Is depression causing my head to be foggy most days !

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Hi all,

Ive just joined this site, never been on a forum before, so please bear with me..

I dont know where to start, so here is a ittle bit about myself  -

I thought up to two years ago my life was ok, it was a struggle, who's isnt these days, but l was happy, ive never suffered depression (well at least l dont think so, unless you put 'feeling low' now and then in the same category).  I will be 45 this March, l have always tried my best in everything l do whether in work or in my personal life, ive never married or had children (but have raised 9 children from various ages in different relationships) maybe that put me off on having my own lol. my problem started when l was being bullied at work about 3 years ago, during that time l saw 3 different doctors, my problem was that l was suffering from stress and a really bad fuzzy head every morning which could last from 1 - 10 hours, the first GP put me on blood pressure pills and cohlestral tablets, l could understand if l was overweight and suffering from high blood pressure. anyway l took them for 2 weeks which spoilt a good holiday at the time because they just sent me dodalli.  The second GP treated me for vertigo, by this time l was now suffering from panic attacks, which was completley new to me and very scarey, but l was not going to give in so l changed GPs again, this time l was given busprine for the attacks and anti-depression tablets, l took these pills for about 3 months, but in that time it did not clear my fuzzy / foggy head and it was affecting my life in every way, l would not even drive in fear of not being alert enough.

I stopped taking the pills about 2 months ago as l wanted to be "ME"! again, now ive feel that ive gone 3 steps backwards, l just feel that im letting everyone down, l shut myself away as when l do try to speak to my family most of them take the mickey and tell me that l must be suffering from alzheimers disease like my father, which isnt funny as he died last year after developing it very quickly, most of my family and friends dont want to know whats wrong with me, which in a way l can understand, as ive never been one to complain about any of my problems in life, and my family looked upon me from a very young age to sort out their problems, and now l have a problem they dont want to know !  

I have moved from my family and friends now to start a new life and l find everyday is getting harder, l cant even hold down a job anymore, the trouble is with me is that l dont go to the doctors or hospitals unless l really need to, apart from the fact l was put off from one of my doctors, saying he was too busy to hear about another problem l had and l would have to make another appointment.

Ive been told maybe im suffering from 'bucket overload', l dont know any more its just taken me over an hour to write this.

maybe someone can help to point me in the right direction, please

Marcus x

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    depression can easily cause that. I recommend you leave the GP as they know nothing and go see a psychiatrist. Wish you all the best!!
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      Jordan ~

      I was going to suggest the same thing.  See a doctor (psychiatrist) as they deal with the issues you're speaking of.  They can write scripts that a GP cannot.  The GP is probably taking care of you the best way they see fit, but from experience, they can only go so far.  So, if you're tired of being a guinea pig (just an expression) with the different medications your GP is putting you on, see a psych dr and you'll be amazed how your problem can subside!

      I wish you well and I'm sorry you're having to deal with an uncomfy way of life for now.  It will get better!

      Warm regards,


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    Hi there, being bullied often leads to depression and even post traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. Your family does not understand so please don't blame them. Also please never stop taking ANY medicine unless you are being monitored by a doctor -- you can have very unpleasant and even dangerous side effects for quitting too quickly!

    I would say you definitely have depression symptons. You can take depression quizzes online (just Google it) and if you like, print out the results and take them to your doctor. You may see a GP or even a psychiatrist (the latter would be better).

    You did what I have done often in my life- moved to a new place! However, many experts recommend that people not make any major life decisions when stressed. The stress often distorts our perspective.

    If you can get a hold of a book called Feeling Good by Dr David Burns this could help you, and some people swear by EFT (just Google "EFT").

    I hope this helps. You are in a great forum here --keep writing and reading what others say. There are many many people out there like you. smile

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    Hi Marcus

    I agree with Jordan and Sarah. In my experience psychiatrists are way better with depression than GPs and you have tried to struggle on your own for too long already. I remember my psychiatrist saying to me on my first visit "What do you want most right now?" I replied "I want to be back in control of my life." "Mmmmmmmm. Control, that s a big ask when you are unwell....but I have had a lot of clients with your symptoms who I have helped to get their lives back under control. So you need to trust me in the meantime and follow my advice, until you are well enough again to have your life back under your control." I felt then that I could lean on him to get me through, and from a scary place, a bit like you are in....he got me better. I chose to trust him, and not question everything he suggested, and I got well again.

    Thats my story and I do hope it helps you get expert help.

    My thoughts and get well wishes are with you.

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      Hi Abella, I remember my psychiatrist asking "How do you feel on a scale of one to ten, from 1 (terrible) to 10 (terrific)?"...............I said "2" and he said most normal people feel about "8" --- and here I thought I was "normal"!! smile
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