Is it brain fog?

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I seem to have every symptom going of anxiety, and it truly sucks.

I'm a little concerned that I may not have brain fog and something way worse. 

I'm a 20 year old female, who at the moment really struggles to sleep incase I die during.

However, for a few weeks I've been suffering with symptoms like:

* I can't think straight. 

* My spelling is completely off, and I genuinely can't think of the word I need.

* My memory is awful.

* I feel as though my speech is slurred, and if I attempt to make conversation, it's almost as if I can't be bothered anymore. It's a lot of effort.

*Looking at anyone for a period of time makes me stare into the distance and not really concentrate. 

* And as for my concentration? Well that's a joke.

Is this anything to be concerned about? Or is it just my anxiety? 

- Megan.

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    Hi Megan,have you had any bloodwork done lately? I've been suffering from symptoms like yours for 27 years,everyone was saying that it was anxiety and all kind of disorders when it was a chronic and severe deficiency in vitamin B12. I was diagnosed in November 2015 and all those symptoms are slowly going away. I suffered brain fog and memory loss,insomnia and increased anxiety which,after a point,led to panic attacks ,I couldn't even realized nor comprehent what was that I was seeing in front of me ,it was like my brain was losing the ability to process the info.Vit. B12 is a nerve vitamin,a deficiency brings lots of unwanted neurological symptoms,I even suffered ataxia and peripheral neuropathy,the bad news is that it usually goes undiagnosed but the good news is that once you're diagnosed,it is easy to fix.

    All the best

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      Hi irme,

      I was rushed to hospital about a week ago because I couldnt breathe and had chest pain, (fortunately only a lung infection and costochondritis) and had blood work done there and told that I was perfectly healthy.

      I also had my doctor do my bloods not long ago and was told they were normal. 

      I am a coeliac so I take B12 vitamins anyway - so I don't think it could be that.

      Could it be anything worse? rolleyes 

      I hope you are better now, or on the road to recovery.

      Kind regards.

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    Hi megan sorry to hear your having a hard time at the moment. Yes the symptoms you describe sounds like anxiety ive got the same i stare if into space when talking to people and my memory is absolutely shocking sometimes I freak out thinking im losing my mind, also I have trouble thinking straight at times, the slurred speech may be anxiety ive never had this symptom but maybe your just so drained from anxiety your not bothered to even talk the fact that you have all the other symptoms i would say the slurred speech is part of anxiety aswell. My anxiety was extreme about a month ago I Was having panic attacks that went on for 4 hours and had all them symptoms you describe and awful derealization and depersonalisation but iam slowly getting better so hang in there because I figure we cant possibly feel like this forever and if you feel like your getting worse and cant cope speak to your doctor maybe medication might be right for you or maybe seeing a therapist. Good luck i really hope you start to feel better this anxiety is hell.
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      Hi Allison,

      There are way more symptoms than this, but I put them mainly down to my anxiety. 

      I am supposed to take Beta-Blockers, but I am terrified to because of the side-effects outlined on the packet. 

      I blame the man in the pharmacy who told me "not to have nightmares over the side-effects". NOT A GOOD MOVE. 

      I have called a local mental health clinic, but unfortunately have a call waiting list of 6 weeks. But I am on the list.

      I'm just sick of feeling in a slump all the time, and that nothing is getting better. 

      I'm scared my heart is going to give out, but I figure, it's been 2 weeks. A heart can't hold on that long, so I'm probably going to be okay,

      Thank you so much.

      I hope you do too.

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      Hi megan ive suffered from panic attacks and anxiety since I was 15 and im now 32 over the years the different symptoms ive experienced is unbelievable, I honestly can't believe the mind can actually produce the symptoms ive had ive had xrays on my heart and lungs, ultrasound on my kidneys and heart i even had a four hour heart test at 19 to check for blockages at 19 years old, ive had lung function test at least ten times and ive had that many blood tests im surprised i have any blood left lol. At one point during my journey with living with anxiety and ocd i thought I was a schizophrenic and nearly admitted myself to a mental hospital of course it was my own mind that convinced me i was insane but all the symptoms i had was from anxiety in fact everything i thought was wrong with me was in fact anxiety. And the best thing ive found is you have to except that the feelings you are having are just anxiety your mind is creating them believe me i know how hard it is to accept that its all anxiety a month ago I didn't think my symptoms were my anxiety i was again convinced I was going insane or schizophreninc but I had to keep telling myself that im just having anxiety and im in fact making myself sick. I understand why you haven't taken the beta blockers im exactly the same with medication so I can't help you with that one only suggestion is maybe take the first tablet around someone you trust so if something happens to you you have help near by thats what ive done when ive had to take meds. And having to wait for therapy sucks ive been waiting since mid January for but finaly get in with a therapist at the end of this month. Sorry I can't offer much help other then your not alone and your not crazy or going to die its anxiety and you will get well just be strong and positive
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    Hi Megan,

    If, as you say below, you've had all the blood tests done and been seen in a hospital, it doesn't sound as if there's anything physically wrong. The one thing that comes to mind is that these are all symptoms of sleep deprivation. You do say you've been struggling to sleep so it's hardly surprising you can't think straight at the moment.

    You're obviously suffering from anxiety, which is preventing you from sleeping and also making your sleep-deprival symptoms seem even worse. Hang in there till you get your appointment with your mental health team. Six weeks isn't so very long.

    And in the meantime, try not to worry too much about your brain fog. It's a normal reaction to your combination of anxiety and sleep deprival, not a sign of something more sinister.

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    Hi Megan

    Have you visited your GP and explained how you are feeling? Your symptoms sound very much like depression/anxiety.

    Are you taking any aantidepressants? If so for how long?

    You will overcome this Megan but you do need to see your doc asap.

    God bless ♥♥

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