Is this migraine symptoms please help im freaking out ???

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Hi I'm a 32 year old woman I've been diagnosed with chronic migraine I've suffered from this horrible illness since I was18 from 18 till 28 my headaches were throbbing one Sided and intense the last few years my headaches have changed to a chronic daily headache which is mild to moderate sometimes intense pain I do take pain killers daily which help cut the daily pain from what would be a 8 down to a 2 also my pain isn't always throbbing it's one Sided but not throbbing sometimes it can throb if I move my head I've told the neurologist that it's not throbbing yet he diagnosed it as transformed migraine . Since my headaches have changed I've gotten different symptoms such as a tingling sensation on my face under my eye near my nose on my cheeks ect , sometimes I'll get a dragging sensation on one side of my face like my eye is getting pulled Down , and the most frightening symptom I sometimes feel completely detached from my self or my surroundings it's very scary also I get Alice in wonderland syndrome when I get all these symptoms I don't always get a headache or if I do it will be very mild I'm waiting to see a neurologist again plus I'm booked in for a mri on my brain I'm curious if anyone gets any of these bizarre symptoms I'm very nervous I should mention I've had these odd symptoms for about four years but the detached feeling has gotten more frequently thanks for any help or someone that can relate 😵

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    Hi Alison,

    It sounds like cluster headache, but with the new symptoms you could be developing Hemaplegic Migraine, where one side of your body can become tingly, pins and needles or even completely numb!  If you are taking daily painkillers these wont help and you may make your headaches worse also.  Its good you are getting an MRI soon this will rule out anything nasty going on.  But try not to worry it sounds like chronic migraine but could be HM developing.  To relieve the intense pain, you could ask your GP for sumatriptan 100mg tablets, these for me are the best, you can also get like an epipen injection that works very quickly.  Ask your neurologist to try Pregabalin and Verapamil, this combo works well for me, may work well for you too.

    Good luck and keep in touch, would like to know how you get on

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    Hi Alison

    I'm 38 and have chronic migraine. My symptoms have changed in the last few months, to include numbness of the left face, pins and needles in my left hand and a total inability to speak when I have my aura stage. After the aura goes I'm able to talk but I stutter a lot. So I would say that your symptoms are usual with these migraines. I saw a neurologist on Friday who told me migraines can change and develop more symptoms over time. I cannot take triptans as my migraines are too frequent so it's dangerous to take and anyway they don't work for me. I'm being tried on epilim and tramadol for the pain and due to start these next week.

    I wish you luck and hope your neurologist can offer you some empathy and medicine that works xx

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    Me too Allison. I have had migraines many of the same symptoms since I was about 15 or so - I'm now 62 and all I dream of is living a life without all the medications and experiments. Pain killers intensify my pain so I take Imitrex to kill pain but then there are days I take so many pills I'm sure I've become toxic and killing my kideys and liver. My MRIs showed lesions on my brain consostant with MS and I was treated for MS for approx. 3 yrs. But decided to go to another Neuro. and he was shocked that I didn't have a spinal tap to rule out or conclude for certain it was MS. Tests were neg. so I stopped treatments and 5 yrs later I moved across the Country and established new Drs. Again more MRIs - and again suspect of MS.. however I was referred to an excellent Neuro who specializes in both migraine and MS. She said I absolutely do NOT have MS and that that disease is too often a conclusion with treatment and is over rated so to speak. I will be starting Botox njections next month, am told there is no real side affects and the results are astounding. The best part is no more pills. So I'm praying we finally reach a conclusion /end to these daily killers and I can live a somewhat normal and pretty much pain free life. Good luck with your MRIs. If they do find lesions, please don't accept MS as an answer until you've had a spinal tap and it's always wise to seek at least another opinion.

    Prayers for you even now. There is NOTHING worse then migraines whatever form they show up in. 

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    Hi Alison, well the good news is that your symptoms sound exactly like mine and I am still here to tell the tale :-)   I suffer with Chronic Migraine and the symptoms you describe fit with my own.    My headaches tend to start with dizziness and aura.  My train of thought becomes lost and I feel "disconnected".  The headache itself can last a few hours or up to a week and is changeable in severity.   I also suffer with numbness of my face and indeed down my arms and in to my fingers and occasionally I feel a band of pressure across my nose and the centre of my face.  I've had both a CT and MRI Scan and in my case both came back clear (which is reassuring in itself).  Prevention of the symptoms is the main key and I take 3 x 40ml Propranolol a day which helps to minimise the onset of symptoms and occurrences.  I also listen to relaxation CDs and I'm conscious of stress within my life which exasperates the condition.   I try my utmost not to take any form of painkiller, but if the need arises 2 x paracetamol and 2 x Ibuprofen together (once a day) really helps.  I totally understand your concerns but hopefully the MRI will come back clear and you will be given various treatment options to manage this condition.  Good luck to you and let us know how you get on.  Sending you lots of love biggrin​ x
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