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Hi all, following on from a previous post when I said about stomach pains being related to ibuprofen and supplements that I was taking. Stopping them meant that the pain had died down a lot but this weekend after 1 soluble codeine, pain back again. I now think it could be gastritis, I am due to see gastro in early December, my symptoms are slightly different than any I can find in that although the pain is in sternum, ribs, back and both sides mine seems to move about a bit which may be gas as I have started without warning having really deep burps if you know what I mean. I also have a lot of hiccups after eating and the pain is like a burning stabbing one, the skin by the sternum and over ribs is really sore. I am on esomeprazole and ranitidine for GERD anyway, but having upped the dose it is not really helping yet. As I type the burning has moved to both sides and above belly button. Not been checked for HP, but GP said this would have been carried out when I had endoscopy 6 years ago and as I did not have it then, would have it now. I think the pills have burnt my stomach. Sorry to ramble but all posts seem to intimate pain in same place all the time not moving around like mine. Thanks

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    my abdominal pain is in the abdominal wall.  Possibly nerve entrapment from prior surgeries (2)  first surgery for Siea flap which is advanced microsurgical breast reconstruciton following cancer that spares the abdodminal muscle.  After surgery fluid developed in my abdomen and had to be aspirated.  Apparently all fluid was not aspirated and after 3 months of intense pain and many trips to Gastrointerologist, i was found with two bacterial infections and seroma had developed.  Surgeon then had to remove Seroma requiring a second surgery in which nerves in my abdomen had to be cut to remove the seroma.   My abdominal wall had to be scraped with curet in order to get it to adhere.  10 years later still in chronic pain.   
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    Hi, I have similar - but with constipation too so I think mine is colon related, but it feels like burning and it moves around. Was on my ruq for ages and then just felt like some burning liquid passing through me. Then suddenly it disappeared (for all of 3 weeks) and has now come back again and I can't figure out why. I hadn't thought of gastritis but maybe it is some kind of inflammation like that? Mine just got diagnosed as good old IBS as usual but I really don't think it is that.

    Hope you get some answers soon. I'm just trying to eat well and drink lots of water. About all we can do I guess...

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      Hi, yes I too get constipated as I have diverticular disease so cannot work out sometimes what pain goes with what. I was diagnosed with IBS at 15 and am 56 now so as you can imagine have had stomach problems for ever. Apparently IBS and Divi go together. This time though it is different and has been going on for most of the year on and off. I started taking supplements Vit B, C, Magnesium, Zinc and other bits when ill with tonsilitis in January and thought I would build myself up not realising that they can cause stomach problems, hence the belief that I have gastritis. I went away for a week at half term and took no pills and the pain went within 3 days and I could eat anything I liked, it was not until I started again on my return and the pains came back, that I put 2 and 2 together and googled my symptoms, it would appear there a lot of people in the same position. I stopped completely again and things were calming down nicely until I had a headache and took a soluble codiene as ibuprofen are a no no and here I am again in pain. My GP thinks it is all in my head or menopause related but has reluctantly referred me to a gastro in December. I am convinced it is stomach inflammation as it sounds like it apart from the reason for my post that mine moves around from side to side, it is not wind the pain is a stingy burning pain which comes and goes and is better when lying down. Will let you know what happens when I see gastro.
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    Mine started like this a couple years ago and every once in awhile I get a slight feeling of inflammation under my stomach that can go lower in the left lower quadrant as well like its deep a slight burning feeling but two years ago it seem to move from my left upper to my left lower over to my right lower and then up to my right upper kind of like in a circle motion following the: I wonder what that was too how about all of you do the research and let me know
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      Hi as explained to Bee above mine has been going on a while and like yours moves around. My skin is sore by my ribs so more on top layer of skin rather than deep inside and stomach between ribs a bit swollen. Will see what happens in December.
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    Hi youngatheart

    it does sounds like you have become sensitive to those group of painkillers, it happens.

    I advise you to see your doctor, perhaps they might be able to prescribe you something that you will tolerate. It might be also, to ask your doctor to have your stomache x-rayed/MRI scanned to make sure you have not permently damaged the lining of your stomach and also to rule out other conditions like an ulcer.

    Best regards and best of luck.


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      Hi Kevin, that what I was wondering, I must admit I was taking quite a lot of stuff and to be honest none of it made me feel any better just cost a fortune. I have recently had an abdo ultrasound but not really sure whether that would show damage to lining. I did wonder about an ulcer and the dreaded C but I am not being or feeling sick nor losing weight which I think is a good sign. I have a gastro appointment on 9th December so hopefully wll get some answers then. Take care will report back

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