Intense nausea and feeling unwell for weeks help!

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I'm a 32yo woman who is generally fit and well. i dont smoke, i no longer drink.

I have been having bouts of illness since april this year that have lasted up to 6 weeks and have come and gone.

The first time i was unwell in april 2019 i had nausea, diarroeha, pain in my left arm, dizziness and extreme fatigue, eventually i ended up in hospital however all tests including an ECG came back normal.

They said it was a virus.

I was then unwell again in May, July, September and October.

When i was unwell at the end of October, i thought i was going crazy, i couldnt move from the sofa, the room was spinning, the intense nausea was unbearable and i did not eat for 8 days resulting in a big loss in weight.

On my third trip to the doctor, my doctor told me i had vertigo and prescribed me antibiotics for an ear infection.

I took the course of antibiotics and felt great for approx 3 weeks.

Now, all the symptoms are returning again, intense nausea, dizziness, pain behind my eyes, heavy arms, i just feel absolutely awful.

I am finding it hard to believe that these bouts of feeling unwell are all unrelated.

I dont know if it is linked, but i mentioned to my doctor that coincidently since Feb 2019 my body can no longer tolerate Alcohol. If i have even a few sips of drink, i am bed ridden for 3-4 days. This has been a very sudden change as i had never had this before, so i have since may 2019 not touched an alcoholic drink. Im concerned that there is a bigger problem here and im worried that my doctor doesnt want to look further into this.

They dont do urine tests, blood tests, nothing, and i dont know what to do from here

Any advice or guidance would be so greatly appreciated.

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    Hi emma , so sorry you dont feel well . First change doctors , a new doctor would surely want to do labs first and go from there , and get to the source of your symptoms .. Dont forget to tell them everything , may be something a new doctors can diagnose right off and treat .. Best wishes ,get better soon ! Note : a second opinion mostly pays off

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      Thank you Vicky!

      I agree, its got me wondering why they can so confidently rule things out that they've never tested for.

      I am at the doctors again later today so i will ask the question then and see what they say.

      thank you so much for replying xx

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      Youre very welcome emma , keep us updated , we are here to help each other as much as we can .

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    Hi emma08626

    With respect i ask you this were you a heavy drinker?. If so high alcohol consumption can prevent absorption of vitamins and minerals essential for good gut health and health overall. You do have to change your doctor and ask for blood tests for Vit B12 testing and iron, vitamin D and C and general complete blood count. You are entitled to a second opinion besides doctors diagnosis without tests....

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      Hi Mary,

      Thank you for taking the time to reply 😃

      i wasnt a heavy drinker, i was never that person that would have a glass of wine a day or anything like that. i would only drink if i was celebrating a social occassion such as a birthday or wedding etc, so only maybe 10 occasions a year if that!

      I had my first daughter in 2017 so between the years of 2016-2018 i probably only drank on 4 seperate occassions. I was just always able to hold my drink very well, i have never been sick from over drinking or suffered with Hangovers of any type which is why it was such a shock when i had a few drinks on my birthday this year and it knocked me off my feet for a week. i actually put it down to getting older, except at a wedding in may i had one drink and the whole right side of my head began throbbing. i immediately stopped drinking but i was still in bed for 4 days after.

      i even trialed having a small single vodka one evening at home to see if it was definitely the alcohol and i got an intense headache and was bed ridden again for 3-4 days as if my body could not process the alcohol at all.

      since then ive not touched a drop!

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    Push for urine tests and blood tests to start with. Doctors always want to look further into a patient's symptoms. if they are struggling to find answers.That is their job. The fact they have tried three times to find the cause, means that they do want to help you. After all, they have given you an ECG and antibiotics to start with. This sounds to me that they are making an effort. It can take time to reach a diagnosis and many tests are sometimes needed. It took me three and a half months to get answers for my daily, and constant abdominal pain. No tests were able to find answers for me so I ended up pushing for investigations that they had not done. One of my doctors was surprised that no one had thought to include these tests.

    The best advice I can give you is to keep going back to your doctor and insist on further tests being carried out. If you still get nowhere, change your doctor to get further opinions on your case. You are entitled to do this.

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    When do you get nausea? I am struggling with nausea pretty much every day. I've lost 30 lbs in 5 months, less of an appetite. I've had tests done and answer is acid reflux and functional dyspepsia. I can't drink alcohol anymore either.

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      its been all day everyday for the last 6 weeks minus 2 weeks i had antibiotics that made me feel absolutely fine and now its returned again. Its particularly bad after ive been laying down so i feel unable to walk in the mornings but its constant all day.

      such a horrible feeling and i cant continue to take time off work but its stopping me from carrying on with any daily activities

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      I know how you feel. I was in pain and had horrific nausea. I went through being nauseated 24 hours a day for believe it or not 2 years. I couldn't eat anything for I was so nauseated. I lost 30 pounds and looked like I was dying. Maybe this will help you with your nausea. Beets, Kale,Ginger,lemon. Blend and drink. It helped me. Also organic apple cider vinegar. Put Acv in a glass about 6 tpbs and the same with warm water then sip on it and finish all. This helped me tremendously. I hope this will help you. Good Luck and just go with it and don't fight it. Believe me it will make it worse.

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    Hi emma08626

    Thanks for your reply. You mentioned pain behind the eyes, in your arm and headaches i think perhaps you should pay a visit to the optician. Each time you drink alcohol you get head pain and dizziness which could be connected to eye problems or to an underlying problem causing pain behind your eyes and headaches. Make an appointment with an optician just to rule out any connection with your eyes. Optician examinations can find problems if there are any connected to the wishes...

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      hi Mary,

      i have had an opticians appointment as well to rule out anything eye related and they seem to have no concerns

      went to doc yesterday who didnt do urine or bloods but has booked me in for an MRI scan, she says if that comes back normal then she thinks its migraines.

      im so surprised by that though as the pain behind my eyes is the least of my pains and it isnt constant.

      she said some people get nausea and dizziness before a migraine but i seem to get 2 weeks of intense nausea and the occassional pain behind my eyes that comes and goes throughout that time.

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    The symptoms you have can very well be related to dehydration. Try drinking a few glasses of water a day and see what happens.

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      hello, Thank you for your reply,

      im very good with drinking water and currently drink at least 2 litres a day so im not sure if this could be dehydration because of this

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    Sorry to say this from what I have read your best bet is to change doctors. I wouldn't see the same doctor. You will be wasting your time thusly waiting longer for a diagnosis. It up to you to follow our advice. Don't try to solve this yourself. By trying things that may or may not help you. Hey Good Luck and I hope your new doctor will indeed help you. Hunt hint. 😎

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