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I think I have been too optimistic with my recovery. I had a rectocele & cystocele repair at the end of March & everything went very well. I had little pain & because I felt so well and maybe have done too much.

Last week I did a stupid thing & washed my vulva & just inside with soap! Since then I have been very itchy & dry. I also have felt a lump when I am standing up which feels like my prolapse rectum did but in a different position. I am worried sick that I have caused another prolapse.

I can't get an appointment with my GP until next Wednesday & wonder if anyone has had any similar problems.

We borrowed money to go private for many different reasons & I am so upset. 


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    Hi Jennie, soap is best kept away from the vagina, it’s self cleaning and only really needs warm water, though if in a soapy bath it will find its way there!

    You could try Sudocreme, the baby cream, that should calm things down.

    You will have a lump like feeling at the back, it’s like a Ridge where you’ve been stitched and takes ages to settle down and two years later I can still feel it. It’s good that you’re going to your dr, hopefully they will be able to reassure you. Unfortunately my rectocele came back, but a lot further down, and smaller, also doesn’t really bother me now.

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      Hi Laura. May I ask your age and why you think your recotocele came back? If you care to read my post you'll see I'm very worried about this.

      However... I'm thinking... surely they just stitched the connective tissue that prolapse and if it was to come back it would be the same as before the op or less... I don't really get how it could be worse... but everything I've read thus far suggest to me that havinf the op means if u ruin it you will prolapse with avengence.

      I'm 34 and have a toddler. Jst had the op and am desperate (okay maybe in 6 to 8 weeks) to get back to lifting him out the bath and carrying him / bringing in the shopping bags etc. As ill have no help once my partner goes back to work..

      Also. Great to know about the raised area! Makes sense. Cheers for sharing

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      Hi, over 50, a lot older than you are. It came back because Iwas straining to go to the toilet, I was on softeners, but my rectal muscles didn’t work at all for a few weeks after the op. Younger tissues are stronger, you have a good chance of strengthening up. You’re more likely to prolapse again when you’re older. When they do a posterior prolapse repair they pull the lax tissue together, cut off any loose and restitch together, both layers, so it’s a strong repair, if you prolapse again it would be above or below the original.

      I had a 2 year old when I had a slipped disc, and back surgery so could never lift her after that. She climbed up when I was sitting down. I never lifted her up again, and somehow you manage.

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      Hey Laura. Thanks for your reply. It's only 15 years ... doesn't seem much at all really when I put it like that.

      I'm sorry to be so needy ... but i just cant shake something off...

      And it's bugging me.

      When I was warned of the risks .. ' prolapse may return' I tried to articulate best I could a question about whether this was BECAUSE of having surgery or whether it was simply a risk BECAUSE I'm susceptible to prolapse I.e. if I didn't have the surgery it would've got worse anyway...

      You really sound like you know your stuff so wondered what your thoughts were on this given your experience?

      Also ... when you say above or below the original ... so I can reassure myself with the fact that if the prolapse returned at least it would'nt be as bad because it's had the support... how do u know it could be lower...

      Oh bummer! (Choice of phrase )

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      Sorry to hear about the back.. my lo is adapting but it breaks my heart.

      I'm a single mum so do it all... I also work full time and have a long walking commute. Very much hoping my tissue will hold up. Thank u x

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      They say prolapse repairs fail in one third of patients at my age, I took the risk. I suppose if you’ve had two prolapses already you could have another.

      Just be aware any heavy weights are a no no from now on. A long commute to work carrying a heavy bag will not be good for you. Have you still got your uterus? Would be good if you have, more support from the top end of the pelvic floor.

      And yes, it would most likely have got worse if you hadn’t had the a and p, could have ended up with an enterocele as well.

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      Hi Laura

      Yes, it was daft using soap! Thanks for the suggestion about sudocrem.

      Along with some ridges, I can now feel like a spongy lump towards the front which I didn't think was there before. 

      Even laying down I can feel something inside which I didn't feel before I had the op.

      As I said, it only started after I had used the soap!

      Fingers crossed it isn't another prolapse.

      Kind regards



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      Hi Jennie, like the back wall, the front wall has to be tightened to repair the cystocele, what you are feeling is probably just the repair itself. If you’ve got the stuck tampon feeling that’s what it is. It should level out with time. Three months is still early in recovery.

      Dont worry about using the soap, it won’t have caused any lasting harm.

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      I know how concerned you are and rightly so.

      With these repairs u unfortunately they don't last a life time.

      My anterior repair lasted 2 weeks and I did nothing for 8 weeks. I believe it was a loose stitch.

      I have a new fabulous professor of urogyna and am 5 mths tvh and anterior repair.

      I still have that fall out feeling and also the spongy soft bit underneath urethra just by entrance. This is normal,when they do repair they can only come down so far be sure of the nerves etc in the front,we would be incontinent if they repaired right down to front.

      All I can say is avoid any heavy lifting including children,never strain on loo again or this will pull the weak tissues down and forever do your pelvic floor squeezes. My physio told me we cannot worry about what if because of 10 women had same surgery each one would have a different outcome..scary I know but that's how it is.

      I fear my repair will drop but I have faith in my consultant that whatever life brings He will do his utmost best for me and what he has in front of him.

      It sure does crazy things to our minds. I had no pain at all so I just be doing well. If you need comfort down there in vag coconut oil if lovely and also yes yes yes yes.xx

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      Hi welshgirl.

      Thank you very much for your reply & information.

      Great to read I can use the coconut oil, I wondered if I could.

      Yes, every day I wonder if what I have done will cause the repair to fail. Although, I also have faith in my Consultant.

      I will look at the website.

      Thank you again.

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