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Hello everyone ....... Yes it's me AGAIN . sad

I have come across something different in myself this month of January . To briefly say I've had panic attacks since last April . I've been continually searching how to improve my THINKING so it passes and it's not as severe hence then drains me out for days sad .

Ok this month to be exact form 1.01.15 I've had continuous thoughts that I'm going die , plus I've had dreams of death not exactly mine but something along this subject then I go crazy and Google dream interpretation blah blah blah all goes round to explain its me and it'll happen soon ,

Anyway since the 1st of January my feelings , emotions anxiety and panic attacks have been EVERY DAY if not EVERY OTHER DAY blown out of porportion . Pretty severe and frustrating VICIOUS CYCLE . I COULDNT STOP my head thinking that I'll die soon , asap , now , imminent sad all soooo crazy

The MAIN POINT is as soon as I start my menstrual cycle I AM NORMAL , I'll say it again I AM NORMAL !!! Wow ... I asked myself how come I've NOT had these dreaded thoughts of death and negativity of life ????

I then read a post on this website that came through about OESTROGEN in women , build up before menstrual cycle begins and drops after it starts etc well something along that line . I was really fascinated to think that this hormone or whatever it is , it's LITRERALLY DRVING ME NUTS !! and when it's low in my body I'm NORMAL . Gosh it took some time to work it out .

Apparently one wk after I stop my cycle I'm still NORMAL .... Until 2wks before the NEXT MENSTRUAL CYLE BEGINS ? I think I'm right don't know , then there will be a build up of my ORSTROGEN , I'll go looney can't sleep can't eat can't breath can't go out fear anything and everything even my own shadow sad(( and the CYLE carries on & on

I know I've written SOO much please bear with me I feel I've so much info but only one finger to type and No ONE TO LISTEN TO ME and help me THROUGH THIS MENTAL ILLNESS

Right now I can sleep in my own room without the need to be scared , I can stay downstairs till late after my kids have gone to bed and not be scared , I don't have to keep looking over my shoulder and be scared of my own shadow and jump at anything then raises my heart and starts a panic attack . I really MISS BEING NORMAL

Can anyone tell me if my thoughts above is correct if so how can I keep my OSTROGEN down so my anxiety and emotions don't run wild ?

Has anyone else found info on this , if so please share . I'm not on meds , I like natural healing , only because I feel constantly consuming drugs into my body out of desperation to calm my nerves may trigger other issues in my body . And it all carries on and DOESNT STOP .

Thank you for reading it must sound all confusing , slightest of advise will be most appreciated .

Kind regards

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    Hi anna i suffer from anxiety aswell i think the best thing for you to do would be to speak to somebody a doctor for instance it may help. As you dont want to take medication maybe trying to relax like reading a book or buying anxiety books from the internet its not a nice feeling at all anxiety sad i hope this helps a little x
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      Hi Jade

      Thanks for your reply , whenever I feel a panic or even the slightest negative thoughts creep in I start to either talk to myself or sing and try to be as confident telling myself it's nothing to worry about I'm much stronger than thoughts and heart racing etc

      I also listen to sleep music from you tube when I find it difficult to fall asleep , it lasts for about 45 min it really helps . I never when when I fall asleep when I hear this but it works .

      May I ask how you deal with your anxiety ? And do you feel it's connected with your cycle ?

      Take care

      Kind regards

      Anna x

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      It is the best thing to do take your mind of things, have you been to the doctors about how your feeling? And my anxiety comes on when it wants too. I try keep myself busy and not think about negative things it is really hard suffering from anxiety x
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      I've been to the doctors and they say meds is the only way to help , docs wanted to give me Beta blockers . I asked a million questions and said no I won't take it . Then doc gave me a helpline number and put me on a CBT ( 18mth) withing list ! And thats it , no other form of natural help , just meds no other advise only a few helpline numbers sad

      I think your right My attacks come they want to aswell , I try so damn hard to keep myself busy even when I'm not busy ( that doesn't make sense ? But anyway you know what I mean ) it's lihe a full time job just suppressing the eruption of an attack exploding . sad

      Anxiety isn't just hard , it LITERALLY TAKES AWAY ONES SANITY , messes your brain up , breaks all friendship and family bonds , screws you up and spits you out ..... Then you have to deal with it and get back up and restore your life before you know it another attack comes on and your back on the ground ..... Picking up the pieces one vicious CYLE I pity myself now ....... Really really feel sorry for myself . It's the worst possible life any human can have , where your brain plays with you , and you have no control over it other than dodge , duck , dive and swerve .

      If you need any help give us a shout ( I'm really down sorry jade , I'm going on a bit sad( sad( sad(

      Tke cre

      Anna x

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      I have been put on a waiting list for cbt i have been waiting since last june and not heard a thing its a waiting game. I take sertraline at the moment the doctor was going to prescribe me with beta blockers but wasnt allowed them due to asthma. I have taken around 8 different anxiety tablets i am better than i was i wouldnt go out of my house at one point but i dont work, i dont see friends/family its awful it really is x
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    Hi Anna. I'm like you. I get anxiety and depression befor my cycle and feel totally normal the week it arrives. I've known this for 25 years but still don't really know the answer. Hormones are complicated. I do find that taking vitamin B6 daily, two weeks before really helps. And so does healthy eating and exercise. Which proves that our hormones are affected by our lifestyle too. I'm scared to mess around with hormones. I'm very sensitive to them. The birth pill made me suicidal and after both my sons births I had terrible post natal depression. It would be good to find a specialist that really understands this. I'm not sure who. Doctors and alternative practitioners seem to have different views. Let us know if you find any answers. Best of luck. Xx
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      Hi Tracy

      Thank you very much for such positive advise . I can't believe you've had it 25yrs !

      I do find it interesting that B6 helps you , may I ask what it is ?

      How it helps ?

      Was it recommended to you by a doctor ?

      Is there any particular brand that you use ?

      Do I just take it for 2wks prior my period then stop when my period starts ? ( Ooops sorry Tracy if I'm asking too many questions ) I will Deffo be buying them just a insight before I do start taking them . I try to be thorough with what goes inside me and if I'm not comfortable I don't take it .

      Yeah like you was say healthy eating , I did that a few months and I was really going strong no anxiety or attacks plus I went to the gym . But since the first I've moved homes , I'm stressing , lots of driving to and fro . Stopped to the gym coz I was way too busy healthy eating went out the window and withing days anxiety attacks the whole shebang comes down on me like a tonne of bricks . sad(((((((( sad(((((((

      Like you say I must be sensitive with my hormones aswell , I soubd as though I'll have to tip toe around my hormones now . Oh god , it's getting too much now . I think I must have had postnatal depression after my 3rd child but I don't think it was that bad where I notived it that much , I just got on with living . Now when I look back there's SOO many times where I ' just got on with life ' without thinking about myself . And now the past is taking its toll now . sad

      It's a shame when were young were made of rubber & plastic ......... And as we get older it starts to crack and snag sad

      That's the thing a ' specialist doctor ' I wish I knew aswell I'd try to run to them for help . I wish somone could help me out there .

      Your right doctors aren't helpful because they don't understand it , plus they make me feel as if your goin looney . sad and give you loads of meds instead of asking how you want to be helped ( would be a start which would be nice )

      If it helps I don't know if you do or not is go to the gym , and do body pump classes , apparently lifting weights releases some sort of good hormone and works wonder to the anxiety . ( I think it knocks it out) plus try yoga that is another essential ,

      I am looking for a gum which does these clases throughout the week but , I'm in a new area fining it difficult to locate one . sad which isn't helping . As I have to take into account , how far it's from my house , how much it costs per month , what clases they have hit on and how regular .

      Have you noticed if you don't get anxiety or attacks a few wks you actually feel you've conquered it and itS gone for GOOD . But actually it hasnt ...... It's just sitting there DORMANT waiting to erupt as soon as we let our guard down sad

      Tracy may I ask what you do other than take the B6 to control your anxiety and attacks all these years ?

      Thank you again for reading & your advise sincerely appreciate it .

      Take care (Hug hug )

      Kind regards


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      Hi Anna.

      My Sister was told by a doctor to take 50mgs of vitamin B6 for pre menstrual tension 2 weeks before her period. It really helped her so I tried it and it worked for me too. Some chemists sell it or health food shops. I've been on and off different anti depressants over the years and had therapy. I've had times without anxiety but it always comes back. I don't know if it's because my Nan had it or because my childhood was stressful or my hormones or my poor diet. I've had a very stressful few months and just started taking Escitalopram and am waiting to start CBT. I think you're right about yoga and regular exercise. I'm going to look for local classes too. Reading posts on here is helpful. Thanks for your reply. Good luck. Xxx

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