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I was just wondering if anyone else has had a stressful time of late, or some length of time. I have had a stressful year, not all to do with D'D. 

but it has been at the top of the list for some time. I know (been told ) 

stress cause all sorts of problems ,with our bodies, and probably with our

heads. and sets off some chemical reaction that we are unaware of at

the time,that makes DD strike.I know that we are highly tuned about

our eating habits, which doesn't help my peace of mind.  other problems do set my guts churning ,Maybe we should all be taking Prozac !!!

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    Hi Jacqueline Just had surgery and the pain leading up to the op was bad. Thankfully it is dying down now but still watching what I eat and eating smaller meals. Maybe that's the key to eat little and often? Stress definitely a part in dd 
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      I see that you are still worrying about food consumption,even though 

      you have been through what must have been a traumatic time .Were you

      told you still had to watch what you ate ,for a while, or forever. ?

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    Morning, yes I totally agree that stress is definitely involved.  I think that I must have had IBS for a long time but think that was definitely food related e.g. I think I'm lactose intolerant.  However, the DD definitely developed at the end of an incredibly stressful 4-5 years involving much loss.  I have tried very hard to ensure I have a lot less stress in life nowadays even though that impacts on the amount of work I do but life and health mean much more than other things.
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      Sorry to hear that and hope it is helping.  I did have to take stock and now manage myself better.  I exercise as much as possible - work from home - so outdoors exercise twice a week in daylight, taking Vit D as well along with other vits plus the probiotics.  Have to look after No. 1 before No. 1  can look after anyone else is my theory.
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      I,m doing fine-ish, but the Div is a bit like the Damocles sword

      hanging over my head. Did you get any specific help from the medicals

      about the possiblity that you may get further flares ?? 

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    Hello again Jacqueline,

    I think stress reduces the natural defences of our bodies; and so we are less able to fight infection. My partner of 19 years died in August last year; a terrible time indeed. Got through the funeral and was relieved not to have got ill; but then in November got the dreaded DD infection time after time after time til July this year; when I began taking your wonderful high strenth Acidophilis from H&B. Doing OK physically now - everything crossed>>>!!!!!

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      It's true what they say christine ,one crisis after another .I did start a forum on immune systems being low or destroyed, by stress, 

       I am sooooooooooo glad I found the Acidophilis, I know i have had a 

      hiccough, but on the whole I think it works, may increase my doses 

      can't do any harm 

      Glad you are doing O.K x

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    Hi Jacqueline,

    I believe that stress is a big part of DD. I have always had IBS well controlled but for the pasf 2 years my life has been less than normal. Very stressful situations. I was diagnosed 2 years ago with DD and 4 infections so far. I realized food for me is a minor trigger. I take Cymbalta and Clonazepam and also Bentylol and yet my sress is no better. Just don't know how to control it.

    I feel like one of these days a picket is going to burst.


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      Morning vivian, Isn't it a sod, My life has been stress infested for the 

      past three years, and the DD started about two years ago, Seemingly

      if you get the stress under control, it's too late to stop the DD so, we are in a NO win situation,and there's not a thing any of us can do about it, only acccept the onslaught as it gets worse. which causes

      more stress because we know, there is no recovery,and that

      probably surgery is the final solution. Don't you sometimes wish

      that you could start you life again

      You could ask your GP to refer you to a Stress clinic, I attend one.

      I'm just recovering from a burst abscess, not to be recommended


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    Hi Jacueline,

    As you know I've been feeling very stressed for the past while over a lot of things, relationship, money, death, this stupid DIVI and how to control it..(still can't)  This forum and the people I've come in contact with have helped a lot.  Talking to people who are going through what I am on a regular basis is weirdly comforting because I can express my frustration and fears without getting the standard. ."There..There" response from those who have no idea what a debilitating condition this is.  Because they can't physically see a symptom they think we're over reacting or putting on a show.  Sometimes I wish I had a photo of my colon to show them.  Can you imagine the looks on their

    I'm slowing coming to terms with the death of my mother-in-law. We were pretty close and I considered her my other mom for the past almost 18 years. and Have gone back to work so the financial worries are easing and I took my husband to my last Dr. Appt. so he could hear first hand what this entails.  He seems to be a lot more understanding (I think).  There are still stressors but I'm learning to deal with them slowly.  Being a part of this forum certainly helps smile

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      Hello again, one of my stresses has been sorted ,as I have just told you,

      but I do have more One consolation you do have sunni, is you have a 

      a physical being to listen, even if it is with only half an ear , I don't

      and never have involved myself with outreach relatives ,probably 

      because my job involved a lot of travelling, so I never really had the 

      time, so , I battle on by myself, could do with a hug sometimes,.

      as you say we are not by ourselves now, people on these forums

      do help,  lol I love these faces, there should be more xx

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      Hi Everybody

      Feel better already. Even though going through a bout right as we speak. I am sorry for everyones pain but at least we can relate.

      I have a son that is dealing with mental health, an elderly mother I am looking after and a Brother that had lymphoma and once his chemo was completed he deteriorated. No doctors can figure it out. Hes been in the hospital for one month. Plus a full time job.

      I look OK on the outside but my bowel is rotting away. It wasnt until my Husband came with me to see Surgeon that he fully understood. Im tired of explaining it to people that dont get it. Even family members. Now I tell them to look it up online.



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