Is this really c diff?

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I have been having stomach tightness and side pain. I had blood work done and it came back negative but the pain stayed do I went to the doctor and he did a test and it came back c diff positive. What I don't u see stand is that I didn't have massive dieharea and only have it occasions with soft stools. Can you test positive for it with out actually having it? And I thought you only did the test with a watery sample as mine was soft formed?

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    Stool test came back saying c diff
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      I'm having side pain myself.. going for ultra sound and sono tomorrow

      I am beyond nervous

      My only symptom is pain on my left side then down to my buttocks and just top of my leg. I pray all is good.

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      Hope all is well to let me know what they tell you. My pain is on both sides and moves to my back. The last couple days I've gotten a bad headache along with the pain just worried this will never go away. I had asked my doctor for a ultra sound and he said that wouldn't help for what I have. I asked him about pancreatitis, diverticulitis and crohn's but he said my blood tests eliminated me having them. Also asked for urine test and he said that wouldn't show anything. At this point I'm at a loss for what's next I have a appointment with a gi soeacilist on the 5th hope I can finally get this resolved

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      You can't eliminate Crohn's by blood test, hello?

      The DNA test for Crohn's is not out yet. White blood cell count signal a general infection somewhere if elevated, but often do not go up high in Crohns and anemia can be caused by anything, not neccessary due to blood loss during Crohns. So having no anemia doesn't mean one has no Crohn's.  ?? Eleminated diverticulits and Crohns via blood? huh?

      Pancreatitis, ok, might have looked at amylase and lipase at least in blood.

      There is a difference between being infected by parasite/bacteria/virus and being ill.

      It is not the same.

      To C.diff, I had a colitis due to C.diff OVERGROWTH after using CLINDAMYCIN antibiotics.

      It was extremely painful (cramping every 10min, need to go to toilet) and with pus, slime and blood stinky. Really yucky diarrhea in yellow. I did NOT take the last resort Vancomycin-antibiotic against c.diff, my body handled it without it, I still went to work bending over every 10 min and loads of desinfectant for hands and toilet (that was only for me) to make sure, not to pass it on as a silent infection to others (who would not get symptoms, but have it in guts then silently)

      First of all: one has to have c.diff in guts (infection) to get an overgrowth (sickness). If I wasn't infected at some point, it could not have overgrown after clindamycin. I did work at hospital at 18 as requirement of practical free labour work prior a medical school and had to empty all the stool buckets without hygiene training. This was possible in the 80's, so I know exactly where I was at high risk getting all kind of different gut pathogens splashing against me without protection.

      But until then (a clindamycin for a tooth infection 2 decades later), I had no symptoms. 

      C.diff can be kept in balance by your other gut flora, so you don't need to have symptoms in order to have a c.diff sitting in colon.

      Yes, c.diff can be found also in 'healthy' population.

      And you don't need treatment if it is in check.

      Vancomycin will upset the healthy flora too, so in order to treat C.diff it HAS to be responsible for symptoms and you agreeing not to let your body handle it with supportive measures and have the 'guts' to wait (with electrolytes, pre and probiotics...nothing really helped, but after 2 months finally got better)

       So be careful when you need any antibiotics ever, to mention, that you are a c.diff positive person as some antibiotics are known to cause a c.diff overgrowth as certain antibiotics are not killing c.diff but other bacteria, so making room for c.diff to grow out of balance by accident. (Which kind of test did 'the doc' do? I hope he sent your stool to a reputable lab, that does PCR or culture tests for c.diff.)

      With a c.diff overgrowth you are in a hell of pain with pus coming out and yes, it is very well visible in colonoscopy and MRI/CT enterography as it is a full blown colitis chaning the gut wall look. You can search internet for pics.

      You have an appointment soon with a gi specialist,

      that's good!!!

      He/she will surely be more helpful and know what to test next.

      Your doc sounds not too proactive, I don't like this attitude.

      Best of luck!


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