Is my doctor ignoring my hyperthyroidism diagnosis?

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For almost the past two years Ive had clear symptoms of hyperthyroidism and my doctor has not given me any medication apart from Atenalol, something to lower my heart rate as it was 150 when I went for my last visit. I am 5'2 and 115 pounds, 10 pounds down (which i didn't even realize i lost because I'm trying to eat a lot and my appetite is crazy). Im 20 years old and female in Uni. Im starting to feel mentally weak, extremely anxious and am isolating myself from my loved ones and feeling strain on my current relationships. I know this is not just generalized anxiety because I have the following symptoms:

- Fast heartrate

- Muscle tightness, specifically extremely painful in my shoulder like inflammation in my shoulder capsule joints

- Irritated all the time

- Losing weight and watery stool

- Sweating, tingling, heat intolerance and dry eczema especially on face

- I feel like I cant breath, or I'm hyperventilating and I cant take a deep enough breath. I thought I had asthma for a while or anxiety and was having periods of time when Id get so anxious I would puke

My bloodtests show signs of thyroiditis and my white bloodcell count is always high, but my doctor said that my recent bloodtest the results were on "the verge" and she said shes not sure if the bloodtests are just inaccurate because she could be catching it at the wrong time when my thyroid is settling or inhibiting itself. Previous bloodtests within the last year were in the hyperthyroid range but my recent one was on the "verge". She is a young and new doctor and my mom tells me she might just be hesitant to take action because she is inexperienced.

I was very sure I had hyperthyroidism last year after I had a seizure-like loss of consciousness. My results were hyperthyroid at the time but I was distracted by the seizure and losing my drivers licence to pursue the hyperthyroidism that had come to my attention. Im frustrated by my symptoms and the fact that my doctor hasn't prescribed anything at all yet.

Should i be fighting my case more to my doctor? and is this all in my head? I convinced myself that it was just anxiety and stress before but i feel like the blood tests are saying i have hyperthyroidism. Should I trust my gut and not my doctor? I need input as to why my doctor is hesitant. She referred me to an endocrinologist after she was hesitant last visit. I wish i had my bloodtest results to post them here but i will have access to them within the next two days.

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    Hi Dalia,

    Im Not a doctor but I have Graves' disease, although am Euthroid or Normal at the moment ... when I came across this site I thought I was dying  !

    i had all the symptoms of HYPERthyroid and Graves' disease ,.... and THATS a long list 

    Google ...  Hyperthyroid  symptoms ... and learn all you can about it

    Your blood tests will tell if you have Thyroiditis , inflammation of the

    Thyroid , HYPERthyroid disease , Graves' disease,  HYPOthyroidism , Hashimotos

    or whatever else ...

    If you have antibodies   and Hyper that means Graves Disease 

    If you have antibodies and Hypo .. that's Hashimotos 

    But only your blood results will make that clear ... and I guess you've NOT had a formal diagnosis then .. if your GP can't read  the numbers properly !

     ' On the verge '      as you said your dr explained .. is like saying someone is a little bit pregnant ...     ...  if your pe on the verge ...  it's  Very likely 

    you have a thyroid issue !!!

    .... and she needs to get it sorted ... for you  !

    You need to ask ( and it is your right to have this )  for a printed copy of your blood results ...   come back here and print out exactly what it says on the sheet .... all the numbers  

    people can read these results for you... and many are better at it

    than doctors ..

    I would think your symptoms would be very obvious to an experienced doctor...   you say your doctor is young  !  so she should be well up to date 

    on such matters !

    In order to fix you she would need to refer you to a Endocrinologist who is the one who prescribes a drug that lowers your Thyroid Hormone that is causing your anxiety ... etc etc ...

    ....or she could also do it ... truth is , she probably does not know how to do this and is afraid to take that step ...

    you could start by asking to be referred ... and quickly , to an Endo...

    if if you have a long wait you could think about trying a natural product that I and many others have used successfully ....Motherwort tincture,  Bugleweed tincture  and Lemon balm  tincture ......check with her if you think you'd like to take it till your meds are decided ..

    Buy some B12  ( must be sublingual ... ie  taken and melted under the tongue .. as it is dissolved and absorbed better there than through the stomach) ... amazon  SUBLINGUAL  B12

    PLEASE GOOGLE        

    MOTHERWORT  / Hyperthyroid

    BUGLEWEED /  Hyperthyroid  

    and LEMON BALM /  Hyperthyroid 

    take 3 or 4 to start with daily for a week..   and if you go with the tinctures 

    as well ... you should begin to feel more   'quiet ' 

    Please get the ball rolling ... as it can be a very miserable time for you..

    dont hesitate to ask questions ... there are many people will give you great advice  ... I took Carbimazole  from my Endocrinologist 20mg per day 

    then down to 10mg per day as the thyroid hormone lessened  ... then down to 5mg per day    and stopped after around 10 months ..  I took many natural supplements that my body had been depleted of   like the B12 

    Magnesium, etc...   and many more ...

    that I can tell you later if you want me to .. but for now it's important you get those blood results 

    Best of luck Luvvie 

    luv Mx🌹

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    If you  google Thyroid uk  

    and  put in the search Box ..

          HYPERthyroid Symptoms

    it will give you a very detailed

    Symptom List ...   you can print this ...  

    and with the number of severe symptoms of thyroid dysfunction that you have ...

    fill out the list by ticking the boxes that are relevant to YOU ...

    then make are an appt ... and take it to your Doctor ... who will not be able to ignore your Plea for help any longer ....   or , she should .. find another profession !...


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    Hi I have been going through the same issues it's a nightmare I just want to feel normal again my endo also said I'm have slight hyperthyroidism It started out with jumping out of my sleep which never happened in all my 43 years then the constant anxiety racing thoughts she hasn't prescribed nothing but L-Carntine which I take 500 MG of daily it helps a bit but I don't feel like myself I also have an enlarged nodule which I'm getting a biopsy done this week too hopefully we will find the answers we need and can function again good luck

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      Think your doctor needs to be treating you a bit better than that !!!

      L Carnitine is great for helping ... but you're not going to get much help from only 500mg

      You could be taking much more than that if it's safe for you ... and no reason why it's not !

      Google L Carnitine / THYROID

      And you'll see the dosage that could make you feel better



      Bugleweed tincture / THYROID

      Motherwort tincture / THYROID

      Lemon balm / THYROID

      Magnesium /THYROID

      B12 / THYROID

      D3 / THYROID

      And take it from there

      Be specific in your questions when you post a message and you will get help


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      Thank you for your helpful information. My doctor put me on an urgent list to see an endocrinologist and do an Uptake test with the chemical medicine department at the hospital and also a thyroid ultrasound at the hospital. I will be speaking to a specialist there and hopefully they can rule out the issue.

      I went to a walk in clinic of my family friend who is a doctor and he told me that i probably just have anxiety. It was very discouraging... he offered me an anti-anxiety medication so i can get through my final exams. i will obtain my blood test results and see what the specialist says and report back here.

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      Dalia .. although kind of him to try to help ... THINKING it's anxiety is NOT the same as PROVING scientifically that's it is a Thyroid problem . You've been actually told you have slight hyperthyroidism ... that's a bit like being told you are slightly pregnant ...and anxiety is a BIGGY on the symptom list of HYPER ..

      it's up to you of course .. but all of the above work extremely well with anxiety.. I urge you to google them

      Individually.. don't discount them because they are not Drugs ..they are powerful AND taken by many in this site with great results .. the sooner you see the Endocrinologist the better Best of luck


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