Is it Gastroenteritis? and is the medicine correct? any advice?

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Probably 3-5days before I got this, I had been worrying about money issues for my holiday.

Tuesday night I went to sleep and was fine, about 3-4am I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. it was a sharp pain, like I had pulled something or I wanted the toilet to relief it but couldnt go, I put this down to having mac n cheese for my dinner, shephards pie topped with cheese and then cheese on toast for supper. When I got up and walked for a little while I would throw up. I couldnt keep anything down really.

The doctor came out and checked me, pressed my stomach, which hurt, but not enough to make me wail in pain. pressed down just above my belly button and that was the worst part and he said it was tender. He prescribed me Lansoprazole, 1 to be taken twice a day, and just let it dissolve, cus at the time I couldnt keep anything down. I believe he called it gastroenteritis and my mum said he said it was gastroenteritis, but I have anxiety and am worrying a little about it. Mainly because I am going away in a weeks time.

The day after I woke up and the pain had dulled quite a lot, I had a slice of toast, drank more water throughout the day, dinner time I had soup and at tea I had some pasta. I had started to get a headache throughout the day as well. Around 10 I threw up, I am putting this down to a headache, sitting up and moving. However, in the day I did manage to go for a number 2, it was harder than normal and had muscus on it.

Third day, I wasnt sick and manage to pass water and go for a number 2 twice, still hardish but I wasnt sick. Other than a little pain at the top of my stomach area and a little tension headache at the back of my head I was fine. I dont know whether the pain in the stomach was down to being sick, as on the first day I hadnt got anything in my stomach so was pretty much forcing anything up.  Or was still down to the infection. I ate a slice of toast, some arrowroot biscuits, soup, plain rice and a hot n spicy battered chicken cob, throughout the day I mustve drank about 6 cups of tea and at least 4 pints of water as well and felt fine. 

I noticed on the second day I was passing more gas as well. 

Today, the pain is roughly the same as yesterday, just a very dull ache. I have had a poached egg on toast with some grilled bacon, and havent been sick. Sometimes I feel like I has trapped gas.

I have still got a bad taste in my mouth, it tastes of like nothing but it isnt very nice, what is that down to?

HOw long will it be until I am 100% fine as I am going away in a week?


is it Gastroenteritis? I know for deffo the dr said its a stomach virus and began with G and said should feel better in the next few days.

Also would Yakult help?

I think I am worrying about if I am better in time for my holiday or if it is anything worse which wont help.

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    I would give it a few more days. I think your body is trying to digest all the cheese. The foods you are that day, were very heavy, especially the Macaroni and cheese, it can really bind you up. You may have had to go to the bathroom before you ate, but then those heavy foods bound you up, hence the stomach pains. If the vomiting does not go away, I would ask for a barium enema to be done to rule out anything else.
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      Thanks i havent been sick now since Thursday 10pm but i put that down to having a headache and sitting up quickly and walking. 

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      The headache is a tension headache. Its down to how I slept. Plus I have text neck at the moment that can cause headaches at the back of the head.

      Is it what the dr said?

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      If you haven't been sick since Thursday, it is more likely that your stomach is settling down rather than because you have a headache and have been sitting up and walking.  Headaches are more likely to make you feel sick or vomit if they are severe enough.  Having a headache isn't a sign of getting better.  However, since the vomiting has stopped, that is good news.

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      Only had a headache on that day, been fine since then. 
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      I know it is difficult, but try to relax. You will get better; concentrate on that.
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      Trying to, think each day im going to try and introduce more flavour foods back in. Today, ive introduced egg, bacon and battered fish. Plus lucoZade
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      Has your reacted to that or has it stayed settled?
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      Stayed settled. No problems. I thought the lucozade could cause problems, but im only sipping that every so often
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      Lucozade can be sharp especially if you have acid in your stomach after vomiting but if your stomach tolerates it, that's fine.

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      Im only sipping it.  Been sipping it since around 5-6pm (maybe before) and no probs 

      I was concerned about that so thats why im only sipping it

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      I would also try milk to line and soothe your stomach. I am recovering from the cold and have had on off nausea.  Milk has helped me. 
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      I may try a glass of milk. I normally dont have milk unless in my tea and cereal

      At the moment i havent even felt like being sick since thurs night

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      In that case, concentrate on preparing for your holiday and enjoying it.
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      Yesterday I started to eat normal foods again, just in smaller portions, and have started to make slight changes to my diet like grilling bacon and not frying it. etc Today I did have a fried egg and felt fine after, its now been nearly 4 hours and feel fine. Just want to try somethings I know I will have on holiday out.

      Now, I have only got a slight dull ache on the right ride side of my stomach, which I have put down to the infection and throwing up so it needs to heal.

      Feeling like I dont want to eat, which I have put down to the medication and the infection

      Bad, metallic taste which I have put to the medication

      I went to see if I could get an appointment wth my normal dr sometime this week, but they are full. So the same dr who saw me on wednesday, is going to give me call on wednesday morning. This is more to put my mind at rest due to going away.


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