Intense Pain below right rib and spreading

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I am 39 and Male. I have been unwell now for around a month. They still do not know what is wrong and it is getting worse.

It started with a gradual pain (getting worse) beneath my right rib cage and noticed blood on the outside of stools and a lot when wiping (which has since gotten worse too), and had also become irregular on movements rather than daily as normal. (perhaps every two or three days now). There is also a lot of white and yellowish mucus and bloody mucus when I go.

I went to doctors had blood tests and a week later had a endoscopy up the arse on my colon at the hospital and a scan on the right side and results came back a week afterwards showing nothing wrong.

I am now waiting for a urgent appointment with a stomach specialist at the hospital which is going to take about 5 weeks due to the state of the NHS.

In the meantime the pain is now intense. It is constant has also spread and I now feel pain around the belly button area with sharp twinges like something sharp is pushing inside and trying to get out. When the doctor pushed really hard on my stomach at the doctors the most pain seems to be between the rib cages just beneath them. I am not hungry but forcing myself to eat and eating normally (if that makes sense) and not having problems eating (Vegetarian and have been for years). I have also had slight discomfort in my esophagus and throat when swallowing, but not sure if this is related as I am prone to get colds and sore throats and still have a cough from the last cold I had quite a while back and just before all this started.

I have seen different doctors at the local surgery which have all had different ideas and given different advice. One told me to take Paracetemol and not to take ibuprofen or co-codamol as it could irritate it. Another told me to take co-codamol instead but neither have helped. I have tried Buscopan which was no help at all, and Mebeverine now and not sure if that is helping or not. I feinted on Monday and have also been having dizzy spells now too since starting the Mebeverine. The pain seems worse when lying down and sitting and better when standing, but is intense and getting worse beneath the right rib cage (like a stitch from running) and inside around the belly button area.

I am slim and healthy apart from that and only other thing I am on is sumatriptan (when required) for migraines as that's the only thing which cures them. I have also had Kidney Stones three times in the past, but that has come on sudden and pain was in a different area.

I have tried looking up online what might be wrong with me. Has anyone else had similar symptoms and what was wrong?

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    The mucus and discharge are symptomatic of IBS. But it is essential that the doctor does his tests and any further specialist investigation to rule out any serious disease. IBS can give a whole range of uncomfortable symptoms, as you are experiencing now. Because of the nervous symptom I believe the nerves can spasm around the torso, in the back and up the chest too.

    Fresh blood on stools may be present if straining on the toilet , if irregular. I am told dark black stools are more of a worry. The IBS symptoms can vary and be chronic. It seems to be at its worse at the outset.

    Short term fix is Mebrevine, it can help with spasms and cramps as this is the pain and sensations you can feel. Avoid painkillers and take the antispasmodics like Mebrevine and indigestion products like Gaviscon etc. Though, I found Mebrevine makes my joints ache which I mistook as a sympton of IBS.

    Eat little but often helps.

    Some think there is a relationship between gut bacteria and IBS but its difficult to prove conclusively. Avoid sugary food for a while and see how that goes. I did start to make my own Kefir and that seemed to help but also other changes in my life may have contributed.

    My personal belief is that it is a psychosomatic symptom of anxiety - it is a panic attack in the digestive system. Therefore resolving any personal, work or issues from elsewhere that has not been resolved can help. Quite often we do not resolve issues for fear of upsetting someone or simply putting up with a situation out of duty.

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    Obviously i am not a DR but i can tell you what my ibs is like. If i have eaten something which doesn't agree with me i get very strange cramps that feels like i am being pinched but on the inside. Blood when wiping can be from hemorrhoids or irritation due to going to the toilet a lot. Mucus can be seen with IBS as well and i have had this before. You say you are vegetarian? but a change in your gut from a virus or stress etc and eating certain vegetables can wreak havoc inside. Have you looked at what you have been eating since this began? Have you tried a low fodmap diet just to see if this provides some relief?

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    5 weeks that's pretty good. Been going through the same for over two years, yep 2 years. I got fobbed off by my GP for 6 months even when i had started to lose wait i had eventually lost 8 stone by the time i saw a gastro and he was a t**t! Gave me a CT and that was it. I had to fight an d push and he saw me again 3 months later. This whole time i was convinced it was my gallbladder but was told it wasn't. Had ultrasound and was told it was my gallbladder, no apology, NOTHING! Waited three months to see a surgeon and he p****d about and refused to take it out and referred me back to the gastro and i waited 6 months. Luckily it was a different gastro who said it sounds like gallbladder and has sorted much more in depth tests, this was 2 months ago and i've heard NOTHING! I've not been to work for a year as i feel so unwell and have a young. I never got offered a colonoscopy.

    I would say get them to check your gallbladder. If that's ok i'm sure you can say it's IBS as you've had a colonoscopy.


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    Thanks for the replies. The blood seems to be from the inside rather than wiping or the outside. To be honest I don't eat a lot of vegetables and especially not the funny foreign ones. I tried eating and drinking different foods but it has had no effect.

    I will ask them to check the gallbladder. I hope I don't loose 8 stone as if I do I would only weigh about 3 stone. It certainly feels like the area of the pancreas or gallbladder and the area where it started.

    If anything I have had less wind and gas since this started, but I have been eating slightly less and drinking less fizzy drinks (I don't drink tea or coffee) and no nausea or vomiting at all (yet). Holding my breath for short periods seems to also bring very temporary relief.

    I am self employed and working has been a struggle since this started. Mornings and late evening seems worst with a brief period during the day where it seems better, and some days slightly better than others. I know its expensive but I am considering paying to have private medical doctors\tests done at the moment from the few savings I have as there is no way I would be able to cope with this for another two years. A month has been bad enough.

    The only other thing I could do is admit myself to A&E (one of the doctors said to so this if it gets worse) which would mean immediate tests and fasttrack having to wait for the specialist appointment.

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    i have similar symptoms plus also brain fog - pins and needles hands and lots of joint pain

    iv no official diagnosis yet but am self diagnosing fibro plus ibs or perhaps ibd

    it does constantly cross my mind that even though there is so much physical symtoms that in fact they come from anxiety based trauma and iv met people who have been cured of bowl and stomoch issues through accupunture

    throat issues can be acid reflux

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    i understand nhs frustration but afterall they are not magicians so can only give opinions based on symtoms

    they do like to throw drugs at causes without looking for the cause and its good to remember that

    remember we are an organism not a machine !

    everything is connected so an issue in the mind etc can give horrible symtoms in stomoch and thats why so many people with anxiety have lists of other issues

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    Come off the Mebeverine because it is known to irritate the stomach and cause other side effects; ask for something else. Mebeverine irritated my stomach and caused severe indigestion and worsened my constipation. Don't google your symptoms because will lead to anxiety, panic and even depression. Instead, keep going back to your doctor who will advise you better and diagnose you after further tests.

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    Hey Steve It must have been difficult for you, especially when you don't know the diagnosis, you don't know how to cure it, and that is very difficult time , But we are with you in this phase of your life.

    You have variety of symptoms so no one can pin point to one disease but tests and scans may help to exclude the diagnosis. I can think about some conditions, I am sure your previous doctors might have told you about this already. Here are my thoughts.

    1. If you feel dizzy and don't feel good after taking mebeverine then you should stop it right away. Each medicine works differently on different people. So you can try simple paracetamol if the pain is not colicky type.
    2. You have pain in your right upper abdomen with blood and mucus in your stool, so just wanted to ask what is the result of your blood ESR, CRP and stool culture? Are these all negative? Did you go somewhere camping or hiking? Or any new stress in your life?
    3. As you have kidney stones,Do you know what those stones contain? like calcium oxalate or uric acid or any other chemicals? You should see the calcium in your diet. As eating Less calcium in diet can precipitate kidney stones, You should also get checked for vitamin D levels, Which helps to absorb calcium. kidney stones can have pain anywhere in the abdomen if the stones are not at usual places, So you should get checked for kidney stones as well as given the location of your pain, You should look for gall bladder stones also .
    4. As you mentioned you have difficulty swallowing with throat pain, it can be seen in esophageal spasms also,(If that is not due to cold). It is a functional disease and can't be seen on scans or endoscopy. The typical symptoms are pain in throat especially while you try to swallow with difficulty swallowing, But it does not explain the blood in the stool.
    5. As you have blood in the stool, And if your stool calprotectin, blood ESR and CRP are normal, Then look for some hemorrhoids,Internal or external, Or anal fissures.
    6. Also you can try over the counter ranitidin to see if that helps to ease pain, Which is mainly due to hyper acidity.

      Hope this helps and I wish you get your diagnosis and get well soon. Let us know what did you find out, so it can help us too.

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    Another thing is did they do contrast angiography scan of your abdomen to find out mesenteic ischemia?

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    Thank you for the replies. I now have a diagnostic of something wrong.

    After being told that even being referred as urgent to a NHS specialist that they may actually determine this is not urgent, and without informing me it could be 6 months before any more happens, I paid to see a private doctor, as the pain is too bad to wait that long, and I want to continue with my life.

    The private doctor then referred me to see a private specialist who has prescribed me Amitriptyline to try. As a side effect this may also help with my migraines and depression.

    He also said I should have a Gastroscopy , where the appointment came through quite quickly after I went back to my GP surgery and had it completed earlier today through the NHS . To be honest I preferred having the tube up my arse than up my nose and down my throat and still have a extremely painful sore throat now as well, although I know that will disappear.

    I am glad they found something this time. They found a 5cm Hiatus Hernia, along with two inflamed polyps and duodenitis. They took biopsy's and I have to wait 2-3 weeks for the results from the histology for them. I also have to get Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) prescription from my GP, which I will not get for another five days until Friday as that is the soonest appointment with any doctor at my GP surgery.

    They also mentioned heartburn, but I have not been having heartburn symptoms (or so I thought).

    The only bad news is they said this does not explain the large amount of mucus I have been passing along with fresh blood in mucus, stool and when wiping which seems to have gotten worse recently. Personally as this all started at the same time, I have to still think it has to be related and after the anal endoscopy found no tears, haemorrhoids or other issues in the intestine. They said this could still be the result of IBS as well.

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    Hi Steve, i may not be an expert but have they not checked if you have appendicitis. They're are a lot of internal organs, you could have gall stones. Check out other things. Ask your chemist about medication, they may know what works with what. Good luck doesn't sound nice for you.

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    hi steve howare you feeling now did they find out what it was from biopsy.? also were you loosing weight? dee

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      I don't think they found anything from the biopsy, and if they did they did not bother to tell me.

      While Omeprazole daily has been helping, they reduced the does from twice a day to once a day and since then it has been bad again in the evenings and first thing in the mornings. To be honest I wish they would operate on it and fix it properly.

      I have lost weight but this could be due to other factors. Due to personal life events I think I might also be suffering from depression as I am not feeling myself. I married someone and then they cheated on me with a f*****g Arab and split up with me after taking my money. I am finding work overwhelming (working on own self employed and just getting by financially) and not enjoying it anymore, and finding it hard to get motivated to get anything done, procrastinating, letting things build up and become even more overwhelming. I am also just constantly physically and mentally exhausted.

      Income has been limited recently and being a Vegetarian living alone food is expensive so I have cut back on buying food. I have always been underweight or borderline minimum recommended weight with constant eating. I am now down to 53kg though (I am over 6 foot), dropped to a 32inch waist and starting to see bones so might have to get this sorted soon. With the earliest appointment available on 2nd October (8th September today) hopefully there will some of me left for them to see.

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      Tell your doctor that the reduced dose of omeprazole has caused your symptoms to come back and ask for the PPI to be put back up to the previous dose that helped before.

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