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This past week I really have felt really not myself, and I am completely unable to focus on my studies (university student) and can't be bothered to go out with friends or really do anything. I have no idea what may be wrong with me, I had a cold that started two weeks ago, but it's pretty much gone. Here's a list of my symptoms that began a week ago, if anyone has any idea what it may be or how to fix any of these issues please let me know, it's really making me annoyed and not myself!

-Off/On Headache


-Sometimes Dizzy

-Memory issues: It's taking me longer than usual to recall events that recently happened unless very significant

-Emotional detachment: I've really only been feeling emotional extremes, not just everyday normal emotions

- Also nausea off and on, but this started 3 days ago- usually when I eat meals

Also another note to add: Yesterday I thought I was feeling a bit better so I went to the gym as I normally have in the past, and as I ran for 15 minutes I didn't feel any type of mental rush, I didn't even feel I was really there- that my body just went into autopilot. I didn't feel the tiredness, or need to stop/power through. Afterwards I felt nausea, but during it was literally like I was just watching myself run. Normally I run for much longer distances whilst at the gym but this was an extremely odd feeling.

Please let me know what you all think!! Any suggestions/help is greatly appreciated.

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    Josh, this one has come up on other forums. Have you seen your GP and had blood tests for infectious mononucleosis? (Sometimes known simply as mono, or by its old name, glandular fever.) It's a minor but troublesome illness that's practically endemic among university students. There's a simple blood test that will tell if you've got it.

    I can't diagnose you, of course, but it sounds pretty typical - starting with what seemed to be a cold, then going on to headaches, brain fog etc., especially as you don't mention having had any serious psychiatric problems before this. See your GP and insist on getting tested. There's no specific treatment if you have got it, and it usually runs its course after a few weeks (though can occasionally take longer).

    Normally you'd have some evidence of swollen glands in your neck but this doesn't always happen. Sometimes only the lymph glands inside your abdomen swell up, which isn't noticeable from the outside, but can cause nausea and abdominal pain. The symptoms can be quite erratic. I remember when I was doing my theatre experience as a student nurse 50 years ago, the surgeon actually opened up a med student's abdomen, convinced it was appendicitis... only to find a perfectly healthy appendix and the tell-tale swollen lymph glands!

    Probably best not to engage in vigorous exercise at this stage as that tends to make things worse. Better just to take a walk every day. And try and cut yourself some slack in general while this is going on.

    I hope you'll soon be feeling better.

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      Thanks for the reply Lily.

      Im a study abroad student from the US here for one semester, so no I haven't seen a GP yet! Do you think this is something that requires a doctor to look at, or should I give it another week to see if it goes away? If not I will definately look into seeing what my options are to see a doctor!

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      I agree with Pixie - you could probably leave it a week or so to see if it goes away, especially as you don't have a doctor. Just rest up as much as you can without giving up on exercise altogether.

      If you do need to see a doctor you should have no problem if you're in the UK (which is what I assume you mean by "here"). The National Health Service is available and free to all, regardless of nationality, residency rights etc., apart from dental and small prescription charges. I gather this is something of an issue with some UK nationals, btw!wink (Haven't lived there myself for 40 years.)

      Your university should have a list of doctors.

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    I suggest it could be nasal congestion left over from your cold, affecting your sinuses (hence headache) and inner ear upsetting your balance mechanism (hence nausea and dizziness). That can make you feel "spaced out" and tired. It goes away of its own accord after a while, but it can be upsetting while it lasts. Best to consult doctor if you are worried.
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    I'd say U r depressed get to UR doctors and explain how UR feeling keep a note of it each day to see if there R any changes im no doctor but IVE lived with depression for a long time. I'm struggling at the moment with the same problem the gym was my sanity but I can't get motivated and wen I dd manage to go I got up and left my spinning class within 10 mins which is not at all like me. It will pass but it is important to get a doctors opinion as the sooner UR is dealt with and treated the less suffering for U, well done for acknowledging U don't feel right and talking about it Becoz this is the first step and often the hardest. But don't worry U r not alone and there R some really helpful wats to manage it. If U r feeling less pleasure from the things U did enjoy and may not want to socialise ot b around anyone. I have also found that wen IVE been physically ill with a cold I then realise IVE been better for couple weeks but still in bed as my depression has crept up on me it does seem to highten it or bring it on wen ur body is run down it is also a vicious circle as wen u r low and mentally exhausted UR physical body can shut down resulting in headaches and aches and pains. I hope this helps, and I'm very sure UR doctor can help you the emotions may b mood swings which I too have but I als have other mental health issues, the main thing is getting U bk to a place where U feel more balanced and mAyb try the gym again I no this is easier said and I myself have not been able to get bj for a while but it does get harder the longer it is left, I wish U luck and let me no how it goes.
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