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I have been claiming IB for 8 weeks know and on friday I was called into the jobcentre to be interviewed to find out what was happening. The person did not have a clue about the illness he asked me if I would be having an operation and when it would be. Luckily I had taken a leaflet with me that explained the illness. It was the one from the charity BRAME that lists symptoms and problems we face. After he read it he luughted and said I suffer some of these things. He soon added well some of the time and midly, probably when he saw my face. :steam:

He soon changed the subject and moved on to talk about other help they could offer me. He asked me to attend a course to build my confidence and learn how to live with my illness. I refused and told them I attend the m.e clinic and have an o.t that visits and helps me. He said I needed preparing for my return to work. I told him I worked for the NHS and when the doctor thought I was ready the occopational health people would see me and do what was necessary. He said in 4 weeks time I weould be called in again to review my progress. He left me feeling :twisted: :doh: :bleep: :steam: :cry:

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    Oh LouLou - just reading that has made my blood pressure go through the roof! It just makes me want to scream - why is it that as soon as any of us mention the symptoms of ME, so many folk think it's so damn funny because they THINK they have the same symptoms too. That has happened to me so many times. Ha b****** ha!:steam:

    I can't believe you actually had to go through all that, but I have been hearing this sort of thing over an over again. When you think of all those lazy slobs who have never done a day's work (and have no intention of doing so) and manage to get every benefit going ..........:bleep: :bleep: :bleep:

    How very nice of him to offer you a confidence building course - and to think you have got to go through all that again. :evil:

    PSIf you don't hear from me again, it's because I am probably in Holloway prison having strangled a neighbour! I just can't get it through to her that just because I may be trying to do a little bit of light gardening, it does not mean I AM BETTER! And could she please stop ringing on my doorbell when I have explained umpteen times that I need to rest in the afternoons!:evil:Am I being unreasonable??

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    To be honest katie i find this very unreasonable which is why i have responded!

    lol only joking ofcourse! Hi everyone i find it so funny reading your posts!

    Iv tried signing in loads of times and just gave up for awhile and untill now just read what everyone writes!

    I went to the job centre not so long ago and can relate to what there like, I find the best thing to do is just go along with them(within reason) Becouse there so stupid when it comes to are illness that i just cant be botherd to argue with them!

    One last thing i payed to see a doctor up north acouple of weeks ago he is treating loads of people with m.e, He found some intresting things in my blood which i will be treating for the next two months!

    I wont go on about it as will all got are own ideas what we think m.e is but just thought id bring it up as i dont no if you have heard of this dr?

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    Hey gurls an guys

    Yea at long last ive managed to reply to a post !!!! as if we havent enough to put up with !!

    LouLou i had a simliar experience last year, the job centre called me into there medical office to have a full exam, was happy to go as ive nothing to hide, but my blood to was boiling when i left, firstly i was in there for 1/2 hr or so and he never layed one finger on me (how you can examine someone without touching them ??) secondly he said he watched a programme on M.E so he knew [u:1133bc9f80][b:1133bc9f80]everything[/b:1133bc9f80][/u:1133bc9f80] about M.E sufferers, he told me if i ate 15 portions of fruit and veg a day for 3 months id be cured ??,,,,,,so i responded that firstly i couldnt afford to do it and secondly i havnt the energy to do it, by which he replyed your not going to get better unless you help yourself !! ARRRRGGGGGGRRRRRR,,when i left there i was in a worse state then when i entered

    Katie i understand your frustration from your neigbour, ive had one of mine call me lazy because i dont work, and when i was in hospitol last year i even had a nurse call me lazy because i was resting my eyes and missed my breakfast after being awake for 5 days

    Ive personally given up on ppl now, they can think what they like, its kinda scary as to how id cope with ppl if i ever got cured though, trying to fit in again would be sooo hard

    will try to respond to more post but im still having so much trouble on this forum !!

    Take care all

    Jay xox

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    I spoke to my disability employment advisor because I wanted reassurance about this government initiative to get people off IB and back to work. She told me that they are targeting the new claimants mostly to try and wean them off before they become long term claimants. Apparently people who have been on it longer are less likely to get called.

    LouLou, if you have only been claiming for 8 weeks then this would explain why you are being targeted. Don't let them wind you up. I urge you to enlist the help of your local branch of the CAB. They are absolutely brilliant.

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    Thankyou all for your words of support. It's hard but you keep plodding on, you have too. If I was not such a strong person I would have given up my know. If I was not the :nurse: I would have tried to :bleep: but I know the drawbacks of it so I chose not to do it. It's hard at times but you have to keep going not for yourself but friends and family. If you did do anything silly, life could become harder in the long run I think :?:
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    Hi there guys and gals

    Good to hear from you boys - yes it's been a real pain trying to make postings - hopefully things are finally speeding up a little (if only we could say the same for us sad ) I find that if you press the submit button twice there is more of a chance of getting posting accepted.) Also the addition of a good few swear words at the same time, works a treat! And makes you feel better too - bad language is one of the many symptoms of ME - well, it is in my book anyway:bleep:

    I think we've all made some interesting points to LouLou's original posting (we are all a very bright bunch, you know ) - In fact, I have to say that all the folk I have encountered with ME are highly intelligent and articulate.

    So at least that is something in our favour! :wow:

    I am intrigued by your remark Matt and your doctor's findings in your blood tests. There is something called Lyme's disease which has very similar symptoms and can be treated. Do keep us posted.

    I saw a snippet on the news yesterday re IB and it was stated that 60% of IB claimants are not skilled enough to hold down any job (often cannot read or write) and have been claiming for years and will therefore probably continue to get it. :steam:

    Well, it's pouring with rain here today so I will feel justified in having a restful day for once - and not feel guilty.

    Take care everyone

    Katie smile

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    Fifteen portions of fruit and veg a day? :yikes:

    Well I know where I would be spending most of MY time!:oops:

    Note to Dale: Hope you are well wrapped up for the game - the ball is going to be blown all over the place - so your team may be in with a chance after all! :lol:

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    Hi from L J

    Hope you ME sufferes dont mind a none ME sufferer coming onto your site,im new to this so have been generally looking through to see how it all works,im also quite new to the whole computer thing so this might not even get to you, in which case im talking to myself (nothing new there then).

    I just wanted to say i can relate to your experiences with the whole IB situation although it was a nervous breakdown that saw me on it about twelve years ago and i was lucky enough to have someone set it up for me then,which was lucky because when your minds away with the fairies its not poss to do it yourself. Unfortunatley i now find myself in a simillar situation but without the help and a mind which gets quite easilly confused

    at the simplest of questions so sorting out a claim is way too much at the mo. Without wanting to sound like i know what ME feels like and therfore annoy all you people, what i would like to say is i thought i might have been suffering from it about four years ago, i was waking up after say ten hours sleep and feeling like id just done three months of double shifts in the hardest job ive ever had. Then when i did say two or three hours of quite light stuff around the house eg rewiring, i felt totally knackerd and had to rest for an hour before i could do anything else. It all passed in about four weeks which is when i looked up the symptoms etc and it all seemed to fit,but not knowing how long (or that should be short ) it can last and not having enough info on it i forgot about it and felt fine, in fact great! About two years later i found out an aquaintance of mine was suffering from it and after about six months he was just up to coming out to see his friend at the cafe where i first met him.

    Well when i realised JUST how tired ME can make you and how long he had been sleeping for etc i took another look at how id been when i thought i might have had it and felt quite stupid as id mentioned to the cafe owner about it some time earlier and realised i might have had a virus or something.Since then ive got this computer thingy and looked up more on ME plus watched programes on it, how the hell do you people manage? It seems to me the people who deal with IB claims (all of them)need to be sent on a course or three to see just what its like because if i was as knackerd and tired as i was for a max of four weeks whats it like for you people?Without knowing just how it feels (how can i ? ) but knowing how my breakdown/depresion is, im not sure id want to swap.

    I hope there is some kind of breakthrough in the near future to help get you all where you want to be (back to work ) and running on all cylinders.

    Sorry this rants on but it annoyed me about the IB claims and felt you might like to know theres at least one person who is with you who doesnt suffer with ME but can relate to your situation at least a bit.

    All the best L J.

    PS If anyone knows of a Brian on this forum who suffes from ME (he's a lay preacher) can they say hi and all the best from len (lenny the fisherman) from Carols cafe (the albion in ramsgate), i would go down the cafe to see how things are but this depression/anxiety keeps me in doors a lot of the time.

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    Hi there L Jsmile

    It's really good to hear from you and you are very welcome on this forum.

    I, too, am fairly new to this whole computer thingy (never had time before I was ill), and it's a case of a bit of trial and error. There has been a bit of a 'blip' in the system here for about the last 10 days and it is taking much longer to make a posting than usual - the moderators are still working hard to try and get it sorted. I just go around pressing buttons all over the place hoping to eventually hit upon the right one! :wink:

    It does sound as if you had some sort of post-viral fatigue following a virus - thank goodness yours disappeared fairly soon - but at least you can appreciate what misery we are all going through - some worse than others and it would be so nice if more folk could actually understand and also realise that we would all love to get our lives back including going back to work.

    I'm sorry you have had problems with depression - there is also an excellent ongoing forum on this subject that is really helpful and supportive and I know you would be made very welcome there. You would feel far less isolated and be able to 'talk' to folk who understand how you feel first hand. You are very welcome to join us again though and let us know how you are getting on. :D

    Take care and look after yourself.


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    Hi Katie K .

    Thanks for your reply,i posted on depression forum a few times now and got good feedback, RE original post of IB,ive got some help to sort my claim out so my head doesnt panic and go into fuzzy mode. I found a web site on some FREE! trial for me sufferers but lost it while trying to save it for you all( should have taken that computer course)its all to do with amino acids and b12 vitamin (i think)youve poss heard of it. Its meant to help quite a bit after just a few days to a week, ill look for it again,if youve heard about it let me know so i can put it out of my mind.

    Thanks again good luck to all from L J.

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