Is it a PE?

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I posted on here about a month or so ago about having a slightly elevated d-dimer.

I got blood work done again about a week or two ago, I believe amd it came back normal.

I just recently started having bad chest pain and my shortness of breathe has been even worse. I'm wondering if during the week or two I could possibly get a blood clot? I went to the ER today but they didn't test me for blood clots because I didn't have enough symptoms for it.

I do have anxiety and I have felt it worse since yesterday so maybe it's just that but I'm terrified it could be a blood clot...

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    Hi, Kytherra has posted " Slightly Elevated D.Dimer ( Third Time ) " You will find it within this forum.

    She has the same concerns and symptoms as you.

    My feeling is that an MRI scan is the way forward, but due to the cost to the NHS, they are not likely to offer this, you would have to demand one.

    We know our own bodies best, and are aware when something feels wrong.

    Don`t be afraid to be more assertive. Take care. Lyn.

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      I can't demand a catscan or a MRI for possible blood clots on the lungs when my d dimer came back normal. It's not high at all unless it's a false negative although I've never heard of false negatives. I got the blood work done on the 4th of this month so my question is, is it possible for my d dimer to have gotten high again in the two weeks that have passed...
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      I can`t answer that question.

      My concern for you was,... when you spoke of the shortness of breath and chest pain.

      Maybe read, " Avoidable DVT Death of My Husband"

      We thought his shortness of breath was connected to him struggling with crutches, as no warnings or information about DVT were ever given to us. How wrong we were. In his case, it was a symptom of a PE which he didn`t survive.

      Is it possible for a clot to form in two weeks? Please don`t leave it too long to find out.

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      No .....I haven`t. Not quite sure why you would ask me that, after what I told you happened to my husband.

      I just don`t want it to happen to anybody else.

      There are people that I have spoken to on these forums, who either aren`t aware of the signs of DVT to watch out for, or who are concerned about radiation. Although your original question was about the chance of a clot, I mentioned an MRI as it scans the entire body and doesn`t use radiation.

      You were worried..... it was an option,

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      I was just asking to see what we're your symptoms.

      Was your husband just short of breathe or did he complain about other things like chest pain?

      I've been short of breathe for months, no blood clot, no asthma, no low iron, it all just came down to anxiety.

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    My d dimer test was also just slightly raised, and they said they were not unduly concerned, however, they did a CT scan and found I had three PE's.  I would seriously suggest you go back to your GP and request one.  I was also symptomless and am now on Riveroxiban for six months
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      Well, my question really wasn't if I should demand a catscan. It was more so if I could still have blood clots although my d dimer isn't high. Meaning it's in the normal range.
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    I merely suggested you see your GP and request, not demand a scan.  I cannot be of any more help to you as I don't know the answer to your question, still think you should visit your doctor if you are worried. good luck
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      I went to the ER today and told them my symptoms. They heard my lungs and they sounded clear so they didn't do any further testing since I went yesterday as well and got an x ray and ekg. Both came back normal. They also checked my hemoglobin and it came back normal as well so they aren't concerned.

      I've had my d dimer slightly elevated twice. Once in February (d dimer was in the 400) got a catscan and it came back clear. Then I had it elevated again in April/May (d dimer was in the 300) got a catscan and came back clear.

      I'm assuming the first time my d diner was high was because I had a c section in november and it was high in April because I got punched in the face and got a huge purple swollen eye.

      I got another d dimer test done the 4th of this month, two weeks ago, and it was less than 200, which is normal.

      I have no history of blood clots nor does my family. I know they can happen to anyone and the only reason I'm concerned is because I suddenly started feeling extremely short of breathe.

      I suffer from health anxiety so now I'm convinced I have a blood clot although my symptoms don't point to one since I've felt like this before but something feels different this time.

      I'm calling my doctor Friday to see if the results are in, hopefully by then I'm not dead or in the hospital because I do, in fact have one. Or maybe I'll get the news I want to hear and be told I'm a-okay and don't have one.

      It just seems ridiculous to me that I'm thinking in two weeks I could have formed a clot...

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      I should add that I went into my doctors office today to get my d dimer checked again so that's why I said I was going to call Friday to see if the results are in. I'm assuming they should be and if they are, if it's high, I'd get a call before I even decide to call Friday.

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