Is anyone post double knee replacement more than 15 years?

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If sy. Do you still have the horrible thigh pain?

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    I am fifteen months, not years, but did have terrible thigh pain. I am sure if you google stretches, you might be able to find something that will help. I looked up stretches for the ITband, which provided me with three simple exercises and took the pain away within days. I hope that you get some relief.

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      I am also at 15 months. It feels like 15 YEARS!!!! The pain after surgery has NEVER stopped, in fact it is worse than before surgery. I had bone on bone, bursitis, arthritis. I am 69. I did everything I was told, PT, home exercises. It has ruined my life. The tourniquet pain on my knee is the worst, followed by the pain down the side of my leg is awful. I have had xrays, Mri's, Ct scans, I have so much fluid and swelling the skin feels like it is going to rip. Surgeon says do nothing, 2nd opinion surgeon says to keep moving. I was told not to use the NU Step. I still can't go down stars normally. PLEASE share the 3 exercises that helped!!!I don't want to spend hours looking for them and get wrong ones. MRI turned up scoliosis and and Spinal Stenosis,Degenerative disc disease. But I don't think any of this has to do with my knee. I had 2 separate spinal injections at L3, L4L5. made no difference to knee or side of knee. My husband has had to do just about everything for e he is getting tired of it. He resents I can't drive and he has to take me places. I don't want another surgery but something major is wrong.

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      Make you some warm water in something you can soak your feet in. Put a cup of brown vinegar in it. Soak your feet it. You should try to do this at least three times a week. It should help pull out some of the infirmities and the swelling and the fluid should reduce some. It should also help reduce some of the pain because the swelling should be reduced.

      This is an old fashioned home remedy and it helped me immensely. Also drinking a glass of water with a table spoon of lemon juice every day helps to clean your liver and that also helps your body fight. I hope this will help you and I'll keep you in my prayers. Blessings

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      The website that I found is Bob and Brad, physiotherapists. They actually have about three videos for the ITBand. The one that I used was their most recent one on the subject, titled NEW IT Band Stretch, done in 2019. You can find them on YouTube. I have done several of their videos for other issues, which have all helped. I found going the my physiotherapist, he concentrated on getting my strength built up, but not on relieving what was causing pain, swelling, etc.

      I was also told by my naturopath to use castor oil. What I did was put castor oil on my legs, sometimes from my ankles to the top of my thighs, wrap my legs where the oil was applied with plastic wrap, apply the heating pad to activate the castor oil. I slept with the plastic wrap on, and when I would get up in the morning, the difference was extreme, I felt so much better. This reduced the swelling and inflammation when nothing else had helped, and while I felt the effects all most immediately, I would say by about the second week I noticed a huge difference. I am now 15 months from bilateral TKR and feeling so much better since doing these two things. Hope this helps. I would be interested in hearing from you if you found results from this. I liked that it didn't involve drugs, which were being suggested by my doctor, who actually wanted to put me on antidepressants to help with the pain. I did not fill the prescription after doing these two things.

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      Beloved, I never heard of this, I will definitely try it. How long do I soak in it? I have one of those water foot massagers. Do you think that would work? I can even massage while using it. Can't thank you enough for the idea. Will let you know how it works.

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      Deigh thanks for you response. I will check out the physiotherapists. I am willing to try about anything at this point.

      Never heard about the castor oil treatment. I am afraid to sleep all night with it on my leg. What if it put too much pressure on it. I will try it at night when I watch TV.

      I wonder if I can find castor oil or brown vinegar these days. Do you think folks are hoarding it?

      I will keep you posted. Thanks again.

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      You soak until the water is not warm.

      Yes, the foot massager is what I use. Some times folk don't have one so, a small tub or pan can be used. As for the fever in your legs, you can slice a thick piece of onion and put it inside of your socks when you go to bed. The onion will pull the fever out. In the morning you will find that the onion has withered because it has pulled the fever out. Do this until you no longer have the swelling and inflammation in your legs. If you're not allergic to coconut oil that may help your legs.

      These are old fashioned remedies that I grew up with but, they work. Some times these have worked better for me than the prescriptions because, I don't have any negative reaction to them. Unless you're allergic to Apple cider vinegar or onions you shouldn't have any problem. You can get vinegar at the dollar store.

      Folks think that old fashioned remedies are foolish but, I know for a fact they work. As a child, I had asthma and nothing the doctor's did worked. My mother gave me half teaspoon of Vicks Vapor Rub and had me drink half cup of warm lemon and honey with a tablespoon and a half of white whisky in it. It opened my lungs and I could breathe. But, now we are told not to take Vicks.

      There is nothing wrong with Dr.'s but, before there were all of these doctors there was old fashioned knowledge also. I'm 67 and from NC.

      We didn't go to the doctor Everytime someone got sick. If they doctored on you and you didn't get better then, you might go otherwise in time you got well. Mind now, I am not, telling you not to go to your doctor but, I am saying this helped me and others that I know. And, last try to keep moving so you don't get stiff and can't move. You have to move. It will get better.

      I'm hoping these simple things will help you too. Blessings

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      You put the slice of onion under your foot inside of the sock maybe about half inch to an inch thick. This will draw fever out of the body.

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      You can sleep with the castor oil on your legs as there is no pressure. You don't need to wrap the plastic wrap tight, it is just to protect your clothing, and it also adds some warmth that activates the castor oil.

      I wouldn't think Castor oil is one of the things that would be hoarded, as it isn't a item that most people would be looking for. I still use the castor oil when I feel tightness and when I wake up in the morning, there is a definite difference in how my knee and legs feels.

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      I had to go to 3 Health food stores to find Brown Vinegar. I thought I would need a gallon to have enough to soak my feet. Forgot about the water. It was , are you sitting down???? $37!!!! Then they told me I could use apple cider vinegar. I don't know if they jacked the price up because of the virus or it is always that expensive. I passed on it.

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      I DO happen to have a large onion and I will try that tonight, just my TKR leg is swollen. Do I need the onion on the other foot too????

      Do I need to put the onion for several days to see if it works? OMG wouldn't it be a miracle if it worked??? I think if the swelling went away my knee wouldn't hurt so much.

      I found the Castor Oil. $11.25 for 16oz. I am afraid to put the heating pad on the swelling so will put it on a piece of cloth and wrap in Saran Wrap. Will try that tomorrow.

      Thanks so much for everyone's help......crossing my fingers .

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      For some reason the reply I sent didn't go where it should have. Send the reply I sent to you came to me. Please let me know if you received it.

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      Plain brown vinegar like you cook with is what you use. You may have some in your cabinet. You can get it at the grocery store or the 99 cent store. You put one cup in the water in your foot massager and soak till it's cool. Dry your foot, put lotion or coconut oil on it and, put a sock on and place your slice of onion inside underneath your foot. I'm hoping you get this. Blessings

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      I know that putting heat on ypur knee seems counterintuitive to everything we are told, but its just to actovate the castor oil. Ten minutes of heat is sufficient. I have done it with heat and without, and find just putting the heat on for a short period helps. pkus it feels nice. I still ice during tge day, but use the castor oil at night and sleep through the night with the castor oil and wrap. I know it seems strange, but I was amazed how much it helped. I googled other things castor oil helps with, it's very interesting, including helping with hair loss. LOL

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      Here are the results. DRUM ROLL!!! I tried the onion in my sock. It was half of a large onion. Every tine I got up to pee I had to slide it to he side of my foot as I couldn't walk on it. It kept me awake. Next a.m. knee still had same amount of pain.

      NOW the Castor Oil is a whole 'nuther story. I was afraid to put heat on my knee as it is already swollen and has fluid on it. So I slathered the Castor Oil on and put Saran Wrap on it , no heating pad, and watched TV foe 4 hours. When I took the Saran Wrap off it ACTUALLY felt NOTICEIBLY better!!!! I tried it again last night and same thing, i still iced thru the night. Yesterday I did not use my cane . How is this possible!!! Tonight I am going to try the heating pad on it for 10 minutes. Deigh, I cannot thank you for this tip. As I said at this point I am willing to try anything....

      Will try to find the brown vinegar in the store. Thanks again!!!!

      I DON"T want to have the Stim surgery.

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      Yes, Castor oil is very good for many things. Both you and Purplelover have been able to use ice which I never could. Even after the surgery it wasn't something I could tolerate.v But, I didn't have any issues with the heat at all. I'm doing well except the occasional drawing at the site where the tourniquets were and my knees don't hurt at all. Praise the Lord!!

      Blessings to you both

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      I am so happy to find out that it worked for you as well. I found it amazing that something so simple helped so much. I think that you will notice even more of a difference when you apply the heat. My family doctor and surgeon were both at a loss as to why I was still in so much pain and swollen, and while they did several tests and sent me to specialists, nobody had a suggestion on how to make me feel better, until I spoke with a naturopath. She told me about the castor oil and it changed everything. I keep up the castor oil routine every night and will until I feel 100% better. It's simple, inexpensive and worked.

      I would love to hear from you again to see how you are doing in the next couple of weeks.

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