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Just over a month ago i got achey hands and legs, initially thought i must be coming down with a flu or virus of some sort but after 3 days i notice that the pain was there even when getting up in mornings so i booked in to see doctors for blood tests thinking it was thyroids playing up as there is a history on my mum's side. So the morning i called doctors to book in for the next day but by early noon i developed a really bad headache that wouldnt budge even after taking loads of panadol. The morning of the appointment i still had the headache and told doctors of the symptons i been having and she didnt seem to think it was anything apart from a viral bug i might have caught. Blood pressure taken was around 140ish. Got given an appointment to come down a couple of days later to take bloods to check thyroids level.

No sooner then getting back in house i started vomiting but only bringing water up and this continued throughout the day with the headache getting worse and worse so i called doctors to be asked to seen again. Doctors saw me and gave me some anti sickness pill and told me to come back next day to see if headache any improvement and gets blood done then instead of waiting. So after a night sleep the headaches eased of and sickness has gone so had bloods done to check thyroids level. (This was on a Friday). Over the weekend i felt totally fine then on Monday got called back into doctors as results have come back but thyriods was clear so doctor retook blood pressure and somehow over the weekend it had shot up to 230. The doctor was soo shocked and had to phone hospital to see if they wanted to admit in hospital but the hospital said to start me on Ramipril 2.5mg and to see how i get on for the day and recheck blood pressure next day.

So next day had blood pressure checked and was still high around 220 so was admitted into hospital where they took loads of bloods, given me loads of meds to bring my blood pressure down and eventually had to stay overnight. Next day had ultrasound down to check kidneys as they found protein in urine. Ultrasound came back fine. So i was sent home with amlodipine 10mg and doxazosin 2mg and told to come back next day for eye scan. Coming home to sleep was a huge relief as i hated hospitals and was feeling really tired and run down by now. Next day had to attend the eye scan and BP was around 180ish, scan was ok apart from some bleeding at back of eyes but was apparently normal as my bp had been soo high so need to recheck after a month later. Doctors then sent me on a CT scan which was fine too and then upped my dose of doxazosin to 4mg but 2mg to be taken at morning and the following 2mg at night.

So after a month of being on the bp meds bp has dropped to 140ish/130ish but the side effects have been awful. Constantly getting up at night to go toilet, dry mouth, restricted breathing, nose constantly blocked, tired, weaken immune system, struggling to breath at night whilst sleeping and constantly getting up gasping for breath that i now have developed a fear of sleeping.

Have seen the doctors at gp surgery about this but he has said to go back to 2mg of doxazosin and given me a spacer for the inhaler to help with breathing. Tried to make another appointment with the usual doctor in surgery i see but she is away until tomorrow. So for the past 3 days i came of all meds and i feel alot better. I have more energy, i can sleep without gasping for air etc but bp is creeping back up to 170ish/160ish.

Im really scared that they gonna put me on meds again and i will be back to feeling like crap again. im only 36yrs old and i dont think i can live with feeling like that for the rest of my life. What should i do?

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    Hi Chris,

    It's not advisable to just stop taking all your meds without doctor's advice.  Already you have found that your BP is getting very high again.  BP of less than 120/80 is considered optimum for your age. 

    You should discuss alternative BP meds with the doctor, and see if a different combination might work better.  It's quite normal to try a range of meds until the one that works best for you is found.

    I'm age 68 and my BP average is now 123/68.  I just take one 2.5 mg tablet of Lisinopril, which seems to be 'controlling' it at present. 

    Do you have other medical 'problems' as well as the raised BP?

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      Hi rdgfootyfan, no other medical problems apart from being overweight but i do do regular swim training for an hour going up and down the pool so not completely unfit either. Yes i do realise that it wasn't a good idea to stop all medication and it was never my intention to if i had been able to get hold of my regular doctor but as she was away and not back for another 4 days, i would of had a nervous breakdown from the fear of sleeping. I had barely slept the previous couple of days prior to stopping. Since i stopped the meds i've had the best couple of nights sleeping since the chest/airways are not as tight.


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    your doctor is an idiot for not having you takin to the hospital by ambulance for that high of a BP. what was your Diastolic ( bottom number). im on Lebetalol Doxazosin Cardizem and Clonidine.  im 26 so i understand your frustration completely and if your Diastolic was 160 you would have a heartattack so that cant be right you wouldnt be able to physically take care of yourself. you may need to get a different or more accurate BP cuff.

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    what kind of BP cuff are you using with suspected BP's like that you need to have it takin manually by a nurse or someone who knows how too accurately you can't rely on those automatic ones because if theyre not Calibrated right youll get a bad reading.

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    I start feeling really horrible once my BP reaches 140/90 thats when i start feeling it. although alot of people dont feel that their BP is elevated. but if its truely at the levels you say it iss you would need immediate Emergency Care no questions asked because trust me mine has been 200/134 the highest and i nearly died. Twice

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    Hi chrsssss I have high blood pressure mine is 167/107 doctor gave me me three diffent drugs but they made me feel awe full sick dizzy no energy doctor going to ring me on Friday to see my readings as I have  a blood monitor at home it's scares me I'm beside my self I'm also on antidepressents and the doctors saying they are known to increase high blood  pressure and heart problems !

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