Is this really Acid Reflux?

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I have been suffering from a sore throat since the beginning of 2014, in the last 2-3 weeks it's become much worse.. almost like a very hot burn in my throat and at the back of my mouth. I also have a disgusting taste in my mouth.

During this time I have been experiencing stomach aches. No sickness or bowel problems.

I went to the doctors today expecting to be given antibiotics for something like Strep Throat so I was quite surprised to be told no and given Omeprazole.

I don't smoke, I very rarely drink alcohol and I never drink tea or coffee (water only!), I don't eat spicey foods.. my only vice is chocolate and sweet stuff. I had noticed a link between sweet foods and the stomach ache in the past few days. Oh.. I do eat a lot of tomatoes too.

I am not overweight. I do eat late at night because I work 4.30pm - 8.30pm at night.

I don't have heartburn (only when pregnant!) and I'm not a burpy/gassy person either.

If it matters, I have suffered with IBS for years and years (although this seems to have gone away since I had my second baby a year ago, this could well be temporary relief) and I have sticky blood (Antiphospholipid Antibodies)

So is this really Acid Reflux?

I really did think I'd be sorted with a course of antibiotics..the thought of these symptoms being a long term thing is a little worrying.

Thank you

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    Yes , it sounds like it to me . You may have over production of acid in your stomach hence your GP starting you on Omeprazole . It helps to neutralise the acid . Your diet doesn't sound too bad. Antibiotics wont do any good unless you were found to have H pylori bacteria in your stomach found on a scope then they would treat that . The bad taste is the acid coming up through your oesophagus & so you may have some oesophagitis caused by it. The Omeprazole should help.
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    Hi L

    There are good clues that it may be reflux.

    Guess what the big trigger foods are?

    Yep, Tomatoes &Chocolate.

    Reflux can start in pregnancy as the pressure in the abdomen pushes up on the stomach and forces stomach contents up through the valve at the top of the stomach into the oesophagus and higher.

    Its then is called LPR Laryngopharyngeal Reflux.

    Its poor medicine these days to prescribe PPI meds (esomeprozole) without testing or trying to get benefit from making some lifestyle changes first.

    There are many downsides to PPI usage and its difficult to stop if you want to without massive reflux don't start unless you really want to.

    IBS is another causal agent as it can paralyse the lower sphincter (pyloric) at the base of the stomach to stop the normal transition. Take fybogel to keep things moving

    The pyloric sphincter needs acid to ope and low magnesium will affect it. PPI stop absorption of magnesium.

    The throat soreness is due to acid and Pepsin aspiration (presuming you are not vomiting)

    alkaline water will denature Pepsin at one pH click above tap water ie. ph8.0.... its harmless.

    This is probably more than you can take on board right now.

    To be sure you have reflux there is a postal saliva test called Peptest. its painless.

    Lots of other tests aren't.

    Lose weight and avoid alcohol,fatty food, tomato based products, chocolate, all caffeinated and gassy drinks

    Use diaphragm breathing to tighten the LES sphincter.

    This will give you a good start to a better digestion.

    Best Regards JPT


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    Cut off all sweats, eat as less carbohydrates as you can.(refined carbohydrates is big NO)

    In a weak you see difference, if not nothing bad happens ya?

    You may feel tired for a while but believe me, it is worth it.

    Spicy foods can irritate stomach in some degree, but there isn't conclusive evidence they cause or trigger reflux. tomatoes are same story. It is common knowledge, but without hard evidence.

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    Hi, I suffered with inflammation in various areas of my body which triggered a search for answers. I came across information about the nightshade foods causing arthritis and gastric upset. My flare up was caused by eating jacket potatoes. Within two weeks of going nightshade free I was 99 percent cured. When researchers tried to induce arthritis in rodents by feeding them nightshade foods the first thing it caused was inflammation of the intestinal tract. Tomatoes is a nightshade food. If I have hot spicy foods (in nightshade family) I suffer. I avoid nightshades and within days I'm ok. Research nightshade foods and digestive enzymes with betaine hcl. The digestive enzymes has dramatically helped with a problem I have with excess belching. Don't wear tight clothing round waist and eat small meals often. I think part of my problem is too little stomach acid. I only need to take the enzymes for 2 to 3 weeks then I'm ok until symptoms return normally about 3 months. Ppi's only made my problem worse but it the only thing doctors will proscribe. I also have hiatus hernia and the above info has helped tremendously. Hope you find this helpful.
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    Dear gallee ,

    would be please tell me what type of enzymes you have consumed which brought your symptoms down i am from india

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    Hi pappu, I buy zygest enzyme formula from holland & Barrett. They are a full spectrum formula which includes betaine hydrochloride ( stomach acid ). I have tried other makes but these work well for me. I take one with a small meal and two with a bigger meal. I suspect my problem is caused by low stomach acid. The symptoms are identical to excess stomach acid. Ppi's appear to work at first but end up making the problem worse. I

    Only need to take them for about 3 weeks and then my own body takes over. Then I'm normally ok for about three months. When the symptoms start to show I start taking the enzymes again. If you check the zygest enzyme formula nutritional information you will know what to look for if you can't get them from holland and Barrett. Best of luck.


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