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I just got a script for Indocin. Going on 7 weeks now with moderate attacks, but now full blown and unbearable Iin my whole hand. The problem is that it is supposed to be taken with food, but I am afraid to eat anything, yes anything because the instant I put anything in my mouth the pain increases. Even a piece of cellery! So what can I do? I'm thinking of dmso

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    I have had gout for 5 years and seemed to tried different meds like endo,piroxicam colcrys and a few other s , what happens is they work at first but over time the meds effectiveness starts to decline to nothing.

    Though lately I have been mixing water and apple cider vinegar (organic cold pressed and non pasteurized) about 4table spoons into 8 ounces of water or strong enough to where it gets difficult to drink and it has really been working for me

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    I had the same problem with my hand a few years ago. I had to go to a rhumatolicist and get a shot in my wrist. I watched him put the needle in and was amazed that compared to the pain I was in the needle was nothing at all. I believe the shot was a steroid of prednizone. The only bad part was it cost almost $400. for the doctor visit and shot. But I had to do something the pain was so bad and the size of my hand and wrist was huge from swelling. With in a half hour the swelling and pain started to subside away. I was so grateful for that shot, never thought I'd say that because I don't like needles.

          The next few times I had gout it was in my toes or ankles and knees. Any way I was given 20 mg pills of Prednisone 2 pills / day after eating dinner for 5 days. The next five days only 1 pill of the same. That fixed the pain and the gout was gone. It seems like I get the gout every November just after Thanks Giving. 

         I'm trying to lose weight down 22 lbs. Aiming to lose another 28 is my goal. I

    have been batteling gout for 8 years now the first few years I didn't know what was wrong thought my shoes were causing my toes to swell. Finally got on Web MD and put in my symptoms and found out about gout.

          Over the years I've come to a few conclusions: Sugar is your biggest enemy, HFCS along with sugar.HFCS is in lots of foods and drinks read the lables. I no longer drink any soda for a couple of years now. Too much sugar in them. And you have to eat lots of fresh Vegetables instead so you are not hungry. Always eat breadfast so you wont want to cheat. Drink alkaline water and eat alkaline foods over acidic foods. Google how to make alkaline water it's real easy!

        Quick fix I found is drink a tsp of baking soda in a glass of water. Only 1/ day and only for a short time, because it will raise your BP. I never did more than a couple of days with the baking soda drink. Tart cherry juice seemed to help and I use Celery Seed Extract 600 mg 4/day and Tart Cherry Turmeric complex capsules. 

         Google the internet for gout foods, alkaline vs acidic foods, charts etc. Learn all you can to fight this battle. Lose weight, exercise, drinks lost of water and alkaline water, stay away from processed foods, and eat more fruits and vegetables. Keep in touch with your doctor and work together to end gout pain.

    Some say just do the meds. but they often lose their ability to cure. So I've just been clensing my body with natural fruits and vegetables. I cut way back on fatty meats, beef and pork, hot dogs burgers and cold cuts also sausage. I do stil  have some but it is a rare occations. I'm pain free now and glad hope you are soon also. Good luck and stay away from SUGAR, especially candy & soda. Since I quit soda my acid reflux has gone away completely.

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      Thanks for your reply. I know about the acid/alkaline foods. But I'm talking anything, like celery and all other vegetables causing an Iimmediate increase in pain!! And I understand that when the stomach starts to produce Hcl the cells actually dump bicarbonate into the blood. It makes no sense. I've lost 10 pounds so far because I'm scared to eat!
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      Sometimes I think your body knows what is needed. Hopefully you have enough weight that losing the lbs will bring you back to a normal weight. When I had the gout I'd wake up every night with night sweats until I reached 217 lbs. then the gout seemed to subside and I did not sweat any more. It was a combination of swetting and diet that got me down to that level. By diet I mean that I still ate as much just healthy choices.

           So I'm hoping soon you will be able to eat again without pain. On a scale of 1-10 how bad is the pain when you eat? Do you have a pain problem drinking also? If not make alkaline water and drink a couple of glasses a day. To make it you get a half gallon container of water. And cut a lemon or lime into 1/8 put all pieces into the water and let it set on you counter over night. You don't squeeze the fruit. Hope this helps. We are all different and have eaten different foods & drinks. So sometimes it takes longer to get your body chemistry back to normal. It actually took me 3 1/2 months the first time I had gout. I didn't think I would make it, but I did. So hang in there and think of something that might not cause pain like apple sauce or baby food. Or maybe you need meds. from your doctor. Keep an open mind and find your way. I hope you don't have allergys causing pain when you eat certain things. Maybe keep a record of what you eat and the pain levels of each. Best wishes for a return to a healthy status again. I even prayed every day. Keep a positive attitude until you are well again. Definately see your doctor if the pain becomes too much!!!

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      Thanks. But no I don't have the weight to loose (145lbs). And I have always eaten heathty foods, no sugar and even no fructose as that can raise uric acid. I have seen a doctor and am taking indocin. It seems to help alittle, but as soon as I eat anything the pain returns, and no change in the massive swellinh!
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      The one thing that gave me relief not a med was those ice packs made of little blue pellets. The packs conform to the shape of your foot or toes etc.

      It helped with the burning swelling of the foot and toes for me. And actually reduced the pain some. Wish I had more info. to help you with. Does drinking water bring on more pain?

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