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Hi, I'm Martyna, an 18 year old girl and ever since April 2016 I have been struggling with some health issues: breathlessness, shortness of breath, chest pain and tightness, heart palpitations (fluttering, pounding, irregular heartbeat), dizziness, fainting spells, headaches, and tremors mainly in my hands.

I can't even go up the stairs normally, or even run 5-10 metres to catch the bus, I feel like my lungs are collapsed and can't breath, I have really bad chest pains and heart palpitations. Since April, I have been to the hospital in London 6 or 7 times, had an ECG done every time but I was told I am fine and there is absolutely nothing wrong with my health. Each time I have been sent back home and every time I went to my GP, I was refused referral to a cardiologist or refused any type of further tests apart from the ECG's, as they looked "normal" to the doctors in the hospital and at my GP.

So recently, in December, I went to Poland and had an echocardiogram done, I was finally diagnosed by a cardiologist who told me I have a heart condition: mitral valve prolapse, mild mitral regurgitation and an enlarged left ventricle. The doctor also looked at the ECG results from London and told me that it is clear that I have arrhythmia and incomplete right bundle branch block. Since April my condition has been getting much worse, and for the past two months I have symptoms every single day, mainly heart palpitations, dizziness, tremors and chest pain/tightness.

Echo results:

Aorta: 28 mm

Aortic regurgitation: +

Mitral valve: floppy mitral flaps

Mitral regurgitation: +/++

Left ventricle: 40mm in systole and 30mm in diastole

EF 70%

Hyperkinetic circulation

Summary: diagnosis mitral valve prolapse

In Poland I also had a 24 hour holter monitor and these are the results:


112268 QRS complexes

Maximum HR 140

Minimum HR 54

Supraventricular arrhythmias:

Premature supraventricular complexes: 21

Tachycardia: 27

Ventricular arrhythmias:

Isolated: 28

Maximum ST Segment elevation:

1 lead: +6.20 mm

2 lead: +3.90 mm

3 lead: +4.30 mm

Maximum ST segment depression:

1 lead: -7.00 mm

2 lead: -3.40 mm

3 lead: -5.30 mm

ST Episodes:

1st lead: 54 episodes: duration 19052, 58 HR before, 255 HR after

Apparently my condition isn't that bad and I was told I don't need any medication, but my symptoms are getting worse and worse with every week, yesterday I had such strong heart arrhythmia, that it frightened me, as I could properly hear a knocking sound and a pounding feeling against my chest, and it has never been this bad. So I just wanted an interpretation of those results and some advice on what to do next, because I can feel that I'm getting worse. Also, is it possible to have such strong symptoms every single day and have only MILD mitral valve prolapse?

?Also want to hear about your stories, if you've been through something similar

Thank you

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    Same exact thing happened to me then I went into heart failure I had open heart surgery and they repaired my valve then my symptoms came back I had a mini stroke and they had to do another open heart surgery but put a mechanical valve in. I would go to a different doctor my symptoms were just like yours. Do you cough when you lay down?

    Hope they figure what's going on with you.

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      Was the heart failure caused by mitral regurgitation? How long since you have been diagnosed?? Also, I wanted to ask if it's possible for mitral valve prolapse to get worse over time?

      To answer your question - no I don't have a cough when I lay down.

      Thank you for your answer and I'm so sorry to hear what you've been through...

      I've changed my GP today and I'll ask for a referral to a cardiologist, we will see how it goes...

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      Yes it was caused by my mitral valve they kept blaming panic attacks until I went into heart failure. It can get worse the prolapse it can turn into severe regurgitation.
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      Every time I've been to the hospital, A&E, I was told that I'm fine and nothing wrong with me and I'm probably just growing up. It was only recently made clear to me that I have a heart condition, had the echo on the 22nd of December. Do you reckon it could've gotten worse since then? And what factors can make the condition worse? This condition developed fairly quickly since April, it's only been getting worse and recently, the last two weeks have been really bad regarding symptoms on a daily basis, especially heart arrythmias and dizziness and chest pains.

      Also, is it possible to have such bad symptoms every day and the mitral valve prolapse is only MILD? I thought it would be worse, as my symptoms are really bad

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      I just hope i wonr have to wair too long for an appointment with a cardiologist. On 6the of january i waa referred to see kne but intead i had a meeting with a physiologist and the echo didnt shoe anything apparently, but it did in poland when it was done by a cardiologist with years and years of studies and experience... this is all really confusing for me, as i cant function normally and every dag somethint is going on with my health. How long has it been since you have been diagnosed with this condition? How did you go through it and handle it??
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      I went through this for years and finally they diagnosed April 2016 I had my first

      Surgery then and the repair actually made it worse then the second open heart was 6 months later

      I feel for you its so frustrating doctors always puts it off to aniexty

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      Hi marcia,

      ​I just wanted to ask if you know if it is possible to have a heart attack at such a young age (18) with this condition, or due to the condition worsening? Today I had a really really bad episode which has never happened like this before, I had very bad chest pain/tightness aswell as between my shoulder blades in my back, trouble breathing, dizziness and a tingling feeling in my arms, hands and head. It all lasted up to 30-40 minutes and after I took two aspirins, everything was okay. Do you know what this could mean?

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