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I just came off an Inlfamatory diet that consists of no meat, no nightshades, no dairy, no wheat products with absolutely no difference in RA symptoms.   Just on the off chance I missed something, I re-introduced them again one by one: again, absolutely no difference.  

Being a diabetic it is very difficult to avoid sugars without going on the no car/high fat diet, having done that before I wasn't about to go there again, worse than death for me!   I shudder to think what it would be like adding the no carb/high fat diet to the anti inflamatory diet.  

So that's it for me, I seem to exhausted all my options.   Tumeric is the only thing that gives me some relief, albeit ever so slight.   Funnily enough panadol has a slight effect as well.   Ibuprofen I've found gives the most releif but of course you aren't supposed to take ibuprofen when on the other RA meds.  

Given I have been on MTX, hydroxychloroquine, sulfasalazine and prednisone all to no effect I'll discuss my meds with the rheumatologist next time I see him.   The first three are supposed to stop or at least slow down degenerative changes, that simply hasn't happened, I'm gradually getting worse with growths appearing in affected joints, particularly the elbows.   My shoulders have also joined the cue now so now I have an unbroken link from finger tips to middle back.  

Prior to trying turmeric I was basically crippled, I couldn't use my hands and arms at all and the fatigue was overwhelming, at least now I can do a little each day as long as I wear splints, take it easy and limit the activity to an hour or so.  

I was supposed to start biologics in a couple of weeks but that now has to go on the backburner for at least another month until they find out what all the nodules that have formed in my lungs are.  

I'm absolutely amazed at the speed RA has attacked my body, at this rate I'll be lucky to see out the year.

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    Lucky to see out the year pain-free? Or just lucky to see out the year?

    You WILL see out the year.

    Be patient, up the turmeric, add high doses of fish oil, sleep when you must, take it all as slowly as your body is telling you to.

    The biologics will sort things out but give them time too.

    You're not alone in being unaffected by the anti-inflammatory diets. They are not for RA. But I'm curious, how much time did you give for it to work?

    The most important we RA sufferers can do for ourselves is respect the body, be loving to ourselves and not let frustration and fury add to the already over-potent mix of pain and more pain.

    Do take care!

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    Hi Tony.

    im so sorry to read your post and for sure, this rotten RA is a hideous condition. I watch my mum every day and find I wake up hoping she will have a good day rather than a bad one. I just wanted to say how much I hope your investigations into the nodules happen quickly so that maybe biological can work for you. I also echo the other post in reply and not to push yourself too much. I nag my mum a lot about resting and not keep trying to do those things she can not do even though I respect how frustrating not to mention painful even trying can be for her.

    i hope things get better for you Tony. Best of luck.


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    Hi Tony

    really interesting to hear your story...very brave for trying.

    I am interested to know what you left in your diet - food and drinks?

    How long did it take?

    RA and my own AS are sort of the same - where the immune system is tagging antigens presented incorrectly.  

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    There are a plethora of sites which list foods as either inflamatory or anti inflamatore; unfortunately, no two seem to agree.   So I delved a little deeper and found 'inflamationfactor dot com', the list under 'IF Rating System' is what I based my diet on.   It is somewhat restrictive but I didn't find it difficult to stick to.   Time?   wel that depends on who is telling the story.   Generally it varies between 2 weeks and six months.   I settled on one month and then introduced food groups one at a time to see what difference it made - if any.   I'm sure some here will say one month is too short a period, thing is no one knows, for every expert that says two week is long enough there is another to say it should be six months.   I'm sure there are many experts on this forum who will profess to know the corect or minimum time - good luck to them,   I settled on a month. .
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    Sorry, I tried to answer your questions but the mods won't allow references. This site seems to be more of a hindrance than a help!
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    Supposedly, there are no links between diet and RA, and I have not noticed any either.  Weight loss is good for RA and I think it is important to have good nutrition, which is probably why a vegetarian diet is good for RA.

    My RA came on really fast as well, but fortunately, the MX and other meds helped.  Before I got on those, I found bromelain helped.  I found some in a natural grocers.  Even with the meds, I struggled mightily with fatigue and depression.  VitaminD and fish oil helped.  And, of course, the folate that goes along with Mx.  And I'm doing even better now that I started swimming.

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    Yes, most Rheumatologists scoff at diets to assist RA sufferers; however, one can't ignore science, and science says that some foods aid inflamation whilst others aid in fighting it.   That's not to say that an anti inflamatory will assist RA sufferers but it will aid in fighting inflamation - whatever the cause.   I also experienced no difference in inflamation levels whilst adherring to the diet; however, there is enough enecdotal evidence to suggest it does help others.   If that is simply a placebo effect only scientific analysis and study can answer that question but the bottom line is - whatever works for you!
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    HI tony,

    It sounds like you have tried everything. Have you asked your doctor about some on the new  bio drugs for RA.? Your rhumey will be able to direct you to the right one for you.

    I have had RA for 10 years and the new bio drugs has helped me and stopped the progression of this disease.

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    Yep, I was supposed to start on biologics in a week or two; unfortunately, that has been put on hold until the issue with my lungs has been sorted - could take months.   I am now unable to grip anything with my left hand due to swelling and pain, I don't think biologics can undo the damage that is already evident and have to hope that nothing else deteriorares to that extent before I can start biologics.   Unfortunately, with this latest offering from RA I will probably have to surrender my driving licence when I complete my examination in August.   Life just keeps getting better and better!
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