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IS THERE ONE FANTASTIC MEDICATION which can control ATRIAL FIBRILLATION? If anyone out there has a success story, please tell me and make it known to everyone else who may be reading this.

Thank You

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    I am on flecainide 2 x 50 mg a day and 1 verapamil extended release 180 once a day.  Mostly they work.. I stil get episodes but much less.  I pop in and out. 
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      TKU for the feedback. I will certainly look into the drugs you mentioned.
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    I had 2 bad episodes 12 months apart. After that they put me on Flecainide 50mg twice a day. It's been about 6 months now and I haven't had another bad episode. Had a few times where it came and lasted a few seconds plus I also get Pacs/Pvcs about once every week or two. I am 35 years old. Probably getting an ablation next year.
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      Are you taking any other meds in conjunction with Felcainide please Don?
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    Hi Kingjerry

    The person who can invent a drug which will do this will, I think, soon become a millionnaire. I'm on Flecainide & Bisoprolol which seemed to do the trick for the first 6 months but now I'm back to square one with dizziness, headaches, palpitations and extreme cold and hot sensations and shortness of breath. Am seeing the consultant next week to see if Meds need changing or adjusting and will let you know what he recommends but I can't go on like this, not knowing what I will or won't be able to do the next day + fear of travelling abroad etc.

    Would be very interested to read other people's experiences too.

    Sorry I can't help but very interested to read of your experiences and those of others, as AF is a very lonely road. Over Christimas I had quite a few funny turns but just sat quietly until they passed, as it's so difficult for people who don't have this to understand the strange and debilitating effects it has on you.

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    Oh how I wish!!  Over the years I have been on Sotalol, Bisoprolol, Flecanide and have had side effects with them all and none of them made an difference to my AF.  I am not taking anything now but hasten to add that this was done in agreement with my consulant and am now going down the natural remedy route.

    I got really frustrated with every doctor saying 'we don't know what causes AF'.  Well something must be causing it.  I know it is to do with the electrical impulses not working properly but what causes that to happen, it must be something.

    Natural remedies do take time to work but as they are something I have used for years it felt right for me.  My AF hasn't stopped completely but the periods without it are getting longer.

    It is one of the most frustrating medical conditions as it takes so much out of you when you have had a period of AF.

    Perhaps 2016 will bring each of us some sort of respite from AF.


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      Hi Rosemary

      It is not possible to just take the remedies you need to have a diagnosis from a reputable alternative practitioner.

      I have been diagnosed with bacteria and a virus in the pericardium which has been there for some time.  So am taking the approprate remedes for that.  Sorry I can't be more specific.

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    I am sort of a success story. The mind destroying rattle has stopped, no more hospital trips lately. I have chronic bronchial asthma too, for which I use Symbicort 160 twice a day. In the morning I take one Amiodarone 200. NOTHING ELSE. I do get side effects from both of them, easy bruising and grazes, put on weight thro water retention. I dont care. I did get tremors over Xmas, pigging out on chocolate ... ummmmmmmm -.
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    Hi Jerry-

      I had bad a-fib 3 weeks after OHS to repair a TAA and replace a BAV with Mechancical heart valve. I was hospitalized 3 times with a heart rate in excess of 190 bpm, for over 6 hours, each time. The second time, I was put on beta blockers, which kind of helped. I was having several short episodes a day. So the 3rd time, I was put on Amiodarone for just over a month. I had one more short episode a week in to that treatment.

       After a month and a half on that med, I was taken off Amiodarone and put back on beta blockers. I have been a-fib free since 30th July. 

       Best of luck to you.  

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    Hi Kingjerry42, don't know if it's the meds I'm on, but I was admitted Dec. 2014with a tachycardia induced cardiomyopathy and was in atrial fibrillation  as well (and probably had been for some time without knowing it, hence the the severe cardiomyopathy).

    Was cardioverted Jan 2015 but only stayed in for a few days and went back into afib, so was put on Amioderone and cardioverted again three weeks later.

    So I've been in rhythm now for almost a year and my ejection fraction has gone from 25 to 58% (most of that was in the first month of being in rhythm and on the meds that helped keep me in rhythm).

    I was on Amioderone for the first 4 months, then put on to Sotolol. I also take perindoprol and apixaban. 

    I think Amioderone is the 'wonder med' you're looking for, but longer term use has potentially got some really, really nasty side effects. It seems that cardiologists use it to 'dig' patients out of a hole and them get them onto something less nasty (and less effective).

    My cardiologist did say that when Amioderone first came out, it was hailed as the new 'wonder pill'. But that all changed when people started coming down with nasty/fatal complications from taking it (longer term use).

    So yes, we're all waiting for an Amioderone that doesn't have the really nasty side effects!


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      Tks for the feedback. I too was cordioconverted but it just lasted two (2) days. My Doctor at one time wanted to put me on Amioderone too but I had previously read about the contraindications and said no.

      SOTALOL worked terrific for me for about two years. The Doctors prescribed it after a cardio-conversion and it was the best drug I ever had up till then. It is technically not really an AFIB drug but many patients feel great on the drug. I was still in AFIB but was never even aware of it. Unfortunately it lost its effectiveness after 2 to 3 years and I had to get off it & try something else. However, you say you take it with two other drugs which I am not familiar with - (perindoprol & apixaban) so I will be looking this up and ALSO informing my Doctor about these drugs.

      Ironically I was planning to ask my Doctor to be put back on SOTALOL but now I will ask her about these two drugs which you mentioned.

      Thank You So Much

      For the feedback. Very helpful

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    Apixaban is just one of those new type of blood thinners. Cardiologist was toying with the idea of changing me to low dose aspirin, but decided to leave me on apixaban for time being so I can be cardioverted straight away if I go back into afib.
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      I was diagnosed with AF 5 years is persistent! I have posted on biso buddies lots of times! I've been given rampril,biso which was changed to atenolol last year + rivaroxiban ..blood thinner. I don't want to bore you with my 5 years of hell with these meds. I was allowed to reduce the beta blocker ..atenolol to 25 mgs. The side effects have been awful. Ive spent hours reading and researching my problem. I decided to wean myself off it completely just 4 days ago. The Palps have been worse,increased anxiety and fuzzy head. However, today I'm a bit better. Ankles are not swollen,back pain not so bad. I'm scared that I've made the wrong decision,so I researched the a/f again. I have read an article search..Dr John M ( can't remember his full name). He's a cardio electro physicist. Amazing information. He's no crank doc, but the reassurance I got from his article is immeasurable. The latest research on a/f , for medics...Medscape...has just produced some new insight into A/F. I hope some fellow suffers will read it and follow up with their thoughts. 

         I will print out this article and take it with me when I visit my GP. 

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      TKU for the feedback. Very interesting about medscape and new research.

      If u ever find the full name of the electro physicist please forward it to me. In the meantime I will do some searching also.

      Thank You Again.


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      His last post was on 23 red jan...last week. It's up to date info on AF. Also have a view of his previous posts. There's a lot here to make me feel better even though I'm sitting here with the anxious feeling and nervous feeling when I stand up. I hope that weaning off the beta blocker will eventually help the wobbly feeling to subside. Here's hoping.!

      i hope that others will read the info on the above and let us know their views. Good luck.

      Emis Moderator comment: I have removed the link as don35aus posted it above and the one given here was incorrect.

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      My post to you is being moderated because I've sent you the site. However if you just look up drjohnm ,you will find it. Fingers crossed.
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      Thankyou so much for posting this information.  Having had numerous tests my doctors could find nothing wrong with my heart but Ihave been put on numerous tablets from which I have had awful side effects.  I am now on Sotalol which seems to be working but makes me tired.  I am 64 not overweight, have stopped drinking alcohol and only have decaffinated tea and coffee.  I have always been convinced that something must be causing AF this article confirms it and I will be seeking a second opinion.

      Thank you again for posting this.


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      So happy to receive your post. Amazing info ...isn't it? Did you check drjohnm recent report is 23jan...just last week. There was a medical conference discussing AF . The research involved dogs and fat sheep! I know it sounds crazy,but if you haven't viewed it...take time to watch. It's difficult to grasp all the info..I'm not a medic...but there's enough info to help me deal with my AF. Hope you too will get sorted.thanks for the reply.
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      Hi Elizabeth, I had to go searching to find this response of yours, but thought it  was relevant.

      Iv'e went into Afib again (2nd time this year!) a couple of weeks ago and referred to an electro-physiologist which I saw last week. A now booked in for an ablation in May(a few after I'm back from our Bali holiday).

      Anyway, I was googling my electro-physiologist to do some background research on him and came across another Dr John M article in which he was  praising the research findings of my electro-physiologist! (Quite reassuring!)

      Further research on my electro-physiologist revealed a really good, 15 min. Video on medscape that affirms (and elebarates) on the points that Dr John M. Makes.

      If you google search "Legacy PI throws down the gauntlet to US physicians",

      you should be able to find and watch the clip. It's well worth watching.

      After my appointment last week with the interviewee In this clip (my physiologist), I'm now feeling a whole lot better about having an ablation done.

      I just need to address ALL of my risk factors now. The toughest of which I'll be losing 10Kgs!! (I've pretty much addressed all the other risk factors).

      Am feeling very lucky to have this physiologist working in little old Adelaide, South Australia. And even luckier that he'll be doing my ablation. Am a lot less worried now smile


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      Thanks for the reply.  I am so happy that you've found this article on A/F and just so brilliant that your physiologist is the one doing all the research into A/F. I'm sure your in safe hands. 

        Good luck with the weight. I've lost 5 mgs and a bit more to go. The betablocker has gone and I'm still taking 2.5 mgs of rampril and rivaroxiban. I'm making some lifestyle changes before tackling the rampril. Good luck and let us all know how you get on. I'm now going to look at the site you mentioned. I hope others on here get some comfort from the info I mentioned earlier.

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      Hi Simon

      Thank you so much for posting this info.  I have just watched the interview and it was so interesting.  How lucky are you to have such a forward thinking consultant.  It seems to me that our diet is a crucial factor in sorting out the problem of AF.  As I have previously said, I have stopped all alcohol and caffeine consumption and am not overweight. Don't know about the sleep apnea as I live on my own!!!  But am still having AF most nights which is extremely debilitating.  I am going to find out which foods are particularly 'heart friendly' and change my diet accordingly to see if there is an improvement.

      Thanks again Simon, what a great forum this is.


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