Is Labyrinthitis/Vestibular Neuritis actually curable to 100%?

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So I'm currently suffering through this, currently in my 2nd month. I'm definitely a lot better than I was in my first month, but obviously still suffer with the symptoms surrounding these disorders. 

But my main concern is, are these inner ear disorders ACTUALLY curable? Like whether it takes months or years, at some point in my life whether it's chronic or not WILL I have ever be 100% again? I mean... I literally woke up with this illness, so I really can't be humble when it comes to the terms that most if not every single person who suffers with these disorders end up with it for years if not permenant. 

I know some people state after like a year and a half, or after a few years they become 90-95% better, but it's still not 100% though is it? It seems like these inner ear disorders like Labs or VN which worldwide are known as non permenant illness's DO actually seem like life long disorders we end up suffering through.. I mean Google states it's 3-6 weeks before recovery but EVERY SINGLE person who has had this seems either to never get better, or in months to years get 80% of their normal state back. 

Shouldn't it be classed as a disability or something? I know Meniere's Disease is classed as one, so is MAV since they're practically incurable, so is MdDS as well.. But why not Labs or Vestibular Neuritis? It doesn't make sense. 

I'm trying to stay positive through all of this, hoping one day it'll all go away and I'll be me again, but even recovery stories only state the person getting 90% better and still suffering with dizzy spells, or this and that, it's never a FULL recovery from this disorder. Even doctors and specialists will state "it gets better" but they'll never tell you "hey, you might actually have this for life".. 

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    Hi JLR,

    I can only tell you from my perspective. After an extreme about of stress I woke up one day and on the way to work it hit me. Lasted for around 3 months in total.

    I am now 100% cured.

    Towards the end of it I felt like I had mal de barquement symtoms (ie rocking) and it took another 4 odd weeks for that to go away.

    Hang in there I know it's hard to stay positive, I've been there, but it will get better.


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      Thanks for the reply. I'm about a week into my 2nd month and I do feel almost 80% better at times, more than worse which should be a good sign. Were the mornings difficult for you through the journey? I tend to find waking up and the first few hours always seems rough and makes me anxious that it will never go away. It tends to be almost completely gone by like 11pm every night but I do tend to feel the motion feeling once I close my eyes and try sleep.

      Did you have trouble with sleeping? Like did you tend to wake up numerous times throughout the night? I do. And I also find it almost impossible to try go back to sleep once I wake up. It's so hard to feel "relaxed" enough that my eyes and body will allow me to fall back to sleep. It's very frustrating.

      Did you have any vision problems as well? Like trouble with depth perception and problems with things "moving" in your vision when you stare at something whether it's an object or wall? I find my eyes tend to go out of focus very easily and if I stare at something longer than 20 seconds I'll start seeing it warp around or move with motion, it's very scary and makes me anxious as well.

      My first month was the hardest since it was severe rocking and swaying 24/7 but now into my 2nd month I seem to have a very very mild version of that it's not always that bad especially if I keep myself busy or my mind off it, but in bed and stationary I can still feel it to an extent. I actually started guessing wether I had MDDS as well. But my symptoms seem more likely towards either VN or Labs since 2 GP's have already stated I have Labs.

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      Yes but I believe this has to do with my jaw muscles (TMJ).

      Most of my symptoms have gone however my ENT believes I have vasomotor rhinitis and need a septoplasty for Deviated Septum and turbinate reduction and tonsillectomy. Current thinking is I also have sleep apnea (getting formal sleep study soon)

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    I can relate to your concerns. I had a bad attack 2 years ago and it lasted for 6 months and then seemed to go away, then in December I got a little stressed and the dizziness, nausea, ringing in the ears, sinus got really bad and I have had for 5 months. The physio gave me exercises to do with my head which relieves for a while and I now have acupuncture to relieve the anxiety caused by having this condition.  At times I feel like I am drunk and cannot walk properly so I do not like going to the shops or driving a car.

    I too woke up with it by getting out of bed, .  I am trying to be positive by doing my exercises, acupuncture, not getting to stressed and getting a lot of sleep however at times I feel very sad and depressed as the condition is long lasting.

    Good luck to you.

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    Hi JLR I was diagnosed with labyrinthitis one month back I do feel a bit better but the slight symptoms remain I feel like I am 80 percent okay but not the way I used to be. How are you now? Do you feel 100 percent ?
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    Hi JRL

    I’m hoping ur still checking this. I have been suffering with the same thing for 10 weeks. I’m just wondering if u recovered and if so how long it took u. Did u have ear pressure?.. I’m worried that I will never get back to myself.

    Hoping to hear from u.. with hopefully a positive outcome.


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      try boiling water and ginger, and using lemon and honey to make a tea.

      this completely stopped my labrynthitis attacks.

      i obviously still have labrynthitis but i don't get attacks anymore.

      stay positive.

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    Hello. How are you now? Can you provide some details as I am in a similar position. 2 months in, some progress but still no sign of it going.

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