, Stool Test and Blood Test will pick it up.

    Go back to your doc and request a test for Helicobacter wishes.....

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    Don't forget (in case doc or pahtology staff does), that you need to DISCONTINUE your PPI before Hel.pyl breath test. (preferably 4 weeks prior test)
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    There is also something called 'gastroparesis', that is connected to nausea after eating. Easy to test (given radioactive meal/drink, gastric emptying measured, preferably over 4 hours, not only 2)
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    OMG, I had all the same symptoms too. The nausea subsided though.

    I can't say I found the answer. Hunger doesn't kick in as much for me so I'll sometimes eat one meal a day.

    I've been using Antiacids and medicine to stop gas. The medicine to stop gas is over the counter and stops the nausea, but not the diahrrea.

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    I had Clost. diff overgrowth in colon (due to lovely Clindamycin antibioticum, that does not kill Clost.diff bacteria but others, so it could overgrow. First of all you need to be infected with it to get a noticable overgrowth)

    and it was a terrible, very painful colitis with pus and cramps, nothing helped within weeks (tried all probiotics, drinks, diets) and took months to heal on its own. Quite different from mentioned symptoms here, so I don't think that's your problem, but having said that, a normal stool test would give you answer to any bacteria or parasite problem easily.

    One more thing came to mind: eosinophilic oesophagitis,

    one needs a gastroscopy with routine (shallow) biopsie to diagnose that one.

    Good luck!

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