Is this Gastritis?

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I have had nausea on and off vaguely for a few months but this week has been a nightmare!

I feel so, so sick, so much so that now i darent eat because i dont know whats making me feel like this. And now i just feel full. I have a banging headache too.

Went to docs and she thinks as i am currently stressed that it is affecting my stomach acids so been prescribed omazeropole.

Not sure how much of this i can take, i feel horrendous, never felt so sick in my life, i keep trying to make myself sick just to try and get some relief.

HELP....i feel awful sad Is it gastritis, will these tablets start to work soon, is headache related to it?!

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    Severe headache can cause nausea and vomiting. It could be anything like a bacterial infection or viral infection that is effecting you or it could simply be nutritional deficiency. Do get your blood check for viral/bacterial infection and nutritional deficiency.
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    Try the omeprazole first and give it a few weeks.  If it doesn't work, see your doctor.


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    Hi Paula

    I’m going through the exact same thing as you. Your not experiencing this because  your stressed, does your lining in your stomach feel inflamed all the time? If it does it could be Gastritis, it’s a nightmare. You have to totally change your diet completely, no alcohol, coffee, acidic foods. Has to be alkaline foods mostly. You sound at the same stage as me, last Friday I was in tremendous pain in my stomach, left and right quadrant, the lining was on fire, even kidneys were aching, the nausea was so bad I felt like making myself sick, couldn’t take anymore. I haven’t eaten anything since then, this is my fifth day with no food, I’m only drinking filtered water, and my stomach is still killing me, my gastric juices keep coming up and my diaphragm is aching, every time I eat I feel ill with pain and nausea. I’m at my wits end, one of the days I felt like my head was going to burst, the pain was shocking. You’ll probably need an endoscopy, this will tell you if it’s gastritis. As for the meds your doc gave you, they cause dementia, osteoporosis, gastric cancer, B12 deficiency, and lots other side effects. I’ve been on and off them, too scared to take them daily because of the side affects. All PPI’s are the same. I’d ask your doc to send you for an endoscopy to find out if it is Gastritis. 👍

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    I had bad nausea for a good 4 months, along with indigestion, heartburn, diarrhoea, headaches, muscle aches, stabbing pains and fatigue. Tests and endoscopys all clear. The nausea has subsided and now just left with vague fatigue and aches. My digestion is slowly recovering. I’ve seen infectious disease doctors and they concluded it was some kind of virus/infection. So, it’s possible that a virus can cause this but other things also need to be ruled out, h pylori, gall stones, ulcers, gastritis etc. It’s true that omeprazole does have long term side effects but it may give you some temporary relief. You’re not meant to be on it for long. Ask to be referred to a gastroenterologist if this persists. You could also try a food diary, exclusion diet. I’ve never felt so ill as in the last 6 months with this, nausea is just the worst, and I never threw up either. Good luck.
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    I started getting poorly last September, dizzy, nausea, chronic headaches. I've even had two drop attacks. So many trips to the doctor, I was told migraine, tension headaches one doctor even said anxiety.

    Then a new doctor checked BP and it was very high so now I'm on medication for that but still I feel rubbish, hard to function. Anyway yet another doctor said she'd send me for a neck xray which I thought was odd, the results were that I have slippage in my neck and severe arthritis, There are so many things that can cause these symptoms.

    I hope you get some answers, good luck.

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    Thanks all

    My blood pressure was fine, i dont have any tummy pain at all, no pain anywhere!

    Just extreme nausea......i then developed awful headache but i am prone to them anyway!

    Been on omeprazole for 3 days now, i feel a bit better today but still not right and i really hope i feel 100% again soon sad

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