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Drew-W Drew-W

Inquiry into Scar Tissue after Hemorrhoidectomy Complications

I had the most excruciating expirience with an impaction that began with unholy pain, pouring sweat, vomiting, and screaming. It lasted about 30 min. of me manually evacuating the problem followed by me crying in an Epsom salt bath.

I had a hemorrhoidectomy about three weeks ago (never have this surgery at all costs) and I will regret it for the rest of my life. The surgeon removed two internal hemorrhoids, but the sutures I guess left this giant skin tag after the surgery. The next week took a turn for the worse when my internal sutures ruptured and I began hemorrhaging an emense amount of blood. Still have no idea how this happened as I followed all post-opp procedures to the letter. After a few units of blood and a bit of emergency surgery I was released the next morning. Thankfully this surgeon removed that large skin tag the first one left behind which caused a lot of discomfort So the whole cycle of pain began again and I reassumed the regiment of stool softeners, Percocet, regular sitz baths, controlled dieting, and constant ice packs. All I wanted was just a mildly annoying internal hemorrhoid that would not go away gone and I'm left with purple, unsilghtly anus with stiching that of Frankenstein. A week after the hemeroage scare things were getting better. The blood and mucal discharge had subsided and I was finally able to stop wearing menstrual pad (being a man I first had to figure out how to properly put these on and my heart goes out to women) but the pain was still crippling so I continued with the pain killers. I of course ran out a couple of days and had thought nothing of it since I previously had a few yet painful but successful bowel movements. This was a terrible lapse of judgment. I had no idea what the hell was going on when I went to use the bathroom. The pain was instant and that pressure on the sphincter was as if I was passing a bowling ball. After a bit of pushing and screaming agony I called my GI's office in a panic to inquire what was happening and the nurse told me I most likely had an impaction. Thankfully I had a hot Epsom salt bath prepared as is normal following a BM after this procedure because jumping in it was the only brief relief that gave me the constitution to talk to the nurse. She said this one is probably quite severe and my pre existing swelling made matters worse. She instructed me to find any lubricant within reach as I was home alone (all I had was polysporin) and worked me through manually removing the impaction little by little. Once the initial impaction was removed everything else behind it came flying out. It was such an amazing relief but left my anus sore and swollen as if I just came out of surgery. The nurse calmed me down a bit and told me to stay in the tub for a while then follow the usual cleaning and application of a steroid ointment for the inherent damage that had been done. When I was finally able to clean myself and the mess to the best of my ability I crawled to my bed unable to move. I called my sister who thankfully is a nurse and she promptly rushed over to my aid. After preparing an ice pack, and a couple Xanax she monitored my minor bleeding until it finally stopped.

So I'm writing this two days after the whole ordeal as I'm finally able to sit up again and I apologize for the long story but I just had to get this horrible expirience out somewhere. I'm back on the stool softeners, sitz baths, Proctozone ointment (which is just a prescription hydrocortisone cream), dieting, and regular ice packs. No more with the pain medication though, I don't care how bad it hurts now I will never go through that again.

I'm in constant panic that all this may have damaged my anus so much so that I will develop stenosis and be reliant on stool softeners for life or worse undergo more surgery. I'm only 22, and I'm also afraid my sex life is over or that my partner of five, going on six years, will find my destroyed anus grotesque. He's currently been out of town on business for the month this has all happened but after the second surgery he promptly flew home to stay with me a few days before he had to go back. He's been extremly comforting and supportive of this whole thing, checking on me constantly everyday since the first procedure which was just supposed to be a simple outpatient procedure. He's very understanding of all that's had been done to me and has never been "grossed out" by any of the details; only concerned for my comfort and recovery. He has yet to actually see the exent of the damage thought. But I don't know if it's just my insecurities of being a hideous mess who dies sad and alone eating at me but I'm just so afraid my condition may drive him away somehow.

Is there anything else I can do other than what I'm already doing to prevent/heal the scar tissue or is my fear of stenosis just unneeded panic? My clinic says not to worry but they said the same after my initial procedure leading me to distrust them. I'm kind of at my wits end here and any advice or wisdom is greatly appreciated.

Kind Regards,


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  • davecon davecon Drew-W

    Hi Drew

    Sounds like you are having(had) a terrible time

    I just recently had haemerhoidectomy but it was actually a rather painless experience

    However there are a few things that I hope will help to comfort you a little

    Carry on with what you are doing eat a high fibre diet and stay on the stool softeners/laxatives to ensure daily soft bowel movements

    The Good news is that the Body is a great healer and you will get better in time

    It does take at LEAST 6 weeks to recover from anytrhing - That goes from a cut finger to a Broken leg So dont expect miracles - It WILL get better

    Your Bum will look fine after about 8 weeks (Mins was a lumpy mess until 6 and now its turning into a brand new sexy model I never had before the op lol)

    Your BF will surely stay with you if he cares anything about you - If not dump him you deserve better - There will be somebody else out there that really cares - Honestly biggrin

    Paracetemol for the pain will not constipate you but the other stuff Codeine and tramadol etc deffo will - Better than nothing (You may be ok with Ibroprofen as well - This does not constipate me in the slightest and is a powerful combination taken together - But better to spread them out evenly so you get constant pain relief ie First Paracetomol then by Ibroprofen after 2 hrs then Paracetomol again after another 2 hrs etc - Works wonders - (That is if you are ok to take Aspirin and Ibroprofen of course due to any medical condition asthey thin the blood )

    Just stay with it Drew - It will get better after a few Weeks - If it does not actually get any worse - Then thats it - Recovery is innevitable biggrin

    Hope that helps you slightly



  • heaven 43069 heaven 43069 Drew-W

    Hi I just had my hemorrhoid survey done a week ago, and I feel like wu would rather die than go through this excructiang, unbearable, hell I have to endure. If I would of know that this would be worse than child birth, I would of NEVER done it.

    How are you doing now? Everything okay?

    I feel like I'm never going to get through this. BM's are like the devil sliding out of my anus. I cry, shake, tighten up, sweat and get dizzy during one. I almost pass out it hurts that bad. When does it get better?!

    I keep having this constant feeling that something is sitting right there trying to come out but nothing will. I keep having a stinging and burnin sensation as well. My doctor prescribed me Valium and Percocet and that does nothing to help! Please tell me this surgery was worth it because I completely regret it!! This will be my 9th surgery I've had on my body not including child birth, and this is the most painful one I've ever had. Sitz baths are God sent but doesn't last long until the pain comes back. Ugh this is truly a night-mare!

  • jeremy1971 jeremy1971 Drew-W

    Hi Drew 

    I sympathise - I has several internal haemmerhoids and external skin tags removed in February this year. 

    The surgeon who operated on me prescribed me some cream called Anoheal privately (my GP wouldn't provide it via the NHS) - it hepled to heal the scar tissue iside.

    Best Regards 


  • carl43580 carl43580 Drew-W

    Oh Drew I feel your pain (literally). I had the op 12 days ago. B/m feel massive & hard but they are in actual fact soft & small (I pray I don't get constipated). Just had a rave look down below & it's all out of shape, looks more like a four leaf clover 🍀

    I'm single & don't think I Will ever be able to get intimate with anyone again. It's an embarrassment & im really angry my surgeon didn't go through the after effects with me, as I think I'm in shock from the pain & seeing what's happened to me. I look like I was in that film 'the human centipede'!! 😪

  • emo424 emo424 Drew-W

    Hello, I just had the surgery three days ago and I swear I just want to die...I know this was the right decision but damn it has been horrible!!! I was in major pain before the surgery and I sure as hell am in pain after. I haven't left my room since the surgery and this experience has definitely weighed on me!!! I can't do anything but lay down. I had two bowel movements yesterday and they were painful but not that bad. It was more painful after I had the bowel movements. I constantly have pressure down there and feel like I need to go but I'll get gas or nothing at all. I don't know what to do anymore, this really sucks!!!!

    • carl43580 carl43580 emo424

      The first few days is torture, then there's a sudden jump of improvement. Pain wise I have felt fine except during & 'hours' afterwards a b/m.

      I went to see my GP on day 13 & she prescribed diclofenac suppositories & I pop one in at night. This has really helped with the swelling/inflammation & my last b/m was much easier & no pain afterwards, just a slightly weird sensation.

      You are in the early days, so keep up with the fibre, stool softener & make sure the area is kept clean & dry. I had a daily bath (or 2) with table salt & gently patted the area dry. I also used the shower to clean myself after a b/m as I couldn't wipe because of the pain.

      Good luck - keep positive, it WILL get better x

  • dee57696 dee57696 Drew-W

    Hi Drew!  I absolutely feel for you.  This is a horrendous experience which I would not recommend to anyone unless it is a real necessity.  I had my surgery on August 4th - 2 small internal haemorrhoids and one internal removed.  Sent home the same day with no medication and no instructions for after care.  I have been back in hospital 3 times, unable to pass urine and having liquid diarrhoea pouring out of me - apparently because my rectum is blocked.  Each time I eventually evacuated the blockage but with screams and crying as the pain was indescribable.  I have been plied with laxatives, enemas and suppositories which have led to really loose stools and incontinence.  Just this week I have had yet another blockage but I've stayed at home and my husband has nursed me.  With accompanying screams I have bit by bit evacuated the blockage manually in the shower with my husband directing the jet on my lower back.  When I say screams I really mean it - my husband had to assure the neighbour that he wasn't trying to kill me!  The blockage cleared yesterday and today I have diarrhoea.  My whole life has been on hold for 2 and a half months now and I don't know when I will get it back.  All that my doctor says is experiment with the laxatives until you find what suits you. How long will that take and how much pain in the meantime?

    Giving birth twice, once being breech, breaking my back, having a hysterectomy and a double prolapse repair has been nothing compared to the pain and distress of this surgery.  And all the surgeon told me was, "You'll be quite sore for two weeks."

    • emo424 emo424 dee57696

      Wow I feel for you Dee!!! I am starting to feel better but still have pressure and pain. I've had several bowel movements and never had a problem peeing. As far as the pain, I was prescribed acetaminophen with codeine and I also have been using ibuprofen. Those medicines have been my best friends!!! Along with drinking my prescribed miralax and eating fiber gummies, and colace, my bowel movements haven't been that bad. They need to prescribe you something because even with this medicine it has been rough but I manage!!! I hope y'all get better. I barely left my room today after 4 days and thank God I can sit up now!!!

  • jim67005 jim67005 Drew-W

    Just got it done 10days ago omg the pain and the lumps and bumps . been taking painkillers, baths. Dr at the hospital said you'll be fine in a week. Well not fine still in pain. Would I do it again Hell No !!!!!!!!

  • jo777 jo777 Drew-W

    It's almost been 6 weeks post op, still in pain and to top it off.. I think I have more new bulges!

    Has anyone gone through constant pain and what looks like new bulges?

    Thanks and good luck!

    • carl43580 carl43580 jo777

      Hi Jo; I'm 2 months post op & been in awful pain when having a b/m. A few days ago I went back on the stool softener & this has helped dramatically!! I've got some bumpy skin tags which apparently is called a 'bridge' & this is normally left & can reduce over time - although mine haven't & are a real nuisance coz I can't wipe properly!

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh carl43580

      Hi, Carl. How's that so called "bridge" your doctor told you. Just had my procedure for almost 3 weeks and a small skin came out and my surgeon mentioned the bridge but the skin keeps getting larger. I'm scared and want to know if it will really get better in time. Thank you.

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh jo777

      Hi, has there been an improvement on the new bulges? I've had my procedure almost 3 weeks now and a new skin came out and getting larger. My doctor said something 'bridge' that it's not a new hemorrhoid but I'm so scared that it is so I may get a 2nd opinion.

    • lisaouchie lisaouchie peehbeeh


      I still have the tag bridge ! I'm 3 months since op ! I'm not sure if I should leave it or go back and ask about removal ! It don't give me any bother though so I don't know what to do !

      It's a lot smaller than any of the hens I had !


    • carl43580 carl43580 lisaouchie

      Hi smile I've got 2 small(ish) floppy skin pieces. One at the front and one at the back of the butt hole. I hate them. I was told they may reduce, but they haven't in 4 months. I go back to my surgeon in Feb, so I'm going to ask about them then. He did say they could easily be sliced off, I just don't feel 'mentally' ready for more pain down there, so I may wait until after the summer.

      B/m have got easier, but still painful coming out and I can never wipe properly so always jump in the shower. I think I might have a small fissure at the inside back, but again I will have to wait and see what the surgeon has to say about it.

      How is everyone else doing with their b/m's. It's gone a little quiet, so I take that as a good sign smile x

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh carl43580

      I really don't want to think that we have fissure just because we have this "bridge". sad It bothers me too when wiping as it gets a little painful when being touched. Did the doctor say slicing 'em off will be as painful as hemorrhoidectomy?

    • jo777 jo777 carl43580

      Hi Carl, I'm 3m post op and it's touch and go.

      Some days are ok but others I struggle with pain.. after a bm or just at random. Lots of pain and with a burning sensation. I always have aloe baby wipes with me and I've found that sitz baths help (1c Epsom salt, 50ml witch hazel, 2tbs bicarb, 1 tbs olive oil, lavender & camomile essential oil). I try to shower after a bm as the bulges/skin makes it hard and painful to wipe. Hoping it'll get better otherwise I'll have to get it looked at again! All the best and pls let us know how it goes 🖒🌟

    • carl43580 carl43580 jo777

      Hi - no the 'bridge' is nothing to do with the fissure. When I go the toilet it's still quite painful & when I've had a look (the best I can), it still looks quite red, so I'm wondering if it's a fissure.

      He said to slice of the tags shouldn't be as painful.... there again, he did say it would be 2wks recovery!!!

      Yes Jo, my 'tags' make things awkward to clean properly as well. I use toilet wipes, but tend to jump in the shower afterwards as well. Obviously it's difficult to time your b/m's but I've been lucky in only needing to go once when I didn't have access to a shower... & I managed smile X

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh carl43580

      Thanks, Carl. I'm considering asking my surgeon or 2nd opinion to have this removed. You know, it's like it's defeating it's purpose to remove unwanted skin there. I just HOPE, really HOPE this wouldn't be as painful as hemorrhoidectomy. I'm on my 2nd week now and no more pain during BMs (still taking stool softener), only the tag is painful when wiping or too much walking. Xx Thanks for your help guys. I really needed some talks. 😞

    • carl43580 carl43580 peehbeeh

      My surgeon explained it like this... if you had been in a fight and got your eye thumped and it was all bruised and inflamed, it would take days/weeks for all that swelling to go down. This is basically what's happened down below, but it's going to take longer for the swelling to reduce because we are sat on it and the blood is being restricted. So the tags/bumps etc should reduce and even disappear.

      That said... mine haven't lol

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh carl43580

      Lol. I actually won't mind waiting for the tags to shrink. What I'm concerned about is how long will it take to not be painful so I can walk and wipe normally.

      Stitches are no longer painful. After a week of my operation I can almost act like a normal person until the tag came out. Xx

  • Rose knows Rose knows Drew-W

    OK, Your are all freaking me out. I'm scheduled for this surgery on the i am having 2nd thoughts. Did anyone have good experience and good results. I have performance gigs a month after surgery I kidding myself thinking I will be OK to stand and perform

    • carl43580 carl43580 Rose knows

      Do not have the surgery unless you absolutely need it. My bowels we're working with no problem, I just hated the skin tag, but to get that removed my surgeon suggested a hemmorroidectomy. Now I struggle to 💩.

      I've narrowed slightly & when I go the loo it's like I'm constipated, I think it's coz the muscles of the wall won't push it down.

      Lots to consider that the surgeon doesn't tell you. If I'd of known all this, I wouldn't of had it done.

      Your choice at the end of the day, but please do your homework and get all the facts.

    • peehbeeh peehbeeh carl43580

      Hi, Carl. I'm taking 5ml (1 tsp) of extra virigin coconut oil 30 mins after dinner. Also 1-2 glasses of lukewarm water after I got out of bed in the morning. This works like a stool softerner medicine. biggrin

  • peehbeeh peehbeeh Drew-W

    Hi, Drew. I'm almost 2 months post op. No issues now with extra virgin coconut oil for my stool. Without it, it is still painful and hard to poop. Other than that everything is good. Just make sure if you really need this operation before doing it. If the tag just bothers you, if possible just try to put it back and drink lots of water and high fiber foods. I was having lots of bleeding before that's why I pushed for the operation. I didn't see me getting better before but I am now but if not really needed, I suggest just try to change your lifestyle a bit. smile

  • elizabeth37955 elizabeth37955 Drew-W

    I am dealing I guess with scar tissue? Two months post op and then area is very hard -and tender - worried that is an abcess, but perhaps it is remodeling of skin- it does feel like hemmoroids- hard not to worry- and when can we stop? :-(

    • ada69557 ada69557 elizabeth37955

      Hi dear,

      I feel exactly the same. Did yours went away with time or should I get second opinion? My doc says its fine (4weeks post op), but I really feel worst and instead of one external pile removed it looks like 2 new ones.

  • star95096 star95096 Drew-W

    Hiya could you help me with some advice please , my husband had a Hemorrhoidectomy 5 days ago, same as yous hes been in awful pain but taking Diclac and paracetamol and Tramadol up untill yesterday, he had a packing in but it fell out on the 2nd day , i giant one removed inside and 2 outside , it seems to be healing hes still on Flagyl antibiotic but i can see a tiny bit of yellow on the wound , but it does look better otherwise, is that normal ? And hes only taking Senacat and Lactolose as stool softeners and 1 bath a day with dettol , is there anything else i can do to help him heal , Thankyou 🌟☄

    • Rose knows Rose knows star95096

      I am one month post op and doing well. But just know that those first weeks are touch and painful. Sounds like he might have some infection but the Dr will verify that for you, but cleaning and soaking after bowel movement are a must. Make sure he does more than one sitz bath with epson salts. I found it uncomfortable to sit on the ones that fit over the toilet so  I just filled the tub and chilled and read for 20 minutes. Make sure after he poops to watch the area with liquid soup and then spray clean. To make ti easy I got a very inexpensive LOTs of them on amazon. THis is a must. to keep the area clean and sooth as well.

      Tell him to hang in gets better, really it does. and so happy I did it now!

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  • dave1969 dave1969 Drew-W

    Hi ,

    To all I feel your post hemorriodectomy. Dave from the UK. I'm post op 12 weeks. This operation takes up-to 6 months to fully heal. There are some rules I would love share with all who experience this operation. Tips I guess to help. That really has worked.

    1/ Ask the hospital for instillagel. Local anesthetic in a syringe. Prior bowel movement. Post movement for two weeks post op.

    2/ Have a shallow bath. Add a little salt to the bat water, bathe Straight after BM. As your muscles down there are relaxed. Soak 20 minutes.

    3/Use Fibrogel, sachets 2-3 a day. These are a god send. Bran sachet . They help to keep your BM formed but soft. Not runny. Which will cause more prone to infection if your BM are liquid. After week 6-8. Drop down to 1 sachet per day. Drink at least 3 pints of water through the day.

    4/ You will experience a yellow discharge. Some poop leakage too. Don't be alarmed. Your muscles have been opened to extreme. Lol. Anyway. When you feel this leakage. You must try to clean up straight away. Little water, soap etc..

    5/ So take a dip in a warm/hot bath for 20 mins after BM. Plus have another bath at night before bed. All this helps with healing the area.

    6/ I get all the degrading leakage, one thing I forgot to mention. If your a man. Be glad of lady monthly pads. There another god send. Helps to suppress the leakage. Change 2-4 tines a day. Happy days. the pain is hard mentally, physically drains you in and out the tub. But there is light at the end of the tunnel. Use the items, make a list. You won't go far wrong.

    7/ Don't sit on your butt for any long periods for the first 8 weeks. Try an walk when you can, not to much. Little by little. This operation will take up-to 6 months. Due too the area. It's a roller coaster of 1 step forward. Two steps back. Blood, tears, anxiety, frustration. But listen. Use the things above with a good diet. Bingo you will come through this. It's a long one. Good luck to all. Feeling your pain and discomfort. Dave. England. UK.


    • Rose knows Rose knows dave1969

      You advice was great and used all you said but wish y ou would retract that Fibrogel. I went and ordered it sadly to see that it has a most toxic ingredient, aspartame...which is linked to various nuereological illnesses. There are better and more natural similar fiber drinks on the market. Thanks . I'm a month post surgery and doing GREAT


  • Rose knows Rose knows Drew-W

    My surgery is on May 9th. Asking for prayers and also wanting an anyone..and hopefully everyone feeliing better by now??? 

    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 Rose knows

      You now are post op about three weeks. How are things now? I am on day 10 and struggling badly with BM action. Was doing everything perfect. Diet. Stool softeners, fiber pills,water, rest, soaks and one pain killer daily(to avoid constipation) but only pooped once a little on day 3. Thought I might be impacted but dr recommended enema if I could and I did. Got a little liquid poo but no solid. Took 2 laxatives yesterday morn and two scoops miralax which has caused nausea added to pain. Fluids and no food. A few hours later had one lime sized poo. Pain and then pain med and bath. Almost went to emergency room but held out. Passed to big ones in middle night. At least I am not impacted. Today on and off toilet with one or two BM each time and pain. Hopefully once this 6 days of crap leaves me and I only have one poo a day. Will that happen? Ever? I look forward to seeing it was worth this to have a normal toilet relationship.

    • Rose knows Rose knows nancylynn18

      I wanted to respond to this site earlier but was in too much pain. but doing GREAT this week. The first 2 weeks were torture but now no regrets. The best thing I bought to help was a $12 plastic portable bidet bottle spray that made it easy to clean well after each bowel movement.  That made it clean and I used paper towels to pat dry.  I did wear lady diapers the first 2 weeks just because I was havng lose stools and it jsut made it easire in case of an accident. Yesterday I actually went to the park for a 45 mintues walk and short jog. Happy i went thought it. I have a small lttle bump on the outside, that I thought was a small hemorrhoid but Dr said it was not and can be removed later if it doesnt shrink away. Thanks for asking. I am surely over the hump on the healing and have no regrets. 


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    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 Rose knows

      Thanks Rose. I am now three and half weeks. Mornings are the worse when I spend a couple hours(with walking in between) For BM. Then I soak and and hour later almost ok. I am not constipated but as before the surgery, cant eliminate fully. Are you able to have normal BMs and feel your old self, minus hemm? I know it's better then the first two weeks but I feel 60% myself.

    • Rose knows Rose knows

      I had a really rough time at  2 weeks... I had my post op visit and was so sore.. The Dr said I wasn't fully passing my stools..that the "bolis"  I had never heard the term before, was fillin up and made me take miralax 3 separate times in one day. After that the next day, I finally emptied out and have felt better since then but I make sure to eat a mostly vegetarian diet now...very little much as I love it, I lost weight but that's good because i have a wedding to go to next week. I'm finally good enough to go and dance. Just hand in there a do thos sitz baths with epson salt. Hang in there...this too shall pass.  Sending good vibes your way. 

  • markee02980 markee02980 Drew-W

    Oh my I am so sorry that you are going through this. I had my surgery on Tuesday and have experienced a lil diarriah but yet to have a normal bm what was the step she they had you take to remove thenimpaction?

  • penguin59394 penguin59394 Drew-W

    I had hemorrhoidectomy six months ago and developed fissure on surgery site. So I am still here dealing with the recovery. During my darkest days of recovery, I did read some encouraging patient posts and wishes there were more of that, and maybe the rest of us can figure out a bit why we are not healing as well. I hence developed RearCare Self Help Community for patients who have successfully healed to share their helpful tips. If you have healed completely, please consider making a difference and go to ReaCare (Search for it). No sign in or any requirement. We just want to hear your stories and recommendations. I hope Patient forum won't delete my post. 

    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 penguin59394

      What a great idea. I wanted to put together a list of helpful hints from all our experiences to print up for my Doctor. He should pass them out to his patience who have hemmoriodectemy. He is giving the profession advice, ie: fiber, water, stool softners, rest, baths,etc and not the ways to deal with the pain and ideas for taking a BM. this is why we are not healing. The BM is irritating our rectum and without proper ellimination we don't do well. I still swear by taking BM in warm sitz bath on toilet. I am trying to wean a little now at 1 month but after first BM I throb so continue into the Sitz for rest. It sometimes takes me three visits in a 2 hour period to complete BM. This does a number on setting my back on my healing. Can't see how it will ever heal at this rate. I will take a look at your new site. ReaCare. It would be good to get some success stories to give my some positive feeling right about now. Nancy

    • penguin59394 penguin59394 nancylynn18

      Thank you for your response and kind words on RearCare, Nancy. I have dealt with this six months now so I know a thing or two about this recovery (not all - otherwise I would have healed). I have been doing sitz bath BM since my fissure diagnosis a month ago. (I developed fissure after hemorrhoidectomy). It definitely reduces the pain. The key I found is warm yourself up really well before your BM. This means you may have to hold a bit until your muscles completely loosen and relax. I stood in hot shower for 5~10 minutes. Also you need to manage to clear it out all at once. If you can, try squatting position. Mine BM takes less than one minute. More than one BMs did give me setbacks, like diahrrea two weeks ago. So watch for triggers of diahrrea. I did post a few blogs on RearCare. I also found two of the most comprehensive recovery to-do lists online and posted on RearCare's Self Help Success Story section. Hope you find some relief soon.

  • ada69557 ada69557 Drew-W

    Hey Drew,

    I see it's been about a year post your surgery. I just wanted to see how did everything pin out for you. I had mine about a month ago to remove a small external hemmoroid (mistake) and I'm familiar with pain but this... WOW! I've made so many deals with God every time I had to use the restroom. The agonizing pain is gone, but as you said, my butt is grotesque. I looks like my anus has balls. It's far worst than it was before and aside from kicking myself for having this surgery I am completely freaking out even though some say it's just sweeling. So how is your booty now?

    • penguin59394 penguin59394 ada69557

      Hi, ada69557,

      I am not Drew, but just want to share my own experience with swelling. I am seven month post hemorrhoidectomy. Right around one month was when the swelling was the worst. It went down significantly after that, but was brought back a few time because of straining during BM. The later swelling was not nearly as bad as at one month post-op. And it also went down faster. I still get a little swelling even now with either straining or multipla BMs a day. But it goes down quickly too. I've found ice or cold press helps reduce swelling. Hope this helps.

    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 penguin59394

      I need some help now that I am 9 weeks post opp and my doctor says i am totally healed. It still stings to push and go and takes me a few hours just to stop my aching stomach and to go a little.  Did you have problems elliminating after 2 months? I still have to struggle every morning to go and have begun using an emema bag every couple days just to clear myself out. If I don't I have to push too hard to even go and sometimes that doesn't help either. I am afraid my roids will return and I will never put myself through this surgery again. Ever! Any help with this issue or some positive results from others would be appreciated. nancy

    • Rose knows Rose knows penguin59394

      Just wanted to update all that is is 10 weeks post surgery and I am doing very well. I think the many sitz baths helped alot and so did the portable spray plastic bottle bidet that I used after every movement. with cool water...cleans and soothes. I also eat really well. Mostly vegetarian  diet and much less grains and husband calls crackers and chips "dietary crack" and that does make you more constipated...also, get moving in other ways. I walked every day in the park and now I am up to jogging part of the time. Also, kegel exercises. Good luck and blessings to all for speedy and perfect recoveries. I have no regrets at this point. 

    • penguin59394 penguin59394 nancylynn18

      Hi, Nancylynn18,

      After some trial and error, I've been able to manage a very regular and easy BM everyday. Here are a few things I've found useful:

      1) Highly veggie based diet (agree with Rose's post). Avoid grain for a while. Add fibre supplement. Benefibre, for example.

      2) At least 8 glasses of water. Add prune juice, whenever you can.

      3) Miralax (This works as a mild laxativ and is very effective to make you go at the same time each day. Recommended by my doctor - You can split its daily dose into two halves and take a half in the morning and the other at night.)

      4) Stool softner - 3 pills a day. I could be wrong, but I feel Miralax is more effective at regulating BMs.

      4) Excercise (Agree with Rose's post again) - walk, jog, swim, etc.

      Also, I've learned everyone has three external hemorrhoids that could become inflammated. If not removed, they (it) could emerge under stress. My remaining one hemorrhoid (after the surgery) did get inflammated with post-op stress (I never had problem here before). But with ice and some medication, it is coming down. I heard other people complain about new hemorrhoids after this surgery. Guess our body is prone to inflammation here - we just need to address it early. Keeping the inflamation down also helps smooth up your BM. So if you do feel hard hemorrhoid(s) there, you can use ice and some over the counter hemorrhoid cream there. Hope this helps.


    • penguin59394 penguin59394

      Just want to add - About Miralax. It is safe to use Miralax everyday for an extended period, I was told by my doctor. Miralax works slowly. It is best at creating a routine without causing a sudden urge to go. I have been using it for the past five months. I am using half of its dosage now. Maybe I don't need it now, but I just want to be safe. For most days, I have BM once a day, in the morning, and it takes just about a minute or two to empty.

      Also, don't be afraid of BMs. Several times I thought my BMs caused tear or damage. It either did not, or my body just fixed whatever the problem quickly. Focus on what you can do after your BM, prepare and "embrace" for the impact (unfortunately inevitable at the beginning). If your doctor said it looks healed, it is probably true you are healing well, although "feeling well" can take longer.

    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 penguin59394

      Thank you for the words of hope that I am healed but feeling well can take longer. I am looking forward to being able to have a good full day and not one starting after 1 pm once the elimination process is complete(well sort of) and I stop feeling nauseous. I know about the miralax but havent used it lately. I think you are right and it is the way to proceed now. I mix it in grapejuice or applejuice and now just have to get into the daily habit. I just don't want to be focusing on my bottom anymore. Its getting boring and all encompasing when I make plans to stay overnite anywhere. I had three internal and two external removed and the doctor said I took a bit longer than others to get through the most painful time. My took almost 4 weeks to be toleratable. Now its just the end part(no pun intended lol) I have to get through and with your help and others that have paved the way.....there is hope. Its nice that others are here for suppost and guidance. Thanks so much. Onward!

  • lux50566 lux50566 Drew-W

    Thank you so much everyone for sharing your experiences. I had my surgery on Monday the 24th at 9pm! Yes, my surgeon was running behind. I ended up being admired to the hospital because I could not urinate after he surgery.

    I was well prepared for the hell this surgery is. My father and all his 5 siblings have had it. And my surgeon did not mince words about it either. She told me: you will hate me for a good 3 to 4 weeks. Your ass will look like a bomb went off there. And when she came to see me in the hospital and I told her that so far the pain was manageable, she told me "you haven't had a bowl movement yet".

    While still in the hospital yesterday, I had pain as though someone was inserting a burning curling iron up my rectum. Once I got home, the gas and bloating were horrible. I thought I was going to explode. I decided to get up to pee (which I have mainly been doing in the shower standing) and behold, I had a bowel movement and passed that gauze they shove up your butt. Passing the POop and gauze weren't the most painful. It was actually sooner than I thought it would be (as I generally have issues with constipation) but after that s**t came out, the pain was excruciating. I took 2 percacets so I could go to sleep. They prescribed me percacet every 6 hours but that thing runs out every 4, like clock work. Yesterday, I was taking two at a time, but today I have managed on one. I am really scared of having to use the bathroom again, but still doing ok.

    The worse part for me have been the spasms in my sphincter. These spams are horrible, because when I am lying very still my butt feels ok, but then these spams come and it is searing pain.

    I still would have done the surgery. My dad had the worse experience with scar tissue and the doctor had to stretch his passage and he would still do it again.

    I have been suffering with hemmorhoids for about 20 years, but these past few months have been brutal. I had a hemmorhoid the size of an acorn right at the entrance of my anus. I had bleeding (once on my husband's company trip) that made my legs and clothes look like they came from a murder scene. I am looking forward to having a normal life that doesn't center so much on my rearnend.

    • Rose knows Rose knows lux50566

      Hang in there Lux...and don't over do it with the percasets as they cause constipation and are very addictive! Try to wean to a high dose of to your MD.  ALso, those sitz baths are a must...sitting in warm or even cool if you want, baths with epson salts and but a portable bidet and keep it next to the toilet for easier and less painful cleanup , also hemmorihoid pads. Change y our diet to more veggies and foods that help you have a smooth move. Best wishes. 

    • DonSni DonSni Rose knows


      I see you're pretty much my last hope for this surgery. Allow me to explain. I am a 36 y/o male and my issues are: internal and external hem, anal leakage and swelling for hours after defactaing, and often times bloody toilet paper after wiping due to the hem. As it doesn't hurt me (only very little), my butt doctor recommended this surgery. I am not scheduled until September 11th 2017 to have it, so wanted to know what I can do to prep. 

      After reading through all of the comments, I am thinking starting Miralax now along with some stool softeners. I have already been taking a fiber supplement as I'm trying to get regular. TBH, I am afraid to poop in the morning due to the leakage and when I do, I wear black shorts or jeans in order to not have the leakage show during my work hours. As this is very embarrasing for me, I know I should have the surgery.

      If you can, please answer me these questions OR anyone else still monitoring this article.

      1. Does this really hurt as bad as everyone has stated? (I have a pretty high pain tolerence).

      2. Will there be lots of blood and should I not sleep on my bed due to this?

      3. Going back to number 1. How long does this really hurt afterwards? i.e. days, weeks?

      4. I am planning to take off work for about 20 days after, would this be enough time for my butt to recover? (I only ask because I am a software engineer and my daily work keeps me sitting for 7+ hours).

      Any reply would be very helpful and very appreciated. I am nervous and need some comforting replies please. I understand people said to not have the surgery unless I am in pain, but with all this bleeding, mucus leakage, and swelling for hours afterwards, I must have the surgery.



    • lux50566 lux50566 DonSni

      Doni, I had my surgery on the 24th. Although I went into this well aware of the suffering (by both my father and doctor's info), the pain is pretty viscous. However, I am a bit over 2 weeks post op and I do not regret it at all. Not for a second and not even at the height of my pain. Like you, I suffered endlessly. I had 3 internal hemies removed (one that was pretty much on the outside- I have outside cut and stitching- and was prolapsed to the size of a golf ball). 2 were cut and removed with closed sutures and one was banded. I can say I am over the hump. The first few days I could hardly go 4 hours without pain medication and sometimes I would take 2 after going to the toilet. I still don't regret it. Every time I go to the restroom now, I poo like a normal person. My bm have been super regular -once a day on the morning- and I spend about 4 minutes tops. I don't push. I didn't have a lot of bleeding post op, but decided to keep my poo and mush as I could so I didn't die passing stool. 

      Again, this is not walk in the park but man, was it worth it. Just the fact that I am no longer tucking in the hemie or afraid I am going to bleed like a horror movie in public alone is worth it. 

      My father had his 20 years ago and he doesn't regret it. And he suffered like the devil.

      I am glad I did it. I have my life and my bum back. 

    • Rose knows Rose knows DonSni

      I have no regrets doing th surgery .Don, you need your life back. Go for it, but be prepared to need to take 6 weeks off of work. Ask if you can work from home. I didn't find sitting that bad, but didn't want to leave house as bowel movements were painful after the surgery and you'll need to sit in sitz baths a lot. See if you can get 6 weeks off and work from home. Peopel out there. PLEASE avoid constipating and highly addictive pain killers. Ask your Dr if a strong advil will do. It worked for me but yes, I did have pain. I am 3 months post surgery and 99.5 % better. Just seems like a narrowing of my canal but that might change over time. Anyone reading this, buy a portable looks like a plastic waterbottle so no one will know. It was a life saver to clean after the surgery. 

    • DonSni DonSni Rose knows


      Thanks for your reassuring update. So you also had the embarrasing bleeding/leakage after a BM prior to having this surgery? My hem hangs out for hours afterwards. I'm literally afraid to poop in the morning before work as the leakage/blood has seeped through on a few ocassions. This happens with every BM. I'm almost certain I do NOT empty all the way either as I'm on the toilet most days for 20+ mins at a time. It's so bad, I hit the vagel nerve and almost pass out, but never strain to poop. It's very weird.

      I'm going to try and minimize having to use the pain meds as I suffered from alcoholism for many years. So, basically, what you're saying is the pain will pretty much go away within 5-10 days tops, but the BMs will continue to hurt for up to 6 weeks post-op?

      I can try to get leave from work for 5-6 weeks as I'm sure my manager won't mind, but trying to not come back if I'm unable to sit on my bottom.


    • Rose knows Rose knows DonSni

      I did not have any leakage...some bleeding and bulging. Never leakage. You must do this is  you have that. That is hard to have to deal sorry. Please all of you...for speedy well... no addictive drugs or alchohol.. I went mostly veggie and organic. If you are in a state with legal marijuana, I would get a script for that and cut out the addictive drugs.  Get some good books to read and just sit in the bathtub in epson salt and heal. Stay away from grains and remember oxycodone is both addictive and causes constipation! 

    • lux50566 lux50566 DonSni

      I once bled so bad (at a trip to England with my husband's company, entire management) it looked like a murder scene down my legs. Soaked my skirt... thank goodness I was wearing all black and no one saw it. It was bad. Go for it!

    • Xniz80 Xniz80 DonSni

      Hello Doni and everyone else who this might benefit. I am on day 3 post-op and there has been no other .time in my life where I wanted to to take time back so badly and in this case never have done the surgery. Let me start by saying that , while I do have hemorrhoids, my main concern was an anal fissure that bled and hurt a lot by my hemorrhoids and bowel movements were under control. I had bad episodes now and then but there were no longer an issue after I managed to get regular BMs with soft stools. During pre-OP, the surgeon said "we'll remove the scar tissue and inject a botox in the fissure to allow it to heal and in the mean time remove that skin tag from your outside hemorrhoid". This gave me the impression that it was going to be an easy operation and so I only planned on taking 2 weeks off work. Anyway, I consider myself to have a high pain tolerance by Dear God, this pain is an immense, crippling pain , even on pain killers ! I can't think of anything my my suffering and my new reality. I struggle to urinate and I can't have a BM without screaming like an animal and then the instant pain that follows is almost indescribable. I tried to only have 1 BM a day but with the extra fiber intake and stool softener that I take now , it is pure torture to feel the build up leading to it and try to force myself not to go. I absolutely dread every trip to the bathroom.

      I never thought one can go through so much suffering in this day and age with modern medicine.

      I know I am only on day 3 and this maybe the worst week of suffering and that I will get better but still ,If I had known that this was going to be a full blown hemorrhoids removal procedure, I would have backed away at all costs.

    • DonSni DonSni Xniz80

      Sorry you are suffering. It's not been 24 hours post-op for me yet. Had my surgery yesterday. No pain until this morning, but I have not slept yet. I feel like I have to urinate and poop asst the same time. I think mentally I'm afraid to go poop.

      I have the desire and need to poop, but can't. The feeling is starting to come around and the numbing is going away. The gauze came out no issue last night.

      I have a feeling today is going to be terrible. I'm sleepy, I need to poop, and my booty isn't feeling good.

      Thanks for the reply

    • nancylynn18 nancylynn18 Xniz80

      I am 3 months post surgery. 3 internal and two external removed, the first couple weeks were definitely the worst. My friend was sleep , tub and sitz bath. The pain of bm was subdued when taken in the warm sitz bath. Discusting? Maybe but u dump it and rinse and sit again to soak or go more. I continued this past week two. Once I was pretty much healed I stopped. Sometime I soaked after bm the first month. 

      The bath is a great place to lay while awake but still want to be laying down. I took stool softners and fiber and tylonal pm to sleep.  Pain meds causes constipation. Walking is good but I did not feel up to it the first 5 days. It will get better but takes time. Hang in there. Nancy

    • Xniz80 Xniz80 DonSni

      Today is day 5 post Op. I can't say there is any improvement yet. The pain is still overwhelming and I get some extremely painful spasms when I need to go. I'm still bleeding all day but not a lot and it hurts to sit down for more than 30 minutes at a time. I have been following the good habits most folks advise, soaking in warm water immediately after bms but that only temporarily reduces inflammation. I'm basically K.O after a bm for atleast 2 hours. I have been surviving on a minimal diet , just a bowl of high fiber cereal and an orange in the morning, some vegetable soup for lunch and some light snack and fruits at night. I think I have lost like 15 pounds in just a few days. I try not to have more than 2 bms a day but I have not always been successful. My daughter's birthday is this Saturday and we will have a lot of people over but I don't know if I will be able to manage or act normal. I hope things improve. Hang in there guys.

    • DonSni DonSni Xniz80

      I had the smallest of bm today day 3 post-op. I've just been lounging and sleeping since I got home from surgery. I've only really eaten fruits and veggies with a little meat in between. Pain isn't too bad as it's more of an annoyance with the weird muscle spasms. Other than that,, I'm trying to per, but the spasms make it difficult. Well, I'm gonna cover up bow as I'm cold. Good luck with ya booty.

    • Xniz80 Xniz80 DonSni

      Today is one week post op. I can feel a slight improvement in pain levels in between bms. Some of the stitches came out during last nights bm and I bled quite a bit afterwords. I have a sitzbath but I find sitting on it after a bm is very painful and instead just lay down in the tub with water as hot as I can tolerate and epsom salts. That definitely helps with the pain. I am now less often taking pain killers. In fact, I managed to sleep all the way through the night last night without waking in in pain, which is a first. However, I had some seriously hard stool with my first bm this morning and that hurt so much , which I don't know why if I eat a minimal , liquid diet and use a stool softener. I hope for a speedy recovery for all of us.


  • amy11515 amy11515 Drew-W

    I had a hemroidanmy survey on 11/30/2017. 2 days after surgey I devolved a infection where my skin is all red down there. Its been 3 weeks now since survey I have puss coming out and I am in a lot of pain. It feels like my skin is seperateing and starring. When i got home from surgery I started taking stool softeners and it would not help so I started taking Miramax. When I go to the bathroom I start sweating and burn and feel like my insides is coming out. Is that normal? When I look at the surgical site I see where my skin separated and it looks like a cut. The doctor said skin has separated . I s that normal?

    • DonSni DonSni amy11515


      This is normal. Had my surgery on Spet 11, 2017. Make sure to take nice hot baths, use Epsom salt, and you can put vaseline or baby butt paste between your cheeks. The reason for it being read and stuff is because your muscles are contracting and keeping your cheeks tight together. If it hurts to go poo, you can (as disgusting as it sounds) poo in the shower/bath. Keep taking Miralax and a Fiber supplement. It took me about 12 weeks to fully heal. As painful as this was, I'm now glad I did it.

      Hope that helps. smile

    • dave1969 dave1969 amy11515


      ​A little free advise. See your GP. Looks like you have an infection. You might need antibiotics. You need to be careful with the stool softners, you can find yourself going to the toilet to much. Issue then, the healing process takes to long or you end up with sepsis. Like I did. To many toilet trips per day does not help the healing process. Plain shallow baths, 2-3 per day, no salt. This will  irritate the skin trying to heal. I used ispaghula husk orange, similar to fibregel. this is natural fibre works a treat, will clear you out, but not watery, to loose etc. ( so little chance of infection). I also used a product from uk hospital called instlliagel. This is basically a clear gel in a syringe that you apply just to either keep the pain to a minimum or just prior to bowel movement apply internal, this will numb the area plus act as a lubricant. I was more or less healed in 4 weeks. The information I'm giving is just my advise, opinion. To help as a guide. If you choose. Any further help required or questions, please drop me a message. Regards Dave

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