Is it a blood clot? Pulmonary embolism? Cancer? Leg Ache???

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Please read through.

I've had a sore aching in my left thigh and buttocks mainly, and in my left ankle. It doesn't stop me walking or moving, but it has the same sensation if you had run or exercised, but I don't as I am very inactive and only walk my dogs, that is the only exercise I get.

I had a viral infection, that started at Christmas, and is only now starting to fade away, and I had blood tests that came back as normal. I'm 30 years old, slightly overweight, very inactive lifestyle, hypothyroid (in normal range), and I have PCOS as well (not on any pills for it). my periods are regular since starting my Eltroxin 50mg medication.

I'm a very anxious person, suffer with health anxiety, and depression, so this is starting to freak me out. Of course, I did the worst thing possible - looked on Google, only answers I got were Blood clotting, cancers and tumors. And I have major fears about all 3 of those. So now I'm worse again.

I seen my doctor yesterday about it, and she gave me a physical examination on my leg, and asked me about numbness, pain, bowel problems. Non of which I have, she said it might be it band syndrome, but I looked online and that says about the knee and swelling - both of which I don't have, and my knee isn't the problem. 

The problem is the aching in my thigh, and my buttocks, sometimes a little up from my buttocks, but around that left side. I'm really frightened at the moment, I can't sleep and I'm crying, I'm frightened about blood clots, pulmonary embolisms, spinal tumors, ovarian cancer and cancers. I googled and these are some of the things that came up and now my brain is spinning with fear and has debilitated me with panic that its something like these things.

What is it? I've had it a few days, is it something serious like those things? I'm so scared!!

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    Hi brigdcooley.. odear you are sounding very low at the moment... stop reading up on google lol, as you will get overwhelmed with all things that mite be wrong...

    You had blood test, yeah well that may have been to see if you’ve got a blood clot, and if that is normal you can rule out DVT and PE ...

    Iv had PE and that’s in your lungs, and you tend to get chest pain with that, and shortened breath,and your oxygen level will be low, which then your doc would of referred you for a scan to have a look, and a DVT there’s is pain, swelling and your skin can be hot, and I’m sure your doc would of picked up on that, did you not ask what blood test was for???

    I think you prob need to go back to your doc and say how you are feeling, see what other test they can do, I really think you’ve let google turn you over ( and who asnt, even me) I know how scary things can be, and you sound frightened bless you, your so young to be feeling this way, you’ve got a life time ahead of you, and should be enjoying life, not worrying this way.

    I do feel for you, wish I could take it all the bad thourts away, please do go and see some one, close to you, so you can have your mind put at peace, big hug to you, please keep talking on here, and we are all here to listen to you, 🤗x

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      Hi, thank you, your reply is very thoughtful. I will see how it is over the weekend, and if I am still feeling like this, I will make an appointment to see my doctor first thing next week. My doctor did talk about something called a band it, it band or something like that, can't remember exactly. She suggested a sports massage for it. She also said if it was still bothering me, to come back over and she would see about an X-Ray. She also examined my leg, moved it around, asked if there was any numbness, bowel problems, if I drove etc. No to all of them, except I do drive, most days, but not for long distances. And I am flat footed. I just feel like I'm going mad, and my health anxiety doesn't help. This thigh/buttock/ankle thing only bothers me at night when I'm laying in bed or sitting watching tv, it rarely bothers me throughout the day.

      Thank you again.

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    Hi brigidcooley, have a read of this:

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      I did go to that page, I just didn't understand because I don't exercise, at all, and my knee doesn't hurt or cause any pain, so that is why I felt worse after seeing my doctor because it didn't sound like it, so I immediately started thinking the worse.

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    It could be a trapped nerve, if  just like that wen sitting and in bed, it defo does not sound any thing like a blood clot/pe 

    Try not to worry chic, I’m sure all is well, and do get back to your doc she will do all the test you need even if it’s is just to put your mind at rest 🤗x

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      Poor thing. Anxiety about your health can be very frustrating.

      As for DVT I had two large clots in my calf and didn't have any symptoms. BUT they appeared few days after a serious knee injury when I really only moved between loungeroom, bathroom and kitchen. And even with this "exercise" I suffered shortness of breath, which then turned out to be PE.

      To rule out DVT you might ask your doc to order D-dimer blood test. It's non invasive and if it comes back within the range you can be pretty safe to say you do not have DVT.

      As for your symptoms, please read about the ischiatic nerve and see whether it fits. If the pain is lower back related (and it can be) you can aexercise abdomen muscles (simple crunches will do) reducing strain on your lower back. Also sleeping on you tummy may be killing your lower back.

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    Hi there, yes I agree with getting rid of google.  Your mind goes places where it should not.  I know that for myself.  I had hundreds of emboli in both lungs.  I didn't have a DVT.  They don't know where mine came from.  I was short of breath and had chest pain.  I couldn't walk up 7 steps or walk 6 feet without suffering.  I also had feelings of impending doom, like something was going to happen.  Symptoms of anxiety are like this but mine was undiagnosed PEs x5 months.   Have you ever had sciatica?  You can have buttocks pain or pain all the way down the back of your leg into your toes.  Worse when you lie flat in bed or sit long periods.  Try sleeping on your side with your knees up and a pillow between them and if on your back then a pillow under your knees, just to straighten your back so there is less pressure there.  It would be a good idea to go back to your GP and tell him or her about your anxieties.  Most will try to help you and give a listening ear.  Hope you get some help.


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    Hi Brigid,

    I think that we can all surmise what is the cause of your physical symptoms however you a best guided by your doctor and if you are not satisfied by that explanation and/or diagnosis then ask to be referred for a second opinion.  Frankly for a doctor to tell you that it may be band syndrome is not the same as saying it is this, or it is that and is therefor unhelpful. This doctor is plainly not taking into consideration your high level of anxiety which can only contribute to your distress.

    I would suggest that you ask your doctor how he/she proposes to confirm or discount a diagnosis for you and moving forward any treatment or support available and how that can be accessed.

    I would also advise you (if you have not done so already) to discuss what support and services are available to you with regard to your anxiety and the stressors that are driving it.

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