Is my Creatinine in urine too high (1 743 mg/L or 15 426 µmol/L)?

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I would really appreciate some help.

This morning I did a urine test (peed in a plastic cup, not a 24 hour urine collection test) and got the results that are 5 times higher than they were 6 months ago.

I got the following results:

1 743 mg/L or 15 426 µmol/L

I am 42 year old woman.

Thank you!

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    If you have any concerns , don't hesitate see your doctor . Creatinine is not a measure of kidney health.

    Protein however may be. Test papers are very cheap to buy and easily available .

    What is a normal level of creatinine?

    That depends on your age, race, gender, and body size.

    Can my healthcare provider know if my kidneys are working properly by looking at how much creatinine is in my blood?

    No. Looking at how much creatinine is in your blood is not the best way to check your kidney health.That’s because the level of creatinine in your blood is affected by your age, race, gender, and body size. (In other words, what’s considered “normal” depends on these factors.)The best way to know if your kidneys are working properly is by looking at your glomerular filtration rate (GFR).

    GFR is a routine lab that can be found on your blood work report.GFR is a calculation that includes your creatinine, along with your age, gender, race, and weight.Your GFR number will help your healthcare provider know if you have kidney disease.You may have kidney disease if your GFR number is:

    Below 60 for three months

    Above 60 with signs of kidney damage (having protein in the urine is a sign of kidney damage)

    Do I need any other tests?

    Yes, another important test to check kidney function is a urine test. You will be asked to pee into a clean cup called a specimen cup. Only about two tablespoons of urine is needed to do the test. The urine will be sent to a laboratory, where a test called an ACR (albumin-to-creatinine ratio) is done. An ACR shows whether you have a type of protein called albumin in your urine. A normal amount of albumin in your urine is less than 30 mg/g. Anything above 30 mg/g may mean you have kidney disease, even if your GFR number is above 60.

    This test is also used to look at how likely it is that a person’s kidney disease will get worse.This is called risk for progression.Having high amounts of albumin points to a higher risk.

    Are there any instances when creatinine alone can be used to determine kidney function?

    This is an important question.There is a difference between looking at creatinine in your bloodstream (called “serum creatinine”) and looking at creatinine in your urine (called “creatinine clearance”).These are two different lab tests.Serum creatinine is part of a routine lab report; creatinine clearance is not.

    Creatinine clearance requires a timed urine sample.All the urine you have passed within a specific time period – usually 24-hours – is saved (collected) in a container and tested.The result shows how much creatinine has passed through your kidneys into your urine.It helps show how well your kidneys are removing the waste products from your blood.

    Serum Creatine alone cannot be used to determine kidney function.

    What if I am diagnosed with kidney disease?

    There is help! Learn more about kidney disease and what you can do to stay healthy and prevent the progression of kidney disease here.

    See also:

    Two simple tests for kidney disease


    Kidney Tests

    The information shared on our websites is information developed solely from internal experts on the subject matter, including medical advisory boards, who have developed guidelines for our patient content. This material does not constitute medical advice. It is intended for informational purposes only. No one associated with the National Kidney Foundation will answer medical questions and I am not a medical professional. See your doctor and good luck, please remember serious conditions are rare.

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      Thank you so much!

      I've been trying to get some information to help me decide how urgent my situation is.

      I've had some sort of kidney pain for years, off and on, but my results were always ok.

      Ever since I took prednisone for an autoimmune condition I have, my test results showing "something".

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      I am not a health service professional, so please take anything I say with correct health advice.

      I had a perfectly normal life and then 5 years ago I developed high blood pressure. (350+ /280+)So high, it wrecked my kidneys. I was admitted to hospital and my creatinine levels became so high I threw up constantly. I was moved to another hospital. Where I was rushed into emergency dialysis. I had dialysis for three or four months. The story was; I would be on dialysis for the rest of my life. Not a happy prospect. After four months my own kidneys recovered and my blood pressure is now better than normal for my age.

      Don't panic about the Prednisolone I had it in hospital and afterwards for three years. Getting off the prednisolone was however hard. I had to reduce the dose to half a miligram and then finally every other day.

      One thing I would, or should warn you about is crank health food diets, people lurk through these sites looking for victims. Please don't get involved. Most hospitals and doctors are pretty good. Anyway good luck, just hope this is just a freak incident. God bless and keep calm. E

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