Is this drug anygood for OCD?.

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I have been taking Mirtazapine for about a month, i feel very drowsy, and i

also do not want to get out of bed in the morning, i am taking 15mg a day,

​i have also been taking Diazapam 5mg. twice a day,i have been taking

​Benzo's off and on for 40yrs.I do enjoy a beer or a glass of wine, but have

been told not to take Mirtazapine with alcohol. Until now the Mirt. has little

​or no effect in improving my pure OCD, and i am thinking of coming off them,

​i have self refered for a course of CBT, but i may have to wait up to 5 months

​for a consultation!.Has anyone any advice for me please.


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    Hi Im on 45mg Mirtazapine for years, it has helped my mood and I take mine at night to help me sleep, I have put a LOT of weight on with it.

    I have now started to get anxiety attacks and my gp wants to change me to sertraline but I have to wean of mirtazapine first, meds are a minefield!!!! I am a bit scared of it all and that making my anxiety worse.

    I stopped drinking alcohol 16 years ago when my depression began because I thought it mad it worse

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      Hello I've told baz my situation a had anxiety and insomnia doctor give me mirtz made it worse been on it 4 weeks my psychiatric nurse said a need pregablin 75mg twice a day I've read the reviews and sounds to good to be true think a should still take 30mg of mirtz been on it 2 weeks and 15 mg 2 weeks or shall a start pregablin and take half the 30 mg mirtz any advice would be useful I'm not depressed just its anxiety from time to time but when it's bad it's bad and the insomnia is gradually getting better but a think it's anxiety stoping me from sleeping and when a do its vivid dreams past 8 weeks e wry time a wake up which is 4 or 5 times in night a don't feel as thou I've slept no deep sleep stage 4
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      Hey Lynne did you get depressed for a bit when they upped your dose.  I have been on 30mg for 13 days and today feel really depressed is this normal?
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      Hi Kathy

      No the only side affect I have had from mirtazapine is weight gain, well thats up until Deccember when I got anxiety and now I feel my depression coming back with a vengance 

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    I would say firstly Baz, that if Mirt' hasn't helped your OCD within a month it isn't, in my opinion, going to work.  I'm not sure if you have anxiety also, and indeed if it has helped with that.  Paradoxicaly, the lower dose of Mirt is more sedating, usually prescribed for anx & dep', and maybe OCD also.  The higher doses are used for depression (30 & 45 mg being the max).  I wouldn't let your doctor increase the dose either, many folk say that the higher dose causes increased anx for them, doctors do not seem to know this, nor do they know about withdrawal, and the nasty withdrawal effects.

    Mirtazapine has a slow release sedative which lasts some people pretty much all day, other say it wears off late morning, me all day.

    If you decide to come off I would do it in stages, don't just stop as this amounts to cold turkey and it is dangerous to do that with Mirt.  If oyu want to come off I would decrease to 12.5, then 7.5, then 3.7 then halve it again, each time watching for any symptoms of wd.

    Wishing you well.

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      My gp told me Mitrazapine is no good for anxiety thats why she wants to change mine to sertraline?????
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      Hi Lynne

      It got rid of my anxiety from day 1, I can only speak of myself and from what others have written on the forums.

      You might want to search this site for when Evergreen wrote about her return to anxiety on a high dose of Mirt - after 3 or 4 years the Mirt' started to poop out (stop working) and she effectively went into withdrawal ... now obviously I don't know if this could be the same as your case, but it sounds odd that you were ok for years then you get hit with anx'.  

      Look for her comments, you may have to do a slow wd from the Mirt', usually no more than 10% every 3 - 4 weeks.  Click on my name and follow the link which will give you an informed choice.  If you want help with the taper charts give me a shout.  Meanwhile, ask your doctor if you can take any other AD whilst on Mirt - I know you can take Prozak but other than that not sure.


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      Thanks calmer I will look into and let you know
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      Thank you for your advice, i have suffered with anxiety for many years, and i think that is what triggered OCD. Also i have tried many SSRI's but

      ​i seem unable to tolerate the side effects, that is one reason my GP.

      ​suggested Mirt. if a miss a dose i get terrible muscle tension in my head,

      the Diazapam does help with the tension, but my GP is reluctant to

      ​prescribe Benzos, as i have been taking them for many years.I think i will

      ​continue with the Mirt. a little longer and see what happens.

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      A had the worst experience in my life off sertraline when a first had anxiety attack a took a weeks worth Ano ppl say it takes time to get in your system but a had a bad reaction lost the plot made anxiety go through the roof and was seeing things a defo think a got that serotonin syndrome but ppl are diffrent il let yous know how this pregablin goes for anxiety start tomorrow a just want to get back to work and feel normal
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      Baz if they aint working now you stop them immediately. I made the mistake of staying on them because I liked the sleep. Came off them exactly a year ago and still getting withdrawals.
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      Joe, Thanks for your advice, yes they do make you very drowsy, i was also

      getting very irritable and short tempered. To be honest i think these drugs

      have some bad side effects, having read some of the reviews, Mirt. does

      not seem to have much going for it,

      Mabye  CBT will help, but i have only been offered a short course of

      therapy, i found out that chronic OCD needs a more intense course of

      CBT to be beneficial. One thing is for sure, ssri's and Mirt. do not help

      with my condition, they only make me feel worse after a few days of use.

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    Hello a had a massive axiety attack 8 weeks ago which give me insomnia aswell which is gradually getting better a was on mirt 15mg for 2 weeks now mirtz 30 mg for 17 days it's done nothing for the anxiety a think it's made it worse before this attack a was in gym 5 days a week healthy wasn't depressed just abit anxious from time to time A got 4 days 2 mg diazepam 3 times a day only taking 2 a day because they work so good just still not sleeping so today seen psychiatric nurse told her my situation she said a think you need pregablin for anxiety looked on reviews and it sounds too good to be true a think I'd rather try this than benzos because of addiction so I'm at doctors tomoz 75mg twice a day morning and night suppose to stop racing thoughts so a can sleep a 🙏 This works in my short experience with all this a think mirtz is good for deppression definitely not for bad anxiety maybe mild and 15mg suppose to make u sleep in my case it didn't due to anxiety stopping it a hope this helpful because every1 things I've lost the plot ppl can't understand til summit like this happens to them il keep a update on here about the pregablin
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    I took mitrazapine for 2 years but recently my depression got worse soy gp decided to prescribe duloxetine.

    As I cane off the mitrazapine within 2 weeks I found that during week 1 without meds I was okay but then side effects kicked in and it was hell.

    I'm back on 15mg and they help me sleep but I'm trying to deal with PTSD through counselling and I'm. waiting to go for CBT.

    After the horrendous side effect of duloxetine and the withdrawal symptoms of mitrazapine I'm staying on the lowest dose possible and I've refused to take any more drugs as I cannot keep being a guinea pig.

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