Increase to 60mg, help.

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I have been on meds for Anxiety since I was 16, paxil, effexor, citalopram,zoloft and now, cymbalta. All the others poop out after 4-8 years. Doc put me on Cymbalta 30mgs for 2 weeks and then increased it to 60 for 2 weeks then a follow up with her. It was amazing at first I seen improvement in my symptoms almost immediately with almost no side effects. Since starting the 60 (4 days in) my anxiety is sky high again and I am seeing depression.

Is this a sign it isn't for me? She did tell me it is and up and down process but I had to take Ativan last night it was so bad. Or is this something many experienced before seeing the so great benefits this drug has to offer. Please help. I feel terrible.

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    Hi Andrea, I am sorry to hear that you are struggling, I have been on Cymbalta for years, and have been on varies strengths and I have found that 30mg keeps me stable, everyone is different so really it is a bit of trial and error, it is one of the best mood enhancers I have ever taken though. Good Luck 


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      Thank you for your comment. I am wondering still however if it is normal for my symptoms to get worse after increasing the dose? Will they get better after a couple weeks or is this a sign it's too much??

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      Thank you Kathleen. I just wanted an answer to my question. I know that everyone has there own experiences and opinions. I was looking for someone who has had the same as me.

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    Hi Andrea, I would be careful with Cymbalta. I take 30mg twice a day since it only has a 12 hour life span. If I don't take it on time or close to the time I have horrible withdrawal symptoms. I hope you read the link I put below. It doesn't happen to everyone but it's very common. If I could go back, I would never have taken it to begin with and my fibromyalgia is severe. I am often bedridden, I lost my job after trying to deal with the pain while working for years. I refuse to take narcotics because I have young children and narcotics make me feel loopy which is why I chose to take Cymbalta to begin with. It seems the longer you take it, the more likely it is you'll have these withdrawal symptoms. I could jump right off it in the first year. By the 4th year I started noticing when I didn't take it on time I would have "brain zaps". I felt silly explaining what that felt like to my doctor but he said it's very common with Cymbalta. Just want you to be informed since often doctors don't tell us about Cymbalta withdrawal syndrome.

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    Hi  andrea I am on sixty a day but I take 30 about 9 o'clock in the morning and 30 

    at 9 o'clock at night I asked the doc if that was ok so she gives me a script for 30mg

    this seems to work for me I am having more good days than bad I still have the buzzing in my head some days but the anxiety hasn't been bad hope this helps .


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    Hi Andrea 

    Sorry to hear your having a difficult time 

    I was on duloxetine last year and like you I felt better very quickly but then I had terrible sweating and the awful brain zaps if I was late taking it 

    It also made me almost emotionless and changed my personality completely 

    I had a really difficult time weaning off it and it’s well known for having these nasty side effects. There is a fantastic Facebook page called cymbalta hurts worse with lots of information 

    I am now  on fluoxetine 20 mg and everything is good again 

    Good luck 

    Lynne xxx

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    My thoughts are that it is a sign that 60 is too much for you, it was for me. The other replys are correct, about the withdrawl symptoms. I came off a few years ago cold turkey and the withdrawl symptoms were not nice, but as I say it 30 seems to be keeping me in a better place x

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    I understand Andrea and I should have mentioned that I have had the same side effects when either putting dose up or down but this only lasted about a day or two at the most. Have you gone down or are you still having problems x

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      I'm still on the 60. I am currently in the hospital being watched. I will see my doctor later today and see what she says. Thank you again.

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    Hi Andrea, you really should feel better today if that level is right for you from my experience, hope you get it sorted, my phylosophy is that the doc's are probably going off their text books and if your lucky other patience experience but my GP was ever so suprised when I told him about the side effects, so what does that tell you x

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    Hi Andrea,

    i am new to duloxotine. i have suffered with depression and anxiety since i was 22 i am now 48. i think i have been on every medication their is. I have now been referred to mental health psychiatrist and have done 2 weeks at 30mg amd now on 60mg. My side effects sound identical to yours can you please advise if these meds helped you? I am back next week to see psychiatrist but feel dreadful. Very tearful, no energy, no xmas tree or xmas spirit. please help?

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      Hi, Marie

      I have been taken off the cymbalta and put on mirtazapine, I am on my 6th week with the dose just moved up to 45mgs 2 nights ago. I am still not myself. My doctor has me at a stand still basically as she wants a psychiatric doctor to assess me. However, I do see small improvements in some ways. I'm trying to hold on to that as my hope. I too have no Christmas spirit. Just put the tree and decorations up Sunday. It was a daunting task really. But I have 3 kids that I have to put a brave face on for. I dont know where you are in the world, but here in Canada we have alot of resources and if I were you I would be knocking on every door until someone listens. You know your body best. I hope and pray for you to find some peace of mind soon, and for you to keep fighting the fight. There has to be relief soon. Hope this is helpful!

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      i was taking MIRTAZAPINE for 3-4 years and was originally good for me as it helped me sleep. the one thing i didnt like about it is the weight gain i had. the medication doesnt make you gain weight but what it does is makes you want to eat everything in site! i gained a total of 2 stone whilst on it so just be aware of that. start the healthy eating now! ive been moved onto 30g DULOXETINE now, its my first day today. last week i was given VENLAFAXINE to try and i had horrible side effects it was like i had taken a drug my adrenaline was through the roof, grinding teeth, rash on my face, heart palpitations, clammy hands, sweating, not being able to focus properly at work etc. reading some of the comments on here im a little worried about them now. its for depression that i have been dealing with for 14 years and have now been referred to a psychiatrist who has perscribed the last two.

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    Thankyou for reply. I live in northeast of England and believe you me i am knocking on all the doors possible.

    I have cried out to see psychiatrist but its only been the once and i didnt really feel as though he asked the correct questions. Previous to him i was seeing a CPN who thought i had bipolar. Within 40 mins of speaking to him he said no bipolar chronic depression and anxiety.I have always worked but for past 5 months i have been unable to. I am starting to feel very anxious as my sick pay runs out next month and will have no choice but to return for financial reasons but i know i cant( if that makes sense). I Just keep hoping this will pass and will start feeling human again soon x

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      If I was you, I would schedule an appointment with your family doc and demand a med switch. That way in four weeks you should see enough improvement to return to work and ask for a benzodiazepine to help with the switching process!

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