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Hi, so I have TMJ and the usual symptom of an uneven bite and clicking in the jaw when moving my mouth. I also have a few other health concerns and I wanted to see if anyone else here had these same symptoms...

So I get pressure behind the eyes and a popping sensation in the top of my nose! My muscles feel fatigued and I get occasional twitching in various muscles throughout my body. I have also noticed an increase in floaters in my field of vision. Does anyone here suffer from any of the above?

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    I have tmj and a ton of problems

    Symptoms. Jaw pain, clicking, popping, cracking sound if open too wide at times but feels good when it does that.tightness, tingling, skin feels tight on and off, ear clog, tinnitus all kinds at times, ear twitch, ear spasm, eye floaters, dry eyes. Cant tell the deal with my sinus. Cant use motrin they blame tinnitus on it and sound sensitivity. Unsure if thats true.that was the ent. They stink.

    Diagnosis based in trying to figure this out..tmj/tmd myofacial pain. Sicca as bloodtests negative for auto immune, blepheritis, dry eyes and use drops for that. Cant use nsaids. I have previous issues with eyes so have to be very careful with meds.which makes me nervous when it comes to drs and loving medicines. Although they are very careful with me do to other eye issues .

    so you are not alone. I wish i had the answer for the jaw was an awful idea made it im going to see an md who does acupuncture saturday. I will let you know if acupuncture works.

    It produces anxiety. More because the drs dont work together and because for me i dont know why i have what feels like something going in with a tooth albeit a root canal was done long ago. They blame the clenching. I just wonder if a an issue under a root canals the cause of all my mess. I use a mouthsplint for the tmj I have for ten years. 

    Mind you i have had a panoramic xray back in December. No ct scan no mri nothing. Which is annoying to me. But i dont even know what that would show. Theres no such thing as a jaw/ear doctor. Maxiallry surgeon closet thing. But they dont focus on crowns and such. These drs need to work together. Im on the idea maybe my body can heal this at some point. Hoping for that.

    you sound like you have anxiety with the muscle twitching in other areas of you body. Anxiety and stress do aggravate tmj/tmd for clenchers and grinders..bruxism. Your not alone with that  either. I found some clenching utube hypnosis i tried. 

    Too bad all this so called wonderful technology and progress you read about seems to be worthless  or not even used to figure this out. That bugs me. 


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      Hi Lisa, thanks for your response. You seem to have a lot of the same issues as me! Do you experience pressure and popping in your nose? (between your eyes)

      I will be very interested to hear how you get on with your acupuncture as that is something I have been looking into along with Chiropractic adjustments.

      I do get anxiety from time to time but I also experience twitches when I'm relaxed so it's confusing to me what sets it off.


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      This tnj is destroying me and my. mind. As time went on the iner gets effected and i have gotten sporadic inner ear muscle weird weird twitch things they go.and causes tinnitus.  But scary! It was explained that jaw muscle expands and can do wild things to you. Effects a lot. Effects the face, and ears. And neck for some. Making me beilve posture and limiting how you lean in ine direction a lot needs to be changed,

      i didnt like chiropratic. Friegtens me. I tried pt but side effects were more inflammatiin and they arent medical doctors somit didnt sit well. I am doing traditiinal chiene medicine with a MD.  Yes yiu get weird side effects but with anything the core issue has to be handled so any change to circulation, or energy imwould guess spurs weird effects in the body until it hopefully calms down. 

      I dont know what triggers it. They say anxiety does. But anxiety or dtress can mental or ohyscial based on posture or sleeping posture or teeth..etcc. So easy to say so anxiety and stress because that underlies everything amd everything.  

      Your sinuses are on it. An acuounturist can drain that in a few visits. Youd need a experienced knowledgable person touching you. They have acuoressure for that too. Thats online. I just use a professional for it. Doesnt make it right or wrong i just dont want to waste my time. 

      The core trigger is an imbalance in ebergy/circulation. The whys it got to that point i have no clue, but that imbalance is annoying and frustrating. And im asleep for a lot of the clenching so go figure. I always thiught the bidy was very smart and knew how to function. Everyines body isnt the same either. Somepeople their veins and such are larger, smaller closer to ither argams. So some clench and no ear issues or no sinus issues. So anatomical basics play a role too. Diet okays a role some foods decrease inflammation and absorb better. Geez a lot plays into it. And anxiety even the cause is diiferent and these damn symptoms cause anxiety. Its a just a whole thing involved. Not like ine twist if the neck and life is good kind of thing, but i believe chiro is going in the same theory as traditiin chiense medicine in that alter the energy or circulation theory. tCN uses neddles to stimulate it and acuoressure and they relieve cingestiin and such..chirco i dint kniw im guessing increase circulation. I guess it is what works for you. No quick fixes thiugh, and each has its iwn side effects. I dint want medicines. Thats a mask and so unhealthy. And i cant use a lot of meds because if eye issues so im trying and doing my best. 

      everyone gets different stuff as a result. Depends in the pressure points of your tmj/tmd. 

      Im staying with the acuouncturist because he is an MD and because he incorporates acuoressure and  massage. And has a ton of experience, and im chicken otherwise. And he seems to understand the whole body and that you cant onky do ine specific aspect. Its what you are comfortable with.  It takes time to work woth either way and weird aide effects come from any treatment. Nit like the tv where you walk in and they magically fix you. I just iniw oills dint fix anything they mask it. Thats as far as i got. 

      The twitches suck. Being blunt. And any therapy takes time with those. The bidy has to readjust and re configure and any manipulation you choose messes with that for a bit.  The twitches give me anxiety lol. Its a cycle, but im trying to correct this all. They told me healing takes time. No quick fix. Takes time for the body to self heal. Traditional medicine has made people want very fast healing. Using pills to stop inflammation is a mask,yiu want to fix the body so it works properly and you dint get these issues. But it is a slow and steady process. That was explained to me. And use warm water gel oacks things not  cold. And mediattions to relax. Actually nit the relax ones they are chi mediatiins so you focus on more specific areas. The relax ines fall asleep and useless. They play classical music while you lay in the room alone and say ok mediate and relax. Hahaha. Ok then i laid there feeling the heat lamo on my body with needles on me, and oearned in two secind yiu dont mive with needles in you. Haha. Bolt of electricity run thru you lol. So you lay still, heated body and listen to the music and thats that. 

      I think chiro is different. But along the same theory but too blunt

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      I suffered with severe TMJ for over ten years. I had a constant headache, jaw, neck, and shoulder pain.  Last year, I read about a connection between teeth clenching and sleep apnea so I asked my doctor to send me for a sleep study.  The sleep study results showed no sign of sleep apnea or even teeth clenching (probably due to the fact that I barely slept!) but on a hunch, I bought a CPAP machine online and starting using it.  I immediately stopped clenching my teeth and the constant headache slowly disappeared!! I could finally think clearly! I am still working on alleviating the jaw, neck, and shoulder pain (relaxing and strengthening the muscles after years of over-use).  I recently went to see the sleep specialist and he diagnosed me with UARS (Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome) and wrote me a CPAP prescription.  He explained that when we fall asleep our muscles (jaw, tongue) relax and expand and fall back which can block the airway.  Sometimes people respond by clenching their teeth to tighten the muscles to open the airway. I'm not sure if anyone has discussed this on here but I hope it can help!  

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      I don't know if you see this or not since it has been awhile since you posted this. I also have been dealing with tmj. My jaw is partially dislocated & my lower jaw needs to be pulled forward and aligned. I have every symptom of tmd & I have lost 4 & 1/2 years of my life because of this pain that is beyond my control. I have been to different doctors, neurologist, chiropractors for acupuncture which did not work. My tmj specialist had me do the splint which would make my jaw clench & sore, so then he had me do braces which should move my lower jaw forward and align my jaw with the help of the rubber bands. When they put the braces on tightened them about two weeks later my pain got worse with new symptoms. I told my tmj specialist this & he never heard of that happening & apparently he is suppose to be the best in my area. WRONG!! After years of endless research & talking to God I finally found the answer! A neuromuscular dentist! Not only do they deal with tmj but also the facial muscles & nerves in the face. Come to find out when they tightened the wires on the braces it tightened my facial muscles causing me to have constant muscle spasms. My temporal, masteroid & pergitory muscles are tight along with my neck & upper back. Now I am on my way to being healed. They are going to do the tens unit on my neck, face, & head to relax the muscles which will move my lower jaw forward & they can make the adjustments to my jaw. So please look up neuromuscular dentist & you will find your answers to being cured, because yes their is a cure for tmj, but doctors will not tell you that so you keep coming back & throwing $ down the drain. Wishing you the best!

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    Common symptoms include:

    - Pain or tenderness in your face, jaw joint area, neck and shoulders, and in or around the ear when you chew, speak, or open your mouth wide

    - Problems when you try to open your mouth wide

    - Jaws that get "stuck" or "lock" in the open- or closed-mouth position

    - Clicking, popping, or grating sounds in the jaw joint when you open or close your mouth or chew. This may or may not be painful.

    - A tired feeling in your face

    - Trouble chewing or a sudden uncomfortable bite -- as if the upper and lower teeth are not fitting together properly

    - Swelling on the side of your face

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      Yeah, I have all those symptoms and TMJ has been confirmed by both the doctor and dentist. I was wondering if anyone else here was suffering with vision issues, muscle twitching or sinus pressure?
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    Sounds like TMJ to me.. I have it and it's annoying plus I dont really think doctors understand how it affects daily like.

    Your jaw muscles are connected to your neck and ear. If you clench & grind at night your muscles are not fully relaxing while you sleep and it causes issues like headaches, facial pain, neck & even back pain. Swollen face & jaw pain while overusing the joint is common too.

    I saw a maxillofacial doctor at the hospital, useless. Couldn't tell me what's wrong, couldn't see anything wrong so what's clicking dr?

    Advised mouth guards to wear at night. After spending over £200 on 3 lightweight ones I chewed thru I got a hard tanner splint made up, helped slightly but they don't fit your teeth for long at at £70 a pop I can't afford them.

    If you actually look into soft mouth guards and splints it is suggested that they make bruxism worse as your teeth are not connecting on a hard surface like your teeth and it makes you grind worse.

    As I've had this for 10 years and researched a lot I've found a combination of mouthguards when stressed and needed. Valium or some sort of muscle relaxant taken when needed helps drastically.

    Painkillers, NSAIDs & just being aware of posture, jaw position, not over stretching when yawning etc helps.

    Some dentists and private practices deal with tmj at a big cost.. 3d X-rays, tracking, bite occlusion etc gets looked into to see if it's a dental issue.

    Also for tmj associated headaches take a hard item like a pen lid, wooden lolly stick and pop it in your mouth between your front teeth and bite down on it. Feels great for me, instant relief! If it works look into a hard tanner splint/mouthguard.

    Hope you get some help, push your doctors for help and look into splints and dentists to get some relief.

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    I was experiencing pain/soreness in my jaw when I would eat. I also had clicking in my jaw when I would open it. I wasn't wearing my retainer for a few weeks (I've worn it most nights since I got it around 15 years ago). I'm not sure if not wearing it was the cause of my jaw pain since the retainer does prevent me from grinding my teeth together. I went back to wearing my retainer but also did the Jaw/TMJ exercises from the "Pain Free" book by Pete Egoscue and one or both of those seemed to have healed my jaw pain. The clicking is still there.  The idea in the Pain Free book is that the body not being aligned properly causes all sorts of issues including these jaw issues.  It helps to correct your body alignment without even doing a specific exercise for the jaw.  I just wanted to post this in case it might help someone else.

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    Never had this problem with tmj untill a root canal that took 4 hours long to do ..all because the dentist my insurance will cover are a bunch of med students fresh out of college..anyhoo..terryble balance ringing in my ears if i eat somthing hard like steak..then 2 weeks of doom untill it decides to stop
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    But yes all that you described is lovely tmj no cure...just dont eat hard things or clench your jaws throughout the day..i take ativan that helps already had an axiety problem before this happened..tylenol helps also
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    Everyone replying here seems to have all the classic problems.  Even the eyes.  Blurry and floaters.

    The popping in the nose is related to the ears being plugged.  This is usually because their is minor inflammations of the TMJ which directly affects the ear canal.

    Has anyone used the Body Talk Repair seen in these videos?

    I would like to hear feedback on the above natural repair system.

    Thanks ...Regards


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