Is this CS scan says no?

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Hi all,

My first post and I am moaning! Actually I am just posting as I am suffering with a condition which I believe may be misdiagnosed, however I could be wrong.

I have had neck, shoulders and upper back pain for the last three years. The pain is not severe but is certainly unremitting, i have it 24/7.

I notice it gets worse after certain exercises (weight training), lifting my son (or anything!), and walking for anything over 20 minutes ccauses my mid back muscles to be very sore and ache. I then have to sit down for a while.

The only main relief I get is from lying on one side with my neck supported. It feels like the muscles finally get a bit of rest.

I get frequent headaches, some are very painful. they start at the base of my neck and travel over my head in a vice like grip.

The area each side of my shoulders is always very taught and If i press in with my hand I can at least get a tiny bit of temporary relief.

I also get ear pain, hand pain and occasional pins and needles in my hands. In fact sometimes a finger or two will cramp up (I am a guitar player so this is a problem!).

The kicker is that I have had an MRI of my neck and upper back. The only thing showing is a dessicated disk and Bone spur in my Thoracic.

The Rheumatologist has diagnosed Fibromyalgia or some form of central pain syndrome. I dont have widespread pain other than the aforementioned, (other than a dodgy right knee).

I am utterly convinced that this is still CS, however I am flogging a dead horse as far as the NHS goes.

My reasons for remaining convinced also come from my Dads Spondylosis condition, which he says is very similar pain wise.

Any thoughts on the matter is much appreciated. I realise this isnt the place to be diagnosed, but I guess if anyone does think it's similar, then maybe there are some exercises etc that I could do (or avoid!) to get some relief.

Unfortunately I have a stomach issue which is also undiagnosed, it means I cant seem to take painkillers, maybe the odd Ibuprofen, but thats it. This makes things a lot harder, and I am on my third round of long term sick at the moment.. very stressful!

Any pointers gratefully received, and I think forums like these are a great source of information sharing.



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    hi just read your post and I find it is more trial and error on exercise but they recommend little and often but not to strenuous if you are not happy go back to see your gp and he might refer you to a pain management clinic in your area if there is one. but then you might want to just take it a step at a time that might not be easy at first but as I said it is trial and error the trick is not to do too much at once so good luck with that if it is helpful to you
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    I found traction helpful, I'm going to buy one on line after using it with my physio. Ask your doctors for a physio referral and ask them for medication to line your stomach so you can take stranger pain killers. Iv had massive headaches, earache, head fuzz,numb fingers, chest pains and the physio said it's all deferred pain from my neck. Try not to lift heavy things as this strains your neck more.
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    hi a lot of people cant use the traction as it makes it worse but it is trial and error his gp might give him omeprazole that is for your stomach or you can buy something like it at the chemist ( sure you can buy it at chemist) a few have tried acupuncture to that might work if he might have fibromyalgia I don't think traction will work .a friend of mine has it and she tried it through her gp and it made her worse if you are willing to try meditation that works for some people more so if he has fibromyalgia I hope something works for you all smile
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    These are great responses thank you.

    It does sound to me more like CS symptoms rather than Fibromyalgia, but I guess they can be similar in a way so it is hard to tell!

    Do you have pain 24/7? does it ever let up?

    I have been seeing a pain management doctor and have been given a nerve block to see if that helped the pain. In addition I have had botox into the trapezius muscle. The botox did lessen the upper back pain for a bit but didn't do much for the neck pain.

    I was also given Pantaprazole (PPI) for my stomach, but that didnt seem to help matters. My stomach investigations are still ongoing!

    I did try traction a little bit, got one of those over the door jobs. I didnt see much if any benefit, it didnt make it worse though. I may try this on a more regular basis.

    I am also going to ask for Botox again, but this time in my neck. see if that helps matters.

    I have aso tried accupuncture, chiropractor and Physio with no benefit. In addition ive been tried on many different medications, but I get reactions and side effects that are too hard to live with. So at the moment it is paracetamol only... its tough going

    Thank you again for the responses!

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    hi yes I am in pain 24/7 mine does not let up it might ease but it is there all the time as I have also got a steel rod in from the top of my neck to the bottom of my spine I am pleased you are seeing a pain management doctor why don't you see if there is a pain management clinic in your area and if so you might want to try it if you can get in it might help and you will meet some people in the same position as yourself and you will make new friends (hopefully) I did and we still meet up once a month for lunch (and a moan) and no one judges anyone
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    I would try physio again it took me four sessions to clear just the head fuzz, it's taken many many more to clear any pain , it's a long term process with no quick fix I'm afraid. The traction is used before I have a pump either side of my neck which the physio says will pump inflammation away from the trigger points on my neck. He also uses ultra sound and my mum has an ultra sound and lazer machine which I use. He also says to hang my head over the bed for ten minuets and then use ice packs. It's a long hard road some days are ace I feel nothing others are tough. Iv been told to avoid lifting,stooping,swimming for now as it may aggrivate it, so going to try yoga and Pilates.
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