Is it safe for me to stop drinking straight away . I've tried cutting down

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Hello . I've tried cutting down gradually but this just doesn't work for me !! I'm drinking a bottle of wine every night plus sometimes , infact quite often I will have an extra couple of glasses or like last night a very large sherry and half a lager ! I feel terrible in the mornings . I went a night without alcohol a few weeks ago and suffered withdrawal effects all through the night . I'm prepared to do that again but how long will it take for these withdrawal symptoms to go away . I don't want to see the doctor because I don't want this on my notes due to my career path etc .

Please help , I'm really struggling and so desperately want to stop this horrible addiction . It's controlling my entire world at this time

I would appriciate any helpful advice

Thank you x

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    you can go cold turkey on anything infact its proberly the best way, i did with smoking.  if i was you id replace my  drink with non alcohilic wine or beer so you dont feel deprived i think thats the worse thing you feel deprived of a treat .

    theres some good stuff out there .

    remember theres alot of sugar in alcohol as well so there will be two addictions your giving up at the same time . once your over the worst replace the non alcholic beer and wine, with fizzy water lemon and lime slices and ice , your feel a lot better for it.

    you no alchol is going to ruin your life if you continue and it isent pretty .

    you could try going for a few sessions of hypnoses works brilliant for some people ,my friend was a hardened smoker and gave up after one session, unfortunatly she didnt really want to give up

    ,she wanted to save the money for her a new kitchen which she did , then started smoking again with every fag for months tasting of fish but she forced herself till she broke it, becasuse she loved smoking 

    now she dosent love being on oxeygen and streiods with emphesima ,and yes she is still smoking .  


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      sorry i meant to wish you razz good luck .
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    Thank you tiswas . I had to laugh as funnily enough I am a Hypnotherapist . You would think it be easy for me but I have a very addictive nature and stressful life . I nearlly broke down with a nervous breakdown giving up smoking but I did it four years ago . Im determined to beat this ......I agree , cold turkey for me is the best way . Ive just got to be the strongest ever and tell myself yes yes , Im stronger than the wine . Thank you so much for that info . Take care , look after yourself x
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      its proberly because your  hypnotherapist that you reconize that you have a addictive natrue , i to have one took me longer before the penny dropped ,that i replaced one addiction with another

      . luckly fibro sorted it for me i no longer can tolerate drink or smoking  with out becoming very ill .causing massive flares . 

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    Hi Rainbow

                     You are half way there to quiting because you have acknowledged

    the situation regarding your intake of alcohol.

                      I understand your conscern about going to your GP but you would get

    proffessional help and advice otherwise what about going to Alcoholics Annonymous who could perhaps point you in the right direction for further help you can find contact details for AA in local news papers, phone directories

    or at your local library  

                          Good Luck and take the plunge go for it and you will sort your life out 

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    Hi Rainbow

                  It is me again if you have had this problem for some time it may be harmful

    to suddenly stop without proper help so be careful

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      thats a good idea rainbow , but if you have a drink problem even as hard as you try just to have a maybe one drink your body will crave it so bad you will proberly feel as bad as not drinking at all . 

      but yes it would be a good idea to get some advice how to do it safely .

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      Hi Carol

      Thank you so much for your advise . I am taking this very seriously and for the last few days have felt proud of myself . Coming off cold turkey I have decided is not only cruel to my emotional well being but harsh on my body !

      Last night I had only three quarters of a bottle of wine diluted with lemonade . Tonight I have done the same and just about to pour the glass I have back in the bottle . This now proves to me that alcohol is already not winning ! I am winning smile

      Ive had a good night watching a funny film with my daughter .

      Also , I feel Ive had a wake up call as Ive put my back out really badly and its been agony the last couple of days and especially nights . Its round the top right hand side and hurts through my chest !! Its bad and Im seeing someone about it tomorrow . I really value my health

      Thanks for replying . Ive just told my 17 yr old daughter too and shes very supportive

      Wishing you the best Carol smile

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      Hi Tiswas

      Thank you also for you reply . Please read my comment to Carol above .

      This site is so supportive and is helping me so much . I do agree with you about the addictive side and cravings but to be honest Im feeling a difference in diluting my wine smile It doesnt give me the same buzz and feels as though Ive not had a drink . If this is the case then I know that at least my withdrawel symptoms will be less and more gentle on my body

      Hope you are well tiswas and thanks for your imput smile

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      well that makes sense diluting it because your body is still getting some in a diluted way .with out having to deal  with a blast .of achol.

      even if you cut down the wine say from 3 to 2 glasses your still getting neat wine.this way your proberly having 3 glasses diluted which proberly equals one glass so keeep it up , its always tough in the begining but at least your doing something positive .razz

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      So glad to know that you are winning and that you have the loving support of your daughter. Be strong and keep up the good work! You can do it buddy :-)



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      Thank you Digsby for your kind encouraging reply . Ive actually had only just over half a bottle tonight mixed with lemonade . I know its early days but I'm really feeling that when I reach the time of feeling a little out of it ! , I no longer want to escape , I actually want to throw the wine down the sink and have tea so that I can feel a clear head . Its not easy because the habit is very much with me still but strangely enough it doesnt make me feel good . Im much happier in the day (not at night but then its an unknown place for me at the mo ! )

      I'm determined

      Thanks for your support smile x

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      Hi buddy,

      Just wanted to check in with you & hoped that you are still heading in the right direction. I can't imagine how difficult your battle must be but many others of us do have harmful addictions that we would prefer to be rid of so that we can live our lives with a clear head and appreciate the good things that we have.

      All the best as you take one day at a time :-)



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      Hello Digsby

      Thank you so much smile I am very proud of myself this week . I have been happier , more alert , more enthusiastic in my general aspect of everyday .

      I have not had a bottle a night , some nights only two glasses mixed with lemonade . Tonight two glasses mixed. I could quite happily go on , put my music on and dwell into a depressive note to be honest ( not intending to ) But I'm not !!!! I'm getting up now and making tea in a mo . Its very difficult but I'm determined smile I have a wonderful future smile

      How about you Digsby ? x

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      Great news! Just taking one day at a time and not beating myself up if it doesn't go the way I planned it. Sometimes there are things beyond our control, but we always have control over the way we react to life. Enjoy each day for what it is - a gift! Keep going buddy - you are doing great. Remember this feeling the next time you are being attacked by negative thoughts.

      All the best,


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      You too and I wish you lots of luck and positive thoughts

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