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davies 67620

is it hypocondria or leukemia ???

i've been worrying i might have leukemia for the past few weeks . Loss of appetite and feeling nauseous, and i have 3 red tiny spot on my thigh . I checked online and all these symptoms were linked to leukemia !!!

Am i just worrying too much ???

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  • davies 67620

    Well don't worry about leukemia. I have leukemia and at the moment I'm in the hospital just got done doing Chemotherapy. Usually symptoms start off you get sick a cold, sinus infection something that doesn't clear up that fast. Then your blood counts start dropping, hence petechiae or tiny hemorrhages that look like red blue black freckles. There was also night sweats and lot's of other symptoms. I hardly doubt you have leukemia, but one thing is for certain the mind can create whatever disease you want it to. Don't worry and go see a Doctor. It's highly likely you caught some bug, or something else. Besides I never lost my appetite or any of that. Also when petechiae comes it's more than a few dots. It shows up all over around legs and arms. This is due to low platelets. Nose bleeds and all that happen. Your fine don't stress yourself into something that is so bad. As I said before the mind can create anything it dwells on. Just see the doctor and have them draw some blood and check your counts (CBC Test). Best Wishes For You.  

  • davies 67620

    Chat away. Really though it's not good to worry. People say that all the time I understand how difficult it is not to wonder what's going on with your body. There is nothing you can do to to make things better by worrying. The only thing and best thing is to just mentally be strong. Doctors get paid and goto school for years to figure out what's wrong and worry about things. Let them do what they are trained to do. In this world there is a law that says what you sow is what you reap. This is true, most people apply this to their actions. however if you plant a seed in your mind that your sick and you think about that long enough eventually that seed will produce and you will reap what you sow. So that being said worrying is pointless. I don't know if your a religious type of person or not hopefully so. The lord says in Luke 12:25 "Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to your life?" That pretty much sums it up. It's highly unlikely that it's something as bad as leukemia. Even if it was such a disease, you caught it. Now go get checked out and let them treat it. I myself am a hypochondriac, I worried about a lot of things and guess what, most of those things I worried about never happened. I increased my medical knowledge dramatically by reading book after book, searching symptom after symptom, calling my grandmother all hours of the night who was an RN for 40 years. So I understand the concern. However as I said nothing you can do, doctors must check and have test done by other doctors, who send those test to pathologist who then report back their findings. To me it doesn't sound like leukemia, that's from my research, my experience with having AML and everything else I've researched in between. If you have other symptoms, that are legit then please explain, but as I see it I wouldnt worry about it, just take note and report to the doctors. Hope I could make you feel better mentally and share some advice with you.     

    • davies 67620

      I understand that you are worried, but there is NO basis for this worry about leukemia for these minor and perfectly ordinary symptoms. You DO NOT have leukemia! Please read and consider carefully what JohnnyG had to say - "3 tiny red dots" is not leukemia-related petechaiae which would be hundreds and hundreds of them. If you have a tiny fever and a few weeks of tummy upset, you likely either have eaten something that disagrees with you or you have a mild viral infection: rest, drink lots of fluids, and get better soon!

      If you want to go see your doc and have a CBC (complete blood count) done, that will rule out leukemia completely and maybe make you feel better. But seriously, this level of health anxiety is not doing you any good, it is taking away time and energy that you should be spending on your LIFE. This anxiety is what you should talk to your doc about treating, really...

    • anitalou

      Just to clarify sometimes leukemia can be present and not show on a blood test.. but i do agree with you with the fact these symptoms are not overly worrying with leukemia. I suffer with health anxiety as of late due to all the symptoms i have and no diagnosis

    • kurt19299

      Hi Kurt - sorry for delay, I was away. I am not aware of any leukemia which does not show as increased WBC, a standard part of any blood test. Could you be specific please? I'd appreciate learning more. thanks!

    • anitalou

      There are some slow leukaemias that will start in bone marrow cause that's essentially where healthy blood cells come from, and they will not be detected until it either reaches the general blood supply or a bone marrow biopsy is done.

    • kurt19299

      Well, pretty much ALL leukemias start in the bone marrow, by definition. They reach the general blood supply very quickly in most cases. In some chronic ("slow"wink leukemias which do show a slower rise in WBC - but the rise is still there, and the values are not normal, and can be extremely high.

    • JohnnyG

      I know this is an old discussion but I am in exactly the same boat! I came up with a large purple bruise one day and googled and instantly thought I had leukemia, the bruise faded quickly but I slowly started to experience other symptoms of leukemia , I had a fever and stomach pain which sent me to a&e , they did blood tests and everything was fine, I then went to my doctors to have more blood tests and they found glandular fever, after this I was still scared to death by leukemia so I paid for a private blood test, the results came back normal for this but I am will scared as my gums bleed easily sometimes and I feel nauseous when I eat and have a loss of appetite, does this sound worrying to you?

  • davies 67620

    Hi davies. Don't jump to conclusions. Go see your doctor and ask his opinion. Whenever I try to guess what I have, I am wrong. You may just have the flu. It won't hurt to see your doctor. Good luck.



  • davies 67620

    You woukd have many more symptoms than just those alone.. i have multiple symptoms going on with me at the moment and i too think it could be leukemia, i have had my fair share of blood testing done and other tests which have all returned normal. Go and see your dr and get it checked out thoroughly, although sometimes leukemia can be present and not show in a blood test but as i said you would need plenty more symptoms than thise alone

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