Internal Ultrasound and endo / Pelvic Con. Syndrom?

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I'm 23 years old, and I am NOT sexually active. I've been in a relationship with a greay guy for a year and a few months. We've tried to do sexual things, but even having his finger in me is so awfully painful. I cant (and never have been able to) use tampons, due to the pain that aches throughout my entire pelvic region, ovaries, even kdneys. 

Anyways, my dr. thinks i have Endo (CT scan showed me bleeding internally with vericose veins and a severely congested pelvis. Ovaries enlarged, endometrium linging thick, and my whole uterus is enlarged.) I'm getting a blood test for cancer this week. 

Anyways my question is, i've been through 4 ultrasounds (External ones) and i have trouble holding my bladder, even lying on my back bec. the pain from the pressure radiates through my pelvis, hips, that whole lower region aches so terribly I nearly pass out. I have passed out 3 times from the pain getting SO bad on my periods. 

I seen a specialist and despite my issues using tampons, and the immense pain from being fingered, they want to give me an internal ultrasound to look further and see what the issue is. 

Does anyone with endo. have trouble using tampons? Any suggestion about what I should do about the trans-vag. ultrasound? I know I can't go through with it, I'm disappinted they suggested it after i told the doctors everything. But any thoughts? 

Thanks everyone! 

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    Just get a laparoscopy instead of the transvaginal ultrasound.
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      Thank you for replying.

      I've never been offered it, and upon asking about the laproscopy the specialist won't go through with it. I have seen 2 specialists (OBGYNs)  about this issue, and none of them are willing to give me a laproscopy. I was told the internal ultrasound could show other signs, but not diagnose it completely. 

      They want to put me on a depo shot, and do trial of 3-6 months with hormone injections but i've not been diagnosed with endo so I really am not comfortable taking meds for something i may/may not have. 

      I see my specialist dr. again friday for an appt. I will ask again about the laproscopy and if not maybe i can find someone else willing to do it. 

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      If you haven't said it so clearly to the docs already, tell them that you are NOT willing to take such drugs for a problem you might or might not have.

      Yes a laparoscopy is a surgery. It is also the only diagnostic tool by which they can say absolutely that we do or don't have endo. By definition endo occurs only outside the uterus. Transvaginal US may show other things but it cannot give a complete answer on endo. It can, however, help docs string you along.

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      Thank you. I am seeing a new specialist this friday. My family doctor put an urgent rush on this, thankfully I was able to get an appointment with a new doctor. 

      I go for the consultation in a few days. I will request a laproscopy for a proper diagnosis.

      I am shocked these drs are willing to hand meds out like candy but aren't willing to take the time to help diagnose me. This has been going on for over 4 years, and it continues to get worse every day. I am hoping this doctor will be the one who is willing to work with me and give me a proper exam to help. 

       I appreciate your input about this. Thank you for your advice 

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    Ask for sedatives and take someone to drive you home after the US. They ask if it hurts but it will obviously hurt in your case anyway, so they just will need to see what's inside the body. Laparoscopy is a surgery despite what one may say while US is an internal non-surgery test as bad as it may hurt. Laparoscopy shows things outside uterus while US is a non-invasive way to see what's inside. Be strong. XO

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    Have you seen a pain dr yet? My daughter had surgery last June after two years of pain and bleeding hell. Pathology shows endometriosis stage 3. She is now 16 years old. My daughter is severely depressed. We are seeing SO many doctors and trying to find answers.

    Then two weeks ago she underwent a miracle procedure. She had a Superior Hypogastric Plexus block inj into her lower back by her pain specialist. It's been an amazing thing for her. Her pain level has gone from a 6/7 on bad days or screaming in agony and ER visits on really bad days, down to a 2. In over 2 years her pain has never been this low. A SHP block can help many many abdominal and uterine conditions. If you have been diagnosed with endometriosis read up on this injection. Incannot stop raving about this. It's been a miracle for us.

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      Hi Pinkie, I'm sorry to hear about your daughter having to deal with this. I hope the best for her and I hope she overcomes that depression

      I was told my one specialist i have endometriosis, and i was given a pill to put me through menopause. This drug was apparently supposed to prevent my pelvic area from becoming further congested, help the endometrial linging thin out again, and help ease the pain. However, after 3 weeks i had to stop taking it due to the severe side effects of the meds. 

      I have been put on tylenol 2, and 3's along with prescription anti-inflammatory naproxen 500mg three times a day. These meds don't help much, as during my period i cannot function. I lay in bed and I cant even eat bec the pain is so bad I get sick. That specialist gyno/ob wouldn't see me for another 4 months, and my fam. doctor told me i could wait that long since i'm struggling daily. Even when i'm off my period i have sever pain and flare ups. 

      My family dr is trying to get me a laproscopy to diagnose endometriosis. My enlarged ovaries and uterus is of high concern. I am going for blood work tomorrow for my hormone counts and a cancer test in case this is ovarian cancer

      It's been ongoing for 4 years, and now its getting real bad. I see my new specialist friday. I'm hoping this doctor will give me a diagnosis so I can begin proper treatment for something they can confirm I have. 

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      I hear your frustration and pain. Pain pills don't cut it at all. I'm so sorry. Too many times we are simply told to suck it up and that women issues aren't that bad. For us they are debilitating. I see my daughter suffer every day. I hope this injection lasts and she can finally have a life. The depression has been super tough.

      Good luck to you. I hope you find some answers and get some relief. 😘

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