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I have been slightly iron deficient anemic all my life. Recently i have got sick with a chest infection and was bed bound for about a week. However, after i started feeling dizzy, when walking. i experienced vertigo, worse than normal vision, and strange sensation up my spine. I developed difficulty walking because of the lack of feedback on one side. At the point my bowels pretty much packed up and stopped working with nausia on eating and pain. After about 2 weeks of these symptoms i started to get other symptoms. My hands and feet would start getting pins and needles after the slightest pressure. A lot of muscle twitching and spasms, along with general fatigue. I went to my doctor and recieved a deficient B12 level of 189. with a lower than normal red blood cell count of 4.4. I have a lot of left sided abdominal pain and wander. 

Could I have pernicious anemia? i mean does it make sense? Because if not the next check after that is MS which i am very anxious and scared of. 

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    All I can say at the moment is stuff the blood figures! and your G.P should have you on loading doses of B12 just by going on the figures you do have and your symptoms! This is because loading doses of B12 are so much cheaper than, aiming for a diagnosis of M.S in somone as young as you, and if these injections work you can get on with your life pretty much hastle free.

    All your symptoms fit in with B12/P.A even your digestive trouble and left sided pain, because just over a week a go a simular thing happened to me! I was treated by antibiotics for Tooth ache/Sinusitis, and then a week later I suffered a major attack of Colitis (I will let you google this), So I turned up to A&E, where a doctor told me B12 deficiencies/P.A is related to a form of Inflamitry Bowel Disease, and he did tell me that my stomach/bowels were inflamed all down my left side (sounds familiar?). Although the doctor thought that my issues  were not caused by the antibiotics (my feeling still is that the antibiotics, somehow put me into a crisis).

    After the Colitis subsided I had fatiuge and dizzyness, now this is where we differ, I had no digestive issues before the Colitis, except when I was taking the antibiotics, I have had a diagnosis of a B12 deficiencie, and I managed to get my hands on some effective B12.

    Your options are slightly limited because of your G.P, but here are some options!

    (1) Keep on the phone, to your G.P practice, and insist that you are put on loading doses of B12 (5 injections in 2 weeks)

    (2) Turn up to A&E, and explain that you fear that you are quite aneamic, explain your symptoms and your G.P is not being helpfull, yes you may have to suffer humiliation of being told A&E is not realy the place for you (I do think you are ill enough) but they will do all the blood tests you need urgently, and give you any imediate treatment you need, plus they will write to your G.P with any recomendations (other professionals dont tend to ignore each other).

    (3) Go onto one of the popular auction/buying sites and buy one of the sublingual forms of B12 in tablet/Lozenge forms, but do not take them until you have tried option 1 or 2.

    What you also need to do is furnish yourself with as much information as possible, the PAS (Pernicious Anaemia Society) website is very usefull as is B12info com, taking into consideration your digestive issues its worth looking into Inflamitary Bowel disease.

    Please let me know how you get on, and GOOD LUCK!



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      Hi Kelly! I have been started on B12 by a private GP and got it admistered by my NHS GP so they had record of admisterance to ensure continuance. They were not loading doses however I was put on 1000 of hydroxocolbamin. 1 a week for 3 weeks then every two weeks. I know I'm probably not due to see any positive effects as yet but already feel less instability on walking. Head is clearer and pressure pins and needles have eased. I was really relieved and comforted on reading your post as it was very similar to mine and actually I had just finished a course of antibiotics when the bowel problems took hold.

      I want to mention quickly I visited an alternative therapist who took simple readings of body using a machine you simply hold two metal bars. Without telling her a single symptom she said "your B12 is low and you are suffering with malabsorption and bad bowel bacteria. Possible due to PA. I was shocked how spot on it was!!! She also asked about my mood levels and said my seretonin was down which in fact I was in tears very often! So it was very promising!

      Last question to your already great answer. I had blue spots in vision and internal tremors do these sound viable for this disease. I'm slowly coming to terms with what it holds and can't thank this community enough

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      Thank you kelly! I may have a little road of recovery and an intrinsic factor test to go ahead with but I'm hoping to get some sleep tonight thanks to you ☺️
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      Glad to hear from you and Im glad that you are getting some treatment! smile it is very possible to have all sorts of visual problems and internal tremors, I have had simular things, but this is all part of the wierd world of having B12 issues/P.A.

      Its good you are starting to have positive effects of the B12 injections, but keep checking that you are getting enough, and go by what the P.A society say (some where on thier site they have a copy of treatment protocals for G.Ps), the only thing I would say is if your inrtinsic factor comes back okay, do not let your doctor talk themselfs out of beliving that you may have a B12 issue/P.A because the intrinsic factor test can be a bit hit and miss.

      As you maybe able to tell I have a tiny bit of medical knowledge (I had to stop because my B12 issues were not diagnosed at this time), whielst Im a little sceptical of holistic practitioners, I think they can see things conventional practitioners cant because holistic practitioners can think out of the box, and many of our medications are derived from plants, if you feel a little low in mood, try to increase your folate intake because B12 issues/P.A usualy go hand in hand.

      Again I hope all this helps?



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      I can most definitely tell you have some sort of education on the matter. I have been very lucky as I too study. I study physiology at degree level, (3rd year) so can comprehend and ease myself at some of the understanding (with a little help from you). I too am skeptical at Eastern practise, however believe that nutritional treatment (reduction of red meat etc etc) and some practises hold there place when placed along side conventional medicine smile you did more than help, your have given me peace of mind while waiting for a diagnosis. I will be sure to pass on what I learn to others in hopes to provide the same comfort as you.
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    4.4 is really low and can cause a person to even faint for rbc's as for a male it's supposed to be 14 so discuss this with your physician and see ur options for supplemets or injections and try to incorporate iron in your diet it's the best way to maintain it for life you don't have to be slightly anemic for all your life 


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