Is there anyone living with large fibroids?

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Hey. I had some large fibroids diagnosed a couple years ago but as they weren't causing any problems they were left. Now it feels like they've increased in side. No pain as such but I am having to pee a lot more regularly and not emptying bladder properly as I sometimes have to go again 15 minutes later. I have a gynie appointment in 2 weeks and I'm awake at night with the fear that they'll say they're too large for medication and my only option is some form of surgery. Is there anyone currently living with large fibroids who has decided against surgery? I'm 43 years old.

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    i am 43 as well and have 8 fibroids, some large some smaller. recently i can tell they have grown as they area annoying me now. i also have to go to the loo numerous times which gets embarrassing as sometimes i need to go three times in an hour. i am thinking of getting uterine fibroid embolisation as i dont want a hysterectomy.

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    Hi mimi24999,

    I read these posts often, hoping to find a story that resonates with me, to my relief I found your post! I too am 43 and was diagnosed with a 6cm Fibroid in 2016 after experiencing heavy bleeding, awful constipation, exhaustion and cramps that felt exactly like Labour pains! ( I've had 4 kids, twins included) Once the symptoms settled down, I decided not to do anything because it was still small and I wanted to avoid surgery if possible. However for the last couple of years this Fibroid has begun to affect my daily life. The main issue is the frequent need to least 15 or more times a day, sometimes I have to go back minutes later due to feeling that I haven't fully emptied my bladder. I firmly believe the Fibroid is putting pressure on my bladder Big time! I can almost never lie on my stomach, which btw looks 4 months preggers due to feeling like I'm sleeping on a grapefruit. Sex with my VERY understanding partner can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. A couple of months ago I went for an Ultrasound scan and was informed the fibroid now measured 9cm.....

    I have a telephone appointment with my Gp soon, I will ask to be referred to a Gynae Consultant to discuss Fibroid removal options, as I'm worried I'll end up eventually suffering with bladder incontinence!......apologies for the long message....I have never posted on a forum about this, just needed to spill the beans....especially a 9cm one!

    Thank you for reading, any replies welcome!..

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    Please get your kidneys looked at. Depending where yours is, it may be pressing on the ureters, like mine. Thank the LORD my Dr recommended I get a kidney ultrasound as I found it was. If that happens, its like stepping on a hose... Water gets backed up. It can cause kidney death. I watched my mom die from diabetes... You f*ing need your kidneys.

    Hopefully your doc knows where yours is and didnt think you needed a kidney ultrasound. It's pretty much malpractice if that's not the case. I'd think and hope you'd rather have to have surgery, like me, than die from that. So please... Get a kidney ultrasound.

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    Hi. I am too is against surgery but last month I have decided to go through it. Though I haven't had it yet, I still have this second thought of "what ifs?"

    I'm scared af! Not just because of the surgery but also for the surgery fee which is really expensive and my family has no health insurance! Yes, we have public hospitals that can give charity help and only medicines and laboratory exams I have to worry about but since there are so many people lined up everyday for this.

    I was diagnosed with 9cm fibroids in my uterus last June of 2020. Actually it's inside and out. One doctor said I have the hybrid myoma. The first doctor I have consulted said I should have surgery and they will do hysterectomy. Even the second doctor said this but the third doctor I have consulted said that they will do myomectomy.

    I decided to go to this last doctor since she is not that expensive and I am sure we can afford but it's just odd that she's rushing me to do it. She actually scheduled my surgery on Feb. 23 even if I haven't taken the laboratory exams yet. She calls and messages me everytime , which is sometimes annoying and like really rushing me. I felt like pressured by this and I got nervous until today, I told her that I am not ready yet. Although she tried her best to change my mind to do this on the 23rd, I told her I need to get myself ready first and I will message her once everything is good on my side. Weird response she gave me. She just said ohk-hay, in a sarcastic sound for okay.

    Now, I want to share you something about one Traditional chinese medicine I found online last month. This is called Gui Zhi Fu Ling Tang which I ordered 3 weeks ago and I just got it today. I am gonna try this for now since I have read so much good reviews about this medicine. I already taken 4 tabs this aftenoon. I'll take another before I go to sleep. Wish me luck and I will do my best to keep everyone posted to see the improvements after taking this medicine.

    Please update us too and don't worry, you are not alone. 😃)

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    hi, yes, i have had a large fibroid for the last couple years and recently (last couple months) feels as though has doubled in size (now looks to me like 4 month pregnancy). having a new ultrasound on friday to know exact size. (prior was 7 cm) in addition, due to heavy menstrual bleeding, i am severely anemic. the anemia is the main reason i am contemplating some sort of removal of the fibroid, though i have been trying everything (eating less meat, more veggies, acupuncture, walking/yoga, etc) to avoid surgery. i am almost 52 and still having monthly periods but hoping that once i enter menopause, the fibroid would shrink considerably and my anemia would then be resolved. just not sure how much longer i can live w the heaviness/stomach protrusion and anemia symptoms (dizziness/fatigue/weakness).

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