Is Mirtazapine all you are taking? (could other meds be interacting positively/negatively)

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Hello all

It would be interesting (and may prove re-assuring) to know whether people who are currently on Mirtazapine (whether happy with it or not and maybe trying to come of it) ..are taking ANY other drugs.

I ask as I also take:

O - Bupremorphine patches for chronic lower back pain caused by degenerative disc disease;

O - Thyroxine for a underactive thyroid (made so after taking radio iodine for an initiall overactive thyroid;

O - Propanonol for anxiety;

O - Ibrophen as a added general painkiller (see 'Bupremorphine' above)

It's hard for me to know what positive or negative experiences I get are attributable to Mirtazapine or say propanonol (plus, could Mirtazapine be interacting with any of the other drugs I'm taking causing them to be less effective etc). What with all the meds I take I feel like I full of side effects and one big 'lab rat' pumped full of different meds. Only problem is no one is observing and monitoring the results, but rather I'm left to just endure and find my own way.

WHILST WRITING THOUGHT - I realise, and it's become very evident simply by being amongst fellow sufffers of anxiety and/or depression and reading of their experiences (allbeit online and many miles from oneanother) CAN and DOES (such are my own experiences) help in the battle against poor mental health.

That said's a shame and sad reality that as I/we struggle through life that often those nearest and dearest either can't or don't want to be the source of that help ..this leading to more and more isolation and another seperate battle to be understood and gain empathy.

Wouldn't be lovely if there was BIG 'Big Brother' house or a 'Tranquil Therapeutic Island' in which we could go and spend time to heal, during which each of us could be monitored closely and supported and be atleast temporariliy amongst people who truly relate to and care withought ever judging or saying/thinking 'snap out of it' or 'life is what you make it'.

Often we don't all have a great truly caring and supportive GP/family/friends ...and it's us (me, myself, I) as the person suffering and fighting that is left to make do and find solutions at every turn.

Sorry, just feeling pretty down right now sad

What do other people think?

Best wishes to all!


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    What a breath of fresh air you are! smile I currently take 45mg mirt and it works for me. I too have chugged along trying to find the answers. At present currently receiving CBT therapy which I am finding very helpful. I'm lucky I don't need to take additional medicine even though I have a slip disk in my neck, I exercise at least 4 times aweek. At present and for the last 3 months remains strong but I'm no fool, I know and try to take one day at a time
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      Thanks for the kind reply Sara ...would it be wrong of me if I said I envy you? You seem to be managing (if thats the right word) fairly well. And 'fairly well' would be enough for me!!

      To have it in me to exercise even 1 or 2 times a week would be a dream come true...but right now my life is that of a recluse/hermit ..confidence and self esteem all but totally lost, the often severe backpain I experience along with my general lousy mood (most days) makes any thought of exercise. Nodoubt there's an element of 'Karl you're your own worst enemy' in there somewhere ...

      Thanks again Sara ...wishing you all the peace in the world!


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      Bless you, no, no need to be envy. Something the doctor told me the other week has just clicked in my head. On how certain things trigger my negatively moments. When she explained how it worked, somehow my subconscious now seems to ring a large bell in my head when a 'moment' happens? That's what I mean by taking one day at a time. I'm scared it will stop, and I crash. And like you know when a crash comes its very frightening. As for the exercise trust me I have to push myself ! And I love to comfort eat! When I first had my injury I had to take so many different tablets, which reacted against each other. Because of this I researched alternatives which was physio and exercise, I was lucky. You take what you need but it is good to ask the questions, always. All the best sara
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      Thankyou Sara

      You know ..I visualise alot (maybe this quality in itself makes me more susceptable to depression etc) I sit here in a empty quiet house (with only the light from the laptop/tv and occassionally sound of a car going by) I can't but help visualising the world in darkeness (I mean as a big dark planet) ...but when I look upon that planet in my minds eye and notice there are little places dotted around the globe that provide light provides me with some comfort. Meaning to say, the light being representative of others like me ..people who know what depression and/or anxiety is (poor mental health) ..I mean REALLY know and no just say they do, and care, are able to empathise, don't judge and are willing to support in some way ..maybe with just a kind word or considerate action. What saddens me though, is the fact these people are often not our nearest and dearest, friends, neighbours or work colleague BUT people online or miles away in some other place in the world! Loneliness is in itself a cause of much of my depression or rather my ability to recover from/cope with it.

      Hope I've made sense

      Once again, thanks Sara

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      Understand, my daughter told me about this website called 'meetups' google it they have them all over the country. For all different groups to help how to start socializing again. I've joined around 6 so far only attended one - which was a real boost for me. It's free to join. I have set myself a goal to do one thing each month that is out of my comfort zone. Don't let the darkness hold you, try it.
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    Good morning Karl, 

    actually, in Canada there is one of those islands and I just spent 2 months there. The people made it amazing. The medical staff was mediocre at best. I am still trying to find the right medical cocktail. 

    Answering your question: 

    I am currently taking

    200 mg Sertraline

    450 mg Buboprion (Wellbutrin)

    0.5 mg Clonazepam (4x a day)

    15 mg Mirtazapine

    And at my own risk - no support from my pdoc or GP (yet) - I am doing a 4 week trial to counteract the weight gain that is inevitable with Mirtazapine. 

    I am taking 3x60mg Orlistat and 2x 500mg Metformin as well as a multivitamin supplement. I am also eating a low fat diet with 1300 - 1500 cal.

    For me Mirtazapine is THE drug that I know makes a big difference in my mood. The catch 22 is, that the weight gain is killing my mood and puts me back into depression. Vicious cycle.

    So... that's why I have decided to go "rogue" after reading up on lots and lots of medical studies and reports, to show my pdoc and GP evidence by the end of this month.

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      Hi Mermaid ...hope this msg finds you in a peaceful settled mood...

      Thanks for your reply ...found your comments both interesting and enlinghtening ...hmmm so you also take a cocktail of different meds ...glad to know I'm not alone. Seems like me you are in both mental and physical pain/torment. Do I have that right?

      The island place you mentioned sounds like the sort of place I'd love to spend time at ..ahhh I wish!

      Who would have thought that a tiny little tablet such as Mirtazapine could pack such a punch ...yep, I've put weight on too. So now my remaining self esteem n self confidence is under attack each time I walk past a mirror or TRY to button up my trousers ...ahhhh

      Still, maybe things will change for the better soon inc. decreased weight as I'm 'weening' off Mirtazapine...

      Best wishes and much peace!

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      Hi Karl! Thanks so much for your kind words. I am sorry you are suffering from this much physical pain. But I am pretty sure that - as soon as you are off mirtazapine your weight will go down as well and that might improve your physical pains.

      And no - you are never alone! We are all in the same boat!

      And yes, every glass door, every mirror crushes the little self esteem that was left. That's why I am so OCD about preventing weight gain. 

      Best wishes for you as well and may you find happiness and peace of mind!

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      .."your weight will go down as well and that might improve your physical pains"...

      I never considered that ...but thankyou I am going to focus on that as I think you have made a great point. I do feel thrumpy fat heavy losing weight surely has to be a good thing ..and likely to ease the pressure on my body/bones etc. Thanks for your support Mermaid!

      Much peace and content!

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    Hi Karl. It's Pixie again! As you already know I'm happily on mirtazapine but reducing gradually from 30mg (now 22.5mg every 3 days). Also:-

    Venlafaxine 225mg (hoping to reduce in future)

    Felodipine (for high blood pressure)

    Loratadine (antihistamine)

    Haloperidol (miniscule dose, tranquilliser)

    Evening Primrose Oil (chronic fatigue syndrome)

    Also sometimes Buscopan (IBS)

    I'm not aware of any interaction, except i read that mirtazapine and venlafaxine can both raise blood pressure, so it will be interesting to see what happens to my Bp if I manage to reduce them significantly.

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      Hi Pixie

      Firstly ...I hope when as u read this msg it finds YOU in peace and feeling settled ( sincerely mean that)..

      Chronic Fatigue? hmmm ...I am sure I have that. Often's the case I feel heavy, lethargic, tired (but not sleepy tired) and unmotivated.

      Problem I find is, in all the years I've been struggling with my health one (no one in the medical field) has EVER really really took the time to fully investigate what my underlying issues are. Its as if the most I can wish for are a few extra minutes chatting with my GP before he reaches for his prescription pad. From then on its me having to cope and monitor myself. Often I am also left thinking/wondering as to should I actually be taking 'X' drug ...or, should I really be taking 'Y' drug for undiagnosed 'Z' condition. Ahhhh its so much of a guess work and 'suck n see' approach. I imagine MANY folk live with a condition that they never even knew they had. Its like finding out that after driving your car for 10yrs there was an unknown fault or 100kg lump of concrete hidden in the boot.

      I am going to look into Evening Primrose Oil ...maybe it might help with my low energy and not wanting to do anything issues.

      Wishing you a relaxed and contented evening!

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    Currently taking Mirtazapine 7.5mg (tapering down from 30mg). Not happy with it.

    Also taking

    - multivitamin

    - omega 3 vitamins

    - hair skin nails supplement (contains iron, biotin, calcium).

    I take these coz I'm a vegetarian and I need them. I don't really now how they interact with Mirt.

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