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Issue with right eye - Foreign Body sensation?


I am wondering if anyone has any advice or experienced similar issues as I am at my wits end with it.

Around 2 months ago I started experiencing a feeling that there was something in my right eye, as if there is a hair lying across it. I didn't go away after a few days so I got it checked at A&E who confirmed there was nothing in it and it was not scratched.

I used drops for irritated eyes but it still hadn't improved so I went to the opticians a few days later for an eye test. They again confirmed that there was nothing in my eye and that my vision is pretty much perfect.  They said my right eye could have a prescription, but would be that small it would make no difference. After this the issues seemed to disappear.

However, in the 3 weeks the symptoms have come back with a vengeance. The sensation that again there is something in my eye and the constant urge to rub it. I bought different kinds of eye drops for dry eyes and they made no difference. I went back to the opticians who again said there was nothing in the eye and my eyes were not dry  but said it looked like there was an allergic reaction. I got drops for allergies and took antihistamines and used cold compression but this hasn't helped. I don't think it is due to allergies as like before it is only affecting one eye. 

I then went back to the hospital and the doctor prescribed antibiotic eye ointment to take for 5 days, which ended yesterday and it has also not helped. 

I am now going to book another appointment with my GP but does anyone have any advice in the mean time?

The symptom of something in the right eye are almost constant, no drops are relieving it. My eye does seem to be better when I am outside. They get worse at a computer screen or when I am reading. Today I feel quite light headed and finding it hard to focus.

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  • Marina Dee Marina Dee a73824 you have any ingrowing eyelashes? although I'm sure this would have been spotted by your doctor or optician.

    This does sound exactly the same as my experience. Several years ago I started to have slightly dry eyes and always worse in the right eye.   Used Artificial tears when I needed them. Always worse when reading or working on a screen.  Suddenly I had this pain in my right eye...just like a bit of grit in it. Nothing helped,tried drops, eye gels,eye washes . Doctor couldnt see anything,referred to ophthalmologist...again nothing.   This continued for several very uncomfortable months until the pain was suddenly excruciating.     Visit to A/E and referred to Corneal specialist.......who found an infected corneal ulcer.  My dry eyes had deteriorated and the dryness had caused an ulcer.    From that time I have severe dry eyes but well managed with Simple eye ointment at night and close fitting sunglasses when out and about. 

    Ask your GP to refer you to an ophthalmologist...preferably one with expertise in Cornea problems.  You dont say how old you are,or whether you are male or female. This can be worse when taking HRT if you are female and in that age group,but this can happen to anyone.

    Those that suffer like this often say their doctors and ophthalmologists are of little use as regards treatment ,but do suggest the possibility of an ulcer with your doctor and consultant. They often are not looking for this.

    Do let us all know how you get on......

    • a73824 a73824 Marina Dee

      Thank you for reply. 

      Had an appointment with GP today who checked my eye and said there wasn’t nothing in it, no sign of infection or allergy and they said they could they couldnt see any ulcers. 

      Asked to refer me to the ophthalmologist but refused because they couldn’t couldnt find anything in my eye. 

      Suggested the symptoms are like blepharitis (but I have no crusts on my eyelashes) and to use hot compression and eye lid wash. And to not use any eydeops as they maybe irritating it. 

      I feel I’m never going to get this sorted, there’s no relief 

  • Marina Dee Marina Dee a73824

    Your story of what the doctor has said is so typical of what happens to so many with Blepharitis and dry eye with Meibomian gland disfunction MGD. The tiny glands in your eyelids that provide the essential oils for perfect eye lubrication are drying up.   Blepharitis doesnt always have crusty eyelids,and manifests itself in so many ways.

  • Alice987 Alice987 a73824

    Self referr to an opthomologist. Optometrist have something against opthomologist. No one should live uncomfortable a cornea specialist is the best option as well they see things even regular general practice opthomologist miss. Good luck

    • Marina Dee Marina Dee Alice987

      Alice,  In UK we cant self refer to any consultant.  We have to see our own doctor first and then that doctor will decide if we need a referral for a  consultant,or whether they can treat the condition themselves.. If the doctor decides on a referral,they will write to the consultant and we have to wait for an appointment.   If it is seriously urgent they can ask for an urgent appointment or they can send patients directly to A/E,where they will be seen. 

      We can also go to A/E without a doctors referral in the case of accidents/injuries or serious problems when a doctor isnt available eg during the night or at weekends. 


  • ryan05964 ryan05964 a73824


    I have the exact same symptoms you have described for the last 4 years or so; getting worse I believe. I have tried all the suggestions in the comments, just wondering if you have had in luck in the last 6 months?

  • k51095 k51095 a73824

    Marina Dee is right this does sound like Blepharitis or corneal dystrophy my only other thought would be to ask if they inverted your eye lids? Sometimes we can have calcium deposits which cause irritation and a foreign body feeling but is actually irritation from everytime you blink. If you are able to flip your own eyelid you may be able to see it yourself, it would be a small white bump.(can be upper or lower lid). Can be easily removed if it is. Good luck!

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