Is this an ankle sprain and do I need to rest it?

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Basically, just over a month ago I was playing football (5-a-side) and in the first few minutes I went to block a shot. The ball was harder than expected and this bent my foot downwards. I felt a sharp pain in my ankle but ran it off. However, after we had finished playing (an hour later), it was very sore, achy and uncomfortable. It remained sore for around half a week, and achy and uncomfortable for around a week on top of that. 

I missed 5-a-side the following week in order to rest my ankle. I returned a week later, and my ankle became achy and uncomfortable. When I got back home it was again sore. 

I have since laid off football (for 3-4 weeks) and have been resting my ankle. I have been gently exercising by walking at normal pace. This last week, I have been for two runs. On Monday, this caused no issues, but following running on Wednesday, my ankle was again sore, achy and uncomfortable. I have been using RICE (rest, ice, compress, elevate) which has relieved a lot of discomfort. However, every once in a while, simply from changing position when laying down, I feel a sharp pain in my ankle, that lasts for five minutes or so before reducing to a dull ache which seems to remain. 

I am able to walk at my normal pace, however it feels slightly abnormal to do so. Is this a simple sprain and do I just need to rest it by laying off exercise for a few weeks until comfortable once again? 


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    Go get it checked out. You need further investigation if it's still sore after that period of time. You may have a hairline fracture or damage to your ligaments or tendons. If there's further damage that you're not aware of you might damage it further or you risk it not healing properly and continuing to cause you problems.

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    You need to stop prevaricating, go and see your GP and get a referral for a scan of your ankle. I cannot stress this too much - do it now!

    I did very much the same as you on June 24th, 1985. I waited until it "felt better" then continued running. I am now crippled.

    DO IT NOW!!!

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    Everyone is correct, get to a doctor and have it evaluated.  In September of 2015 I was walking in Paris, twisted my left foot very slightly on some cobblestones and had kind of the same experience you're relating.  Mostly it was okay, sometimes it hurt, sometimes it was swollen, sometimes at night it throbbed, etc.  I finally went to an orthopedic surgeon, he ordered an MRI and turns out I'd shredded my peroneal tendon.  So 8 months after the incident, I had surgery.  Fortunately for me, it's all a happy ending.  Now it's 6 months after the surgery and I have full range of motion, no pain, no limping, all is good.  But, I suffered for 8 months because I kept thinking, "oh, it will get better pretty soon."  I regret that I didn't listen to my husband and go see the doctor much, much sooner. Call now, get an appointment and find out what's really causing you discomfort and get it taken care of.  It's much better to know your situation and get it fixed if it needs fixing.  Good luck!

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    Don’t worry AT ALL!

    It will heal; “One Week” or even “3-4 weeks” is too soon, it may last for a year… exercising now is not good even gently, but walking at normal pace, is a Good Idea… But should you worry? No, Then what should you do? Just wear Boots (Regular Boots), I mean always… Sorry I know it’s awkward but that’s what YOU SHOULD DO. But if you do that then do Not Worry At All…

    RICE, Is for 24 up to 48 hours after incident. Actually there are ideas out there that telling too much RICE and for longtime is not good.

    I would say this is simple sprain, BUT of course you should “laying off exercise until comfortable once again”,

    By wearing boot always you may protect it till get healed, by always I mean ALWAYS. I’m disagreeing with MRI for your case, MRIs are not good in this case, and should you be careful? Yes. For how long for maybe a Year! Should you o for MRI stuff now, I don’t think so…

    When you have “full range of motion, no pain, no limping”, then why to look for making problems for yourself? I think you are so in hurry, it’s not good! Weeks or even months is not enough really, This takes may be a year…

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      Hi ankle surgery,

                                 Are you basing your reply on the age of the OP and the consequent effect on recovery time, or on an intimate knowledge of the injury, and whether there is any ligament damage and consequential relaxation of the joints which will, incidentally result in arthritis?  Any damage to feet/ankles should be investigated - I'm not talking about simple sprains etc where no tissue damage has occurred. Wearing boots will not achieve the same remedial effect as a correctly fitted orthopedic device.

         You will find forums like this littered with people who have difficulty walking , usually in later life, because they "left it and didn't worry". This is why we have health systems, the OP needs to go and see his/her doctor.


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      dobbo1950, Please talk with me about your own experience I’m eager to hear…

      But about Too much OCD, I would say it can lead to problems, For example I just have seen some researches that shown MRI is not a good indication AT ALL!

      You said “waited until it "felt better" then continued running”, how long does that take? If months then that has been the problem. Tendons can take year to recover, and in this time, I told the person should wear boot always. Then after maybe a year and having problem, THEN of course someone should seek more help. I’m disagree with deciding based of a MRI and just after weeks or months, I think it is too soon. But SURE the person should be very careful; stuff like “Gently Excursuses” may not help actually. But wearing supportive boots can be a good idea. For incident that “Flashmage” is describing, I would say it’s a simple sprain; He/She wanted to recover in weeks! This is of course a big mistake.

      What have been your Incident “dobbo1950”?

      I’m an ordinary person, & I would like to hear “Your story”, “dobbo1950” and learn from you.

      Actually somewhere I read that there has been lots of MRI that have lead people to wrong diagnoses! I suggest you also search for this. So I would say giving time (not weeks and months maybe a year) and wearing boots (ALWAYS) before judging based on MRI is a necessity…

      But as I said it’s just my idea, & I do sure accept better recommendations…





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