Is Reflux causing this?

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Hi, was wondering if anyone gets these symptoms with their Reflux?

I've had the usual acid reflux with the burning throat which was worse during my 5 pregnancies.

But I also get silent reflux and wondered if these symptoms sound familiar to anyone?

*Full on acid taste in my whole mouth (not all the time).

*Dry mouth and throat or sometimes too much saliva being produced.

*Mucous feeling at back of throat.

*Sometimes a feeling of a lump stuck in throat.

*Difficulty swallowing saliva but fine swallowing foods and drink.

*Choking on saliva when swallowing.

*Sometimes constantly needing to swallow.

*Can be so much worse after eating certain trigger foods and also if I haven't eaten for a while.

*Can get wheezy at times.

*Can get croaky/hoarse.

I'm sure there's a few more things and I'll add them when I remember.

Does any of this sound like silent reflux?

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    Hi xxKxxxxx

    I also get most of your symptoms asociated with silent reflux, I manage them to some extent with taking ppi's daily and by watching what I eat and drink. Probably my worse part is the "lump in the throat" feeling but apart from being careful with diet and managing anxiety there does not seem to be much else to help it.

    all the best 


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      Thank you for your reply.

      Do you get the choking and difficulty swallowing? I find that the most bothersome symptom so far and sometimes I need to swallow but its like my throat says nope not doing that.. Very frustrating!

      I too have anxiety. I suffered bad in the first half of last year and overcame it with cbt and now it's back but mildly.


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    Difficulty swallowing saliva but fine swallowing foods and drink Can get wheezy at times Can get croaky/hoarse Dry mouth and throat or sometimes too much saliva being produced Can be so much worse after eating certain trigger foods and also if I haven't eaten for a while i have these and more such as neck and shoulder pain sore throat back head pain ect...😭😰😢

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      Kay, Omg, sounds like me..what's the deal do you think with the sore neck and lower skull pain in back of's like at times, not all the time, I have to stop and concentrate to relax my neck muscles so I can swallow saliva. Such strange symptoms..I do find tho that deep breathing and relaxing techniques helps soothe flared symptoms. Now if only I could find something to soothe this acid, I would be good..wink

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      The only things I have found as I don't want to go down the medication route yet is, try and avoid my trigger foods and try not to leave a big gap between meals.

      Although today I didn't follow this.. I had one of my trigger foods at brunch time then didn't eat for 8-9hrs then had tea so I'm suffering a bit this evening 🙁

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    I have had been suffering from horrendous joint pains (shoulders, elbows ,wrists, knees , fingers even shoulder blades were painful to press lightly, rib cage especially at the back, neck and base of head was soo bad I took painkillers before I went to hairdresser and she had to wash my hair within a few minutes, constantly biting my cheeks and inner lip while chewing  wink since January.

    2 months ago I went to see my rheumatologist who had diagnosed me with Sjogrens syndrome (SS) . He put me back on hydrochloroquin and slapped my wrists for not coming to him sooner (at this stage I couldn't open boxes, jars, packaging, brush my hair, get dressed /undressed and was taking NASID orally, also gels, sprays ) So for past 2 months I have been taking the hydrochloroquin ,NSAID plus the gels on joints etc.....very very gradually all the joints are returning to normal ..(.can now squat and stand up unaided) the gastroenterologist also told me that my GERD, Barretts, Esophagitis, Gastritis are probably related to SS.

    ?Perhaps some of others on here could also have an autoimmune problem which attacks various joints.

    ?I am now starting my 3rd month on SS med (still have to continue with anti inflammatory gels and Celebrex (NSAID)and things are getting starting to think that all the joint pains were the result of SS (and not as a result of getting 1 orthopedic told me sad 

    ?btw I am 65 but have been always been into exercise since school days ( from gymnastics to  dance, to horse riding ) so I would say I am reasonably fit)

    ?Sorry fro the long post but perhaps see a rheumatologist and find out if u too have an auto immune disorder ??? 

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      joint pains (shoulders, elbows ,wrists, knees , fingers shoulder blades very painful under my rib cage is like there have a bag of water or a bag of air very disturbing ,palpitations neck and base of head discomfort when wallow saliva and more if anybody get something that help please share
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      Wlow, thank you for the information. I don't really have aches like that. Just little pains in head area, especially base of skull. Sometimes achy behind my eyes. I swear, it seems like daily I get new symptoms. Sometimes forgetting until.someone mentions

      I wonder at times if all this is deriving from.more than just acid reflux. So thank you again for info.

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