Internal shakes/tremors, racing heart

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I've been having weird shaking feelings in my chest, intestines/lower abdominal area, and - oddly enough - my left calf area for the last two weeks. No pain though.

I had one sip of beer the other day and it set off a tidal wave of symptoms almost instantaneously - a strong pulsating heart, extreme fatigue/brain fog, a twitching in my lower left leg, shakes in my stomach area, etc. 

In fact, when I eat almost any meal the same thing happens. It's like my upper abdominal area starts throbbing like an earthquake or something. Could it be a mineral deficiency? 

I often find that  I cant go to sleep until 4am due to the strong vibrations I am feeling. My mind cant seem to ignore the throbbing. 

Buy my blood pressure is normal. Nothing out of the ordinary. I've had EKG work done too. Normal!

I am 32, overweight, but never had this before. 

I should mention that the month before these symptoms started I had other intestinal issues.  My stomach was twitching, my intestines were gurgling/bubbling, and was (and continue to be ) constipated. 

It is now almost 6 weeks since this whole started but the Dr's just tell me I am fine.

I had blood tests as well and all are "normal" amounts of blood sugar, etc. etc. 

I've switched to a very health diet (cauliflower, lettuce, water, tea, yogurt, celery, etc) and run 1.5 miles every other day for the past 3 weeks but no real sign of change. I did take antibiotics for a throat infection I had about 2 months ago. Could that have thrown off my gut bacteria? 

I tried Oemeprozole but it doesnt help. ( I don't think this is reflux anyway)

I am pretty much on my own as my Dr's think I am crazy and that this is all stress related. But I am not an anxious person at all, and very relaxed generally. But they want me to take an SSRI. I don't want to do that, as I have heard horror stories. 

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    If you don't do as your doctors tell you, you will never know what your problem is. What seems difficult can sometimes be solved almost immediately. The impossible may take a little longer. If you hesitate seek a second or even a third opinion.

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    Taking yoghurt will help your gut flora after antubiotics.  Try a food diary and ask for other tests such as an ultrasound or endoscopy.  SSRis are not good for you; anxiety can be managed naturally by trying to concentrate on the things that make you happy.  I concentrate on my writing and having lots of fun with friends.  If you are anxious, distraction techniques will really help.  Recovery doesn’t always happen immediately, it can take time.
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    My doctor tried to get me on antidepressants for nerve pain.  I refused because I felt the side effects would be worse than the neuralgia.  I am glad I didn’t try antidepressants because my pain improves naturally in hot weather and when I do feel the pain, I ignore it and just accept it is there. 
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      Ok - I haven't taken the SSRI's yet, and don't plan to. I had a consultation with a naturopath and they said possibly a candida overgrowth to the antibiotics I took in mid March. I wonder if I just need to eat healthy and get blood tested for that. I think I may be Vitamin D deficient as well.

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      I had a candida infection from antibiotics and it came back.  I had to take two lots of medication to get rid of it.  Keep going back to your doctor and ask for more tests such a candida and vitamin D test.
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      How did you know it was candida? My primary care said he cant really treat me anymore. He has basically given up and said I likely don't have candida so he won't test me. I am going to a naturopath tomorrow. 

      What were some of your symptoms fro candida? I have these weird internal tremors, leg quivers, strong pulsating feelings in my neck and elsewhere. Did you have that? I can hardly drink beer without my body going crazy. I hope my naturopath will at least let me test for candida

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      I had abnormal vaginal discharge with no other symptoms. My doctor told me to take a swab and hand it in to my surgery.   It came back positive for vaginal thrush which is a candida infection.  The doctor confirmed the antibiotics had caused it.

      I would stop drinking beer for a while, to see if your symptoms clear up since you say drinking beer is triggering problems.

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    having exactly the same symptoms.Been going on off and on for years usually short lived and moderately. Trying to get to the bottom of this now. Had blood tests..all normal. Had abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, lyme test etc. Nothing major showing up. Some days I feel a little better than worse again. Sometimes it changes in the course of hours. Seeing a Gyn next to check for bacteria and then my gastroenterologist. I sincerely hope he will find the answer. If not next step my doc recommends urologist. It's exhausting but need to get my life back.

    Trying a yeast free diet, no breads, no sugar, definitely no beer.

    Any updates on your condition, Michigan Man?

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    Was placed  on Vitamin D and Magnesium supplements by a naturopath for the last 2 weeks. I think a side effect of the Vitamin D has been that I am not getting good sleep. I stopped taking them. I am getting about 450 mg of Magnesium per day. Haven really noticed a huge improvement. I think it is just diet. I had been doing good in terms of eating salads, broccoli, cauliflower, etc the last several weeks and the symptoms largely went away. But then last week I ate a piece of salami and almost instantly began having tremors in my chest, abdomen, left leg/calf. The shaking hasn't gone away and today is Sunday. I have no clue what is wrong. Some foods do seem to make these symptoms appear, but there is no rhyme or reason to it. One day I can eat a burger, potato chips, peanuts, and drink beer and have no reaction. Other days I will eat three peanuts and I start getting flush and a bounding pulse. I am at a loss.

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      I can’t eat salame at all because it makes me vomit.  My stomach can’t handle the fat.
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    Hey did you every figure out what was causing this? Was it anxiety?

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