Inflamed colon and use of NSAIDs

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I have polyarthritis and fibromyalgia for which I take ibuprofen. The last few months ive had to up this due to life changes which have stressed my body more - moving house. A pain which was intermittent in my colon area became constant and acute. I had a virtual colonoscopy which revealed diverticulitis but the pain hasnt gone away. I realise that what has changed since moving is my increased dosage and also less water intake as my routines have all changed. Im wondering whether anyone else has noticed that ibuprofen long term inflames their colon? Ive gone cold turkey on the ibuprofen and am drinking more water and had a change of drugs at least temporarily which seems to be helping slightly. My GP didnt think this would be a cause when I asked her, but I am not so sure. Experiences welcomed!

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    If you are taking an anti inflammatory on a regular basis eg Ibroprufen/naproxen etc

    You should have a stomach protector prescribed as well.

    The 2 main ones are Lansoprozol and Omneprozol {sp?}

    I'm on Naproxen regularly but also Lansoprozol.

    Hope this helps as bit



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    Hi Hileena. Thanks for your reply. I've been taking omeprazole as well but recently spoke to a pharmacist who says after a while it doesn't work so well. I was on large doses sometimes 800mg three times a day. At the moment I'm on codeine at night and have up the pregabilin to try and compensate. Best. V
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    I think because any None Steroidal Drugs can irritate , it may not be a good idea to take them long term. One thing that may help is taking a drug like Omeprazole , this protects the stomach by neutralising the acid in the stomach . It is hard when you have diseases like the ones you have . Diverticulitis is a common disease & it is vital to drink plenty of fluids . If you are out & about , make sure you have bottles of water with you . Take plenty of fibre in your diet .
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    That's for your input. I'm trying hard with the water and I'm a veggie so fibres not a problem. I'm thinking even with omeprazole my stomach etc needs a rest. I wondered whether this long term usage can inflame the colon. I suspect this but can't get confirmation.
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    Yes I am sure using these drugs can inflame the colon because if you have excess acid in your stomach it stands to reason that if it is not neutralised then it will go through to your bowel . So I feel the answer to question is yes. It is important to try & eat food that will not make the stomach produce excess acid. I do agree that you being a vegetarian does help your fibre intake. But , by taking in foods that can be seen as bland can help protect the stomach .
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    This is v helpful thanks white witch. I don't eat cow dairy tho I believe this is acid anyway!

    Any idea what's considered bland? Soups? Thanks VJL

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    Oops sorry I called you white and not blonde. Must be having a blonde/senior moment!
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    Don't worry about it . Bland means food that doesn't make your stomach work overtime therefore producing excess acid. Stuff like , porridge , rice , beans , white meat , easily digested food .
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    Thanks I will do some more research on that. Could spend hours on the net! I cant do porridge it irritates me GI but the other things are fine.
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    Hello vjl56 I use NSAIDs  -diclofenac (Voltaren suppositories) as my main sourse of stonger pain releif when I nee soming stronger than paracetamol

    it gives EXCELLENT pain relief for 12 hours (and can be used in place of morphine for surgury pain releif )

    but yes,as well as  ibuprofen long term inflames their colon so can  NSAIDs  -diclofenac (Voltaren suppositories)

    also found this information on NSAIDs 

    Risk factors

    factors associated with diverticulitis flare-ups include the following:

    • Use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as ibuprofen or naproxen

    • Having previous diverticulitis attacks

    • Having a suppressed immune system

    • Avoiding the use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin, naproxen (Aleve) and ibuprofen (Advil), as these drugs have been linked to increased instances of diverticular bleeding.


    • Researchers, led by Dr. Lisa L. Strate, report in the May, 2011 issue of the medical journal, Gastroenterology that the use of aspirin and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as ibuprofen and naproxen) raise the risk for both diverticulitis and diverticular bleeding. The risk of diverticulitis increased as the frequency and dosing of the drug rose (so the higher the dose and/or the greater number of times the drug is taken, the higher the risk of developing diverticulitis).

    I think I may have deleloped diverticulitis from using this medication for other conditions needing fairly strong pain releif  

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      From what ive gathered diverticulosis is actually caused by position when going to the bathroom. Africans dont get it. Asians get it alot less frequently...But african americans get it just as much as any other americans. Its from not squatting to poop. Look at the diagram of your colon when sitting vs squatting.

      There are things that aggravate the condition and bring it out younger but its still from not squatting all your life like nature intended. Im 38 mine was brought out by gluten sensitive mediated constipation. And probably also from what my poultry allergies cause. I just recently quit eating foods that mess with me. I am strict gluten free and poultry free. Fish messes with me. Hemp (but not hemp oil). Safflower including the oil. Sage. Hibiscus. Lamb (full on gastrointestinal 'dumping' reaction, yeah google that). Jalepeno. Quinoa makes me bleed. Who knows if im forgetting a couple. Oh peanuts cause me severe acid. Oats too. Anyway who knows if its at least partly due to low thyroid. I dont.

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    I am 64 for and they have damaged my stomach, but I used stanback powder and advil or what ever was on sale to ease back pain working third shift. I now can only take precribed meds from a pain clinic. I lost 50lbs during my diverticulitis attack and was thankful I was a little over weight or I feel I would have died. I can not take anything that has ibuprofin in it.
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    Hi vj

    sorry to hear about your health issues I too have its which is apparently linked to FMS /CF/ME which I also have.  It is very debilitating you have to watch what you eat , I've been to see a natural medication doctor , he's told me to stop eating an acid foods which includes your drinks too , I didn't know coffee is acidic I only have one cup daily now instead of the 4/5 I used to have and drink chamomile tea first thing in the morning . Stress doesn't help but it's not something we can escape permanently. I notice too that ibuprofen upsets me I try not to take it every day but about 3 times a week when I need to take the edge off the fibro I just take a couple. As you well know yourself there doesn't seem to be anything much that helps with the dreadful pain , I've been down the serious medication route and decided not to keep putting toxic substances in my body when quite obviously they were not helping . Give herbal /natural remedies a try what works for one doesn't always work for another. My body does not like artificial medication. Let me know in a couple of months time if you see any changes. Things don't change over night so be patient and look at your diet try and eliminate as much artificial products as you can its not possible all the time but do what you can to help your body heal .

    All the best /Lynn 

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    My daughter has had a painful back condition for years and now has arthritis in other joints.  She is in he forties.  For the past four years she has also suffered with proctitis and inflammatory bowel disease, possibly as a result of taking painkilling anti-inflammatories. Because of the IBD and heavy menstrual bleeding she also has low ferritin.  It seems these things have a knock on effect with each other. Best to be aware of the dammage anit-nflammatories can do. 

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