Is there a link between fibromyalgia and hyper mobility?

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I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 4 years ago and not very convinced. The rheumatologist did blood tests, then did some pressure points and looked at my hands and knees. He asked if I was double jointed and concluded that his assumption was fibromyalgia.

I have always been extremely flexible and so has my daughter who is 15. It's almost like we have mostly cartlidge instead of bone. For example. I can bend my middle toe all the way back to touch the top of my foot. Gross I know. This being said I noticed when my feet are relaxed I have very high arches but when I stand my feet flatten out completely. I think it's because nothing locks into place. I'm so flimsy that my food can't hold its shape. Which causes all kinds of foot and body pain.

This epiphany lead me to think about my spine. I've heard that pain derives from your spine. So perhaps since I'm so flimsy, my spine is somewhat collapsing on itself. Which is causing pain everywhere in my body. Same with my neck. It feels like I need a neckbrace to support the weight of my head. Maybe because it to is to flimsy to hold my head up.

Does this theory hold water? I'm willing to Investigate!!


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    You were diagnosed by a rheumatologist so they should have checked for any bone deformations when physically examining you or done x-rays, cat scans, or mri if they suspected there was something wrong with your bones especially your spine. Do you have other symptoms? What blood tests were done?

    Many of us feel so tired that we can barely hold our head up. And as for being double jointed, I am too in my fingers and toes. Not in the same way as you. My joints can pop out and in. I experience a lot of pain in both now.

    I'm not a doctor but after 4 years I would hope a doctor would notice if you had bone spurs, disc issues or another issue. Best advice is to talk with your doctor and have additional testing if needed.

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      Thank you for replying! my rheumatologist really hasn't done much. I'm not exactly sure what blood tests he did but he said everything was normal. He did the main pressure points to test for fibromyalgia which didn't hurt when he asked. And then looked at my fingers and that was pretty much it.

      I go back twice a year complaining of it worsening and with new ailments every time like...

      •Extreme shoulder and neck pain.

      •Feels like my ankle is sprained

      •My big toes are on fire at the end of

      the day

      •can't seem to digest my food

      •mood swings


      The list goes on. I had no idea I should get an MRI OR X-RAY. I felt like the doctor hasn't cared to really figure out my issues he gives me 50 mg tramadol which I take two at a time every 4 hours or I don't have enough strength to really lift my arms much which is bad because I'm a hairstylist. I've had to quit my job because of it. He's tried gabapentin and lyrica (which I was afraid to use so didn't) and some other nerve blocking med which did nothing. It was as if I hadn't taken medicine at all. I gave them 24 hours. And suffered. Went right back to the tramadol the next day.

      The tramadol only takes the edge off so I can function but it also gives me energy to want to move.

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      My GP and infectious disease ran tests for thyroid, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, arthritis, lupus, Lyme disease, graves disease, measles, epstein bar and so on. They drew 25 vials in total and sent me for test after test.they also ordered ultra sounds and x-rays. Never went for the mri. By then I also had a full body touch exam not just where tender points were by the rheumatologist.

      Repetitive movements can cause extreme pain for us. I understand why you had to stop work. I was a retail manager. Standing on those hard floors for long periods of time leaves you hobbling home in excruciating pain at the end of the day. Looking for a new career at this stage is my own mid life crisis.

      So it's even more frustrating when doctors aren't listening or helping. Most meds won't give you a full effect in 24 hours but I have had side effects within 48 so I know the not wanting to try new meds. I went a more natural route with supplements. Chrioprractor, accupuncture, and physical therapy helped as well. So if you're feeling like your back is out of whack then I would discuss with your doctor if you can see a chiropractor. Now I was in too much pain for adjustments but he was able to do stretches on the table and minor adjustments with biofreeze. I was able to lift my head again.

      But most importantly stand up for yourself and ask questions about what's going on with your body and talk about pain management were a hairdresser so act as if you are their client. If you don't tell them whatso going on they can't read your mind and may give you a bad haircut. Hope this helps.

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    Hi Julie, yes I believe they are. I was diagnosed with JHS two years ago. My back has been giving me pains since I was about 16 years old (41 now) and for the past 8 to 10 years has been horrendous. And I have had knee pain since a young child. In 2014 I had to quit a job as  every joint was excruciating. However, although the JHS diagnosis was correct I have just this past week been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I think most of the symptoms I've had over the past number of years (much more than two) has actually been the fibro. Worth you exploring more if you think you have it too.


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      sorry, just noticed you already have a fibro diagnosis! Oops! Well hypermobile joints don't cause pain in everyone but it does in some (like me). My bad back is prob due to that. It's collapsed slightly and I have a squashed disc (and some osteoperosis). Causes wild amount of pain.

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      Thank you for talking with me! Staying active and eating healthy foods is so important for feeling better. Stay away from alcohol because it will make you feel worse. Stay away from dry foods and raw food like steamed veggies instead of raw. Fresh fruit instead of dried fruit. Stay hydrated. Eat small portions at at time. All these things will make it easier on your body. Hope you feel better soon
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