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Hi, me again with my endless quest to find something to help with my insomnia.

My latest trial is Montmorency cherry caps, one a night, guy in health food store recommended giving them a go as all the magnesiums, 5htp, Kalms, teas, sleep hygiene, exercise, diet etc etc aren't working!

I actually went into the shop to change my magnesium from a chelated to a mg glycinate, hoping that this type of mg may prove beneficial to me, but ended up trying the cherry!

I asked how long should take to see any difference, he reckoned almost immediately!

Any ideas ladies?

I take 400mg chelated mg

1000mg omega 3

1000mg starflower

50mg complex B

Now mont cherry too!!!

Have tried fizzy type of magnesium, not for me.

Any help gratefully accepted.

Any views on mg glycinate?

Thank you...I drop off but rarely sleep past 3-4 am...that's all I'm asking for, just to sleep till 5-6am! Not too much to ask! Jx

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    I suffer from insomnia too and wake at 3am if I'm lucky. I'm taking zolpidem but my doctor wants me to stop as it's addictive both physically and psychologically. Mine is brought on by severe anxiety and a hyperactive mind as soon as I wake. I don't know what the answer is but if you know of a non prescriptive way I'd be delighted. All I can say is that it's awful and feel for you.

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    Hi janeben,

    I've also tried a lot natural and prescribed and nothing really helping.

    I'm either asleep by midnight up at 3 or I can't get to sleep until 5 or 6 am.

    It's driving me nuts. Hope the cherry thing works.

    I don't know if you are taking b12?

    I take it as soon as I get up or it will keep me awake.

    Valerian root 900mg is the closest thing to almost getting me off I have found.

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      Thank you ladies for's a really tricky issue and so determines how we feel and behave that day!

      Zig, I take a B complex 50g which includes B12, which i usually take with breakfast.

      I'll try cherry again tonight. Guy told me 2 hours prior to bed?

      Slightly scared of valerian as heard can make you druggy in am. ?

      Ella, I'll google msm, never heard of this...have you tried it yet?

      Victoria, pm me two types of magnesium which help her, so I'm about to google that too...never sure how long to wait to see if it's going to make any difference...seems to be such a fine balance between all the varying factors in our lives too, tricky to know if we're giving each supplement a fair trial, if you get me?

      Thanks anyway...I'm sure this isn't the last of these posts! Jx

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      I did take msm at one point didn't seem to make a lot of difference. But I had a msm lotion which was brilliant for my itching.

      The valerian didn't make me feel drugged next day but was the closest thing to helping with sleep. I think 900mg is the highest dose they recommend I haven't tried more but have been tempted to.

      It feels quite like diazepam just not as strong to me.

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    Hi - In Australia you can buy a product called Sleep Aid which is an over the counter medication (basically anti-histimine so safe and non-addicitve). I started on one a night then went to half - now a quarter (but nothing on weekends) and I am slowly sleeping through the night (most nights).

    Hate taking any medication but assured this is a safe fix - perhaps you can try to source some - called different things under different brands.

    Good lucksmile


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      Hi Loui,

      Glad this works for you.

      I was prescribed an anti histamine which was supposed to make you sleepy,

      I can't remember the name and as it's 245am I won't be popular with my family if I go rummaging around looking for it.

      I've had two anti histamines one for the itching I used to have and I was told the side effect of that was it makes you drowsy but that one didn't either.

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      Hi zig,

      Yes, it's 2.50! Do the mont cherry really doesn't work for me...tempted to return as fed up with constantly buying more recommended aids!

      At least with the 5htp I was going through till 4-5am...the last few nights I've taken the cherry and am wide awake by 2.40! When I wake, think, oh must be 5 by now as feel great, then look at phone to see only 2.30!

      Will plug earphones into More 4 now and listen to a story or play to give my brain something to listen to!

      Thanks for help, everyone, may consider valerian after all!

      Know it's an old remedy ... when you compare it to a drug, Zig, what do you mean please? Jx

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      Hi janeben,

      520 am now still wide awake so another zombie day for me today.

      Valerian it gives me a warm cozy feeling a bit like diazepam.

      Diazepam sort of comes in waves getting slightly stronger each time and makes me feel sleepy for longer.

      The valerian is the closest thing for me to prescribed medication.

      I've tried a few and I'm just going through them again.

      Big doses of ionic magnesium at the moment and trying to give each one a fair 3 month trial, so I did take the valerian root with that.

      I'm going to try melatonin again at some point. But I had to get my sister to send it from America last time.

      I'm just so sick of it now but on the positive side at least tonight I will sleep, I may have trouble getting off still. It is better than it has been. A few years ago ended up in the mental health unit totally loopy after almost a week of no sleep at all and was regularly going 3 nights without sleep.

      I just get so bored and after laying there a few hours listening to my husband sleeping like a baby I get angry about it all as well.

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      Thanks for replying...could I please ask you the contents of your Sleep Aid. Which ingredients and amount, then I can compare to an otc product here...thank you

      I have bought some antihistamine previously but didn't help much sad


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      Morning Zig

      I did reply at 6.30am but didn't go through...I too have a sleeping husband who I try not to disturb too much, but then I think he sometimes wakes me when I'm in a light sleep phase!

      Going to try to return M cherry and maybe buy 5htp again as , thinking back to last week, I was at least going through slightly longer to 4-5!

      Please let me know how you take the valerian as there are so many ways/types on the market, and as is an old remedy may give it a try too!

      Am in car accompanying husband on business trip to Ipswich, feeling bit rough actually but will try to shine through. Managed to have lovely day yesterday in spite of sleep but it's becoming cumulative now...

      Must get a few better hours tonight

      Thanks for help... Jx

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      I can't say the brand because it will get moderated.

      It's valerian root 450 mg capsules.

      One didn't do anything but two better I read online that 900mg is the maximum dose do I don't want to try more, I've also read using for a while every night is better than occasionally so I will have to try for a bit longer myself. Let me know what you think if you get some.

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      Hi, was just in H&B and saw that product on shelf.

      My only fear about valerian is that it is a sedative and can make you dozy in am.

      The manager in H&B recommended taking 5htp in a different it is supposed to be taken! One in am on empty stomach and one an hour before bed, so ought to try that way!

      Would be interested to know more about high dosage of valerian root

      Thank you jx

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