Is it ok to ignore pain and carryon doing jobs

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Hi everyone,  I am a newbie and only diagnosed in October.  On Sulfasaluzine but not working.  Seeing rheumy in couple of weeks.  Can anyone answer ny question.  I have been having a lot of pain as have RA in lots of joints.  Usual exhaustion etc. too.  But I don't want to give in so have been doing decorating in my hall way.  Just painting and decorating.  But it hurts - a lot.  After I stop I am absolutely wiped.  Can you tell me if carrying on and ignoring pain will do any damage to my joints.  I am a pretty active and practical person and do decorating and garding etc. etc.

Thanks.  Gill

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    As long as you're on medication, I don't think it will do any damage. We're supposed to keep moving, even during flares (although that is next to impossible for me) so as long as you get your rest I would think you would be OK. Rest is extremely important!
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    I saw a physiotherapist and occupational therapist about 3 months after diagnosis. The physio said important to keep joints moving and gave me lots of low impact exercises like opening and closing fingers, bending knees up,curling and uncurling toes- basically to keep a range of movement. The OT stressed the importance of not straining joints- ie find other ways to do things so you re not carrying heavy bags on wrists and shoulders, or putting strain on any joints.

    So I think you do have to think round it a bit. I do decorating too.using a brush is not a strain. But I find somewhere to put paint pot down so I am not holding it for too long. I found I couldn't keep my arms up in the air as long as I used to so I d vary where I was painting. I try to avoid awkward finger stuff like opening tins. And actually I just can't go on as long as I used to or stand for any length of time without a rest. But my RA is pretty under control. 

    It s early days for you, so don't give it up, esp as you enjoy it( get food shopping online if you want to spare yourself from too much strain on arms!) but I think it s worth pacing yourself so you are not making things worse -  esp. as they are obviously still trialling which DMARD will work for you.


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    Take it easy if you overdo it you're liable to limit what you can do after intense bouts of pain. I usually g until I'm really tired then allow my strength to return. Never do I try to outwork the pain
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    Hi Gill,

    I am also pushing myself and my husband gets cross with me as I am exhausted after doing jobs.

    i have had RA for four years and have recently given up work as I found it too hard and exhausting. 

    I think your body knows when you have had enough and it stops me thinking about the pain.

    just try not to exhaust yourself to much.

    regards Enrica

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    I too have a form of RA, but come back sero negative when tested, for it.

    My ESR is in the 40's thats good for me, can be as high as 70's, my rheumo tells me there is no question I have a arthiritis going on, they just cannot give it a name.

    One of the first things she mentioned to me was get onto odourless Fish oil, 1000mg capsules, 6 a day, 2 for breakfast 2 for lunch and 2 for dinner, with food, it does work, I noitce the differnce if I don;t take my fish oil.

    Only thing you have to be careful with is if you are on blood pressure tablets, you need to work with you regular GP to monitor where you are going there, as they do drop your blood pressure.

    You have to work/play without cuasing yourself too much pain, as that pain is inflamation, and that inflamation is causing damage to your bones, you really have to pace yourself, as the exercise is doing you good, as per other postings.

    As you are a newbey, you have a long way to go with medication, you will find your Dr's will try something else if the current meds are not working, over the years I have worked my way through a chemist shop and finally found a mix that keeps me sane, and reduces the swelling especailly of my hands, my hands are my biggest bugbear, as it stops me doing things, imagine wearing boxing gloves, and trying to do regular household duties, impossible.

    I also have had a double hip replacement, and that has helped with arthiritis in hip joints, no pain coming from hips now, and all that pain I believe doesn;t help with the RA, they tell you keep your stress under control, isn't pain stress, you wouldn't think so the way some of my Dr's have treated me.

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    Hi Gil,

    I think that I am a wrong example of what means to treat RA right - I do anything I am still able to do with pain included and take painkillers to reduce the impact. So obviously I am not running marathons (never did actually) and I no longer do TRX, but... There are days when I cannot get of bed, but I try to keep a normal life. It seems that you are trying the same path - don't overdo as it may cause inflammation, but I believe that doing whatever is doable is the key to keeping going. BTW, my dr advised me to take painkillers before expected moderate activity and while she does not advise to "kill myself while working out" she insists that I should get back to less aggresiive sports ASAP (swimming which I hate heartfully). So there is a balance and I guess that everyone simply needs to find what works for them. I take magnesium and vitamin C and started fish oil lately. Don't see the impact of oil yet, but magnesium brought some of my muscles back (RA meds that I took basically destroyed these almost completely) and vitamin C helped me stay healthy when I was on biological and everyone around were with running noses. My red lights are not pain  but fatigue - when I cannot get off bed or move this means "enough is enough". But once again, everyone finds the fine balance that works for them. If you are active, don't give up on it so easily. Good luck!

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    Hi Gillfar

    I have been on Sulfasaluzine 4 years. I get pain on a regular basis bit not the extreme flairs I use to get before I started treatment.

    I referee football matches once a week.

    I consider myself lucky compared to some of the people we read about, and was warned when I statrted treatment that the outlook was not great.

    Do want you can but accept your limits is the advice I would offer.

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    A think as long as the RA is uder control and you take note of your fatigue attacks and respond to them (ie, take rest) it's actually good to use our joints. But dont be a masochist either.

    Find a balance and respect your body's messages. If exhausted, sleep. If you've got energy for painting and pasting, do it.

    You're not at war with your body, so respect what it's telling you and find a happy medium.

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    hi gill

    im my experience i would just listen to your body, your know when youve done to much!! do more when u feel able and less when your tired but dont be afraid to only do the bare minimum,with a good rest day hopefully comes a more energetic day. good luck hun xx


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