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Hi all.... Im still chasing answers for my ongoing pain but I am aware it can take years to get a firm diagnosis of fibro. I have been on here before regarding a number of symptoms I have and people have said it could be fibro.

Lately I have had a weird feeling in my arms and legs, it's hard to explain, but it's sort of like an I feel the need to shake it out. It goes into my hands and feet too.

Also does anyone suffer pain when they're not actually moving... Just like a constant burn/ache pain?

My body feels like it's bruised, even my butt cheeks hurt.... Does this sound symptomatic of fibro?

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    Fibro is a diagnosis but it's not an actual disease in its own right, it just means you have all-over pain but no one knows why. If you look at many of the threads on this forum you'll see a lot of people are looking at their diet and food supplements rather than going down the 'pharmaceutical' road. This is because a doctor may well look at your pain, diagnose Fibro (making his life easier) and then offer you a range of painkillers and antidepressants. These may, or may not, help you in the short term but then you might be left with withdrawal problems or on a roundabout of ever- increasing doses. I'm not saying that you shouldn't try whatever the doc offers as sometimes it really will help, but do consider that there may be something in your lifestyle that is actively causing (and increasing) the problem.

    It may be some kind of thing you were born with but are only just noticing now or it might be some type of food that your body is only just managing to tolerate and it's beginning to complain louder and louder. Many food intolerances give fibro-type symptoms of pain and also increasing feelings of fatigue and exhaustion (which is why Fibro is often diagnosed along with CFS/ME).

    Gluten, dairy and sugar are usually big offenders but there are other groups of individual foods that can unknowingly be causing problems. Check out food intolerances and also how to eat to support your mitochondria (the powerhouses of your cells) theres's loads of info out there. Also try thinking back to when these aches and pains first started - did you have some kind of infection or trauma or accident that required medication such as antibiotics or antidepressants? These are the kind of things that make your body decide it's had enough and kicks off the Fibro symptoms.

    Hope this helps.

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    Hi Emma,

    I know this feeling all too well and completely get where you're coming from.

    Whilst fibromyalgia isn't classified as an actual disease it is a medical syndrome which means it is a very real disorder which comes with real medical signs and symptoms. These signs and symptoms may be from varying aetiology (cause,origin) meaning that the symptoms we feel may not be solely caused by fibro but it is real non the less.

    The sensation/pain that you describe is one that for me goes hand in hand with fibro. The first warning of an imminent flare is this exact sensation in my legs that builds and builds in intensity and starts to spread until I feel it in every single part of my body.

    Its a vile feeling and so hard to describe, I physically feel the pain etc but its almost as if my legs/arms aren't attached to my body!?

    It feels like millions of insects are crawling inside my body but awful pain too. When it comes I don't know what to do with myself or how to position myself, my legs are borderline refusing to hold me up and I feel void of every ounce of strength or energy.

    It feels as though I'm a crawling, pain riddled blob of jelly!

    I am only going on my own experience with fibro when I say that, yes I do think it highly likely that its a symptom of fibromyalgia syndrome that you are experiencing.

    Leanne x

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      Thankyou so much for your reply Leanne.

      At the moment it seems there is something new going on every day and it's alot to take in when the doctors say there is nothing they deem wrong with me. I suffer from health anxiety too so all this pain plays round in my head and I come to awful conclusions 😩

      I am so sorry to hear how badly you suffer when you have a flare up, I hope you manage to find a way of making yourself more comfortable xx

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      your'e welcome anytime Emma. I suffer with chronic anxiety and depression too not just the depression that comes with fibro.

      It has taken a lot from me including my career as a Paediatric Nurse! It is truly an unforgiving condition. Can you not ask your GP to refer you to

      a Rheumatologist? They are the ones who can recognise, diagnose and treat fibro the best.

      I've included a link below to a fantastic group that you can join. Everyone on there is so friendly, helpful and supportive. If the link fails to work it can be found on Fibromyalgia Action UK x

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      Oh no Leanne, that is so upsetting to hear.

      I did ask about a rheumatologist before Christmas but my doctor seemed to think the referral would just be pinged back to them, but I will ask again.

      Thankyou so much for the group information, I will have a look at joining that now.

      Keep positive lovely xx

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      we have to keep positive. Its all that we can do whilst taking the rough with the smooth and learning to leave the guilt behind and resting when we need too.

      Good luck with your GP xx

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