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Hi ladies, hope you're all doing ok & keeping well. I've had a week from hell(again!)tearfulness, depression & arguments with hubby...even if the wind blows in the wrong direction I'm off in a ranting whirlwind of tears n anger LoL I still have days were I just don't feel right or well & the depression đŸ˜Ș am I destined to stay in this long dark tunnel, where's the supposed "light at the end?!" I reckon it's now been a year since my last period....I thought things would get back to normal then...well.......have I got something else wrong? am I going to be permanantly in this strange sort of sick state? or continue to get funny body sensations? some days are so-so others are total BLEEP!! đŸ˜”  I have noticed sometimes that around the beginning of each month I wouldn't be too bad & days were a bit better but towards the middle/end of each month a lot of these weird scary symptoms are worse...can peri symptoms follow a cyclic monthly pattern? when I was getting periods they'd usually be around the middle of the month...will this settle or stop & I'll get normal months without these ups n downs. After cancelling my holiday 2 months ago I still haven't rebooked as I don't know how I'll be, I usually do a family catch up every year, is now a year since seeing them.  As I've said before...normality were are you?! please come back. My marriage is barely hanging in there, hubby is over in tears, me being snappy grumpy, me being non-responsive/lack of sex (& there's now a reason why & hubby just doesn't like, he makes it sound as though I've always known & not told him omg!) me not feeling well me, me me always something....I've turned into an old bag of worthless misery, never thought I'd end up like this! Rant over....

Stay well ladies xo

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    ah so sorry you having such a\ hard time .   i know what u mean with sex i just got married and feel so sorry for hubby as it just never seems to be on my agenda at the moment.   it does get better i was horrendous at beginning of year and things have got better how long for i dont know but enjoying it while i can.chin up x
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      I know what you mean about the loss of sex drive thing. I sometimes make a real effort to think sexy thoughts in the hope something will reignite, but its just a dead duck currently. I thought my husband was Ok about it, but the other day when I suggested he had a shave he said something along the lines of whats the point in me making an effort, your'e never interested in doing anything in bed anymore, and he actually seemed quite upset. Now I just feel guilty. I hope this resolves at some point and I dont feel this way forever......
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    Are you on any form of HRT?
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      Hi Bobins. If you can't take anything, not even bioidentical HRT, then there has to be about the adrenals. Since they sort of "replace" the ovaries as far as sex hormones is concerned they should have to have additional support to perform optimally. Of course GPs and standard doctors won’t anything about adrenal support and all info will have to come from alternative, naturopathic & complementary medicine.

      On the other had there’s an homeopathic med  “foliculinum” that is prescribed for menopause (there’s more than one but this is the most recommended) that should do HRT’s job without it’s dangers. It’s always better do be followed by an homeopath because they can adjust the meds on a weekly, monthly basis and they LISTEN to you! The meds are quite cheap.  I'll try to post here somethig about it.... see if it comes through...T

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      Excerpt from Homeopathy Home


      So now you have the picture of Folliculinum:

      She feels she is controlled by another

      she is out of sorts with her rhythms

      she is living out someone else's expectations

      she feels she is being fed off emotionally or psychologically

      she loses her will

      she over estimates her energy reserves

      she is full of self-denial

      she becomes a rescuer, addicted to rescuing people

      she becomes drained

      she has become a doormat

      she has forgotten who she is

      she has no individuality.

      There is a very strong link here with Carcinosin, and it is not surprising that Folliculinum works well when Carcinosin is indicated but does not act. Cancer cells after all are cells which have lost their identity, lost their ability to differentiate themselves, to individualise. They revert to primitive cells with no selfhood.

      she loses sense of herself

      she may totally lose herself in her relationships


      Folliculinum can help restore the will and re-empower.(...)

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    Sorry you are going through a hard time. That is like me I have a lot of anxieties palpitations then on Monday i thought i had a uti because i bled a little from my vagina it turned out that it was because of the dryness. I'm scared of using the estrogen cream and i am wondering is there anything i can use that will keep it moist down there instead of the estrogen cream if so please let me know because i am not a big fan of HRTs 

    To me itsone symptom after another

    Just hang in there things will be okay just relax and do not worry so much 

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    Hiya Kiddo

    Life can be really cr*ppy right now, dealing with all this. Totally feel for you re: unable to take conventional HRT. Was going to suggest it as 2 of my sisters swear by it (one for the sex, the other for the sweaty rants (and believe me without it she's bloody frightening, like a pit bull!).

    Can't recall if you're living in Oz?? Another sister lives there. Think she went down the more natural route initially.

    Would it be worth checking your health cover to see if its financiaaly viable going to see someone to talk about more natural approaches/ Bioidentical even?

    I'm sure I've read on here of loads of women who, like you, cannot take trad HRT. They will be a great source of info for you. Personally I don't think I could go this alone.

    I have my Menopace and some Bioidentical progesterone cream that are keeping me straight for now.

    Sad to read about your marriage issues. Fortunately we're both so consumed with house sales/relocating, neither of us fancy sex right now. But I do now feel a bit fruity on occasion, so 'use' it while I fancy it.

    But when we move we're definitely buying us a bed that don't creak. This one is so bloody noisy, it should be marketed opinion as a form of contraception!!!! :-)

    Cheer up kiddo, and do yourself a favour and look into some 'alternative/natural' help cos I know there's something/someone out there to help you :-)


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      Howdy, Yes I'm in Oz...Thankyou for giving me a laugh Re the creaky bed 😁 oh the mind doth boggle! LoL 😇

      Think I will try Harmony Menopause herbal tablets again, I stopped before because I just didn't feel right but I'll endeavour to take it for a longer time...hoping it might do something for this horrible scary sensation that comes over me that leaves me in a blubbering mess, then it eases off just wish it would go away for good! 

      Good luck with your house moving. Take Care, keep well 


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    I'm PM ing you a few links on adrenal support.
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