It can be celiac?

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I'm a male 23 years.My symptoms are dizziness, very strong fatigue,bloating stomach ache. I also feel instabile when I walk having very low energy.

I have my CBC and all are good,iron,magnezium .Only calcium is 3.70 mg/dll (3.8-4.8 /mg/dll) and cholesterol a little over limit (even if I have 5'10'' and 116.8 pounds).After this my GP recomand me this blood tests and the results are

Anti-gliadin antibodies IGA: 2.1 U/ml (<12 negative

                                                            >12 positive)

Anti gliadin antibodies IGG: 19.2 U/ml(<12 negative

                                                             >12 positive).

The last one was high and after 2 weaks I have an endoscopy.The results are gastroduodenal reflux disease and a little  transhietal hernia.The doctor said me that my stomach is looking normal,the results are good.But I can explain why is hearting me and I'm bloating and that neurological symptoms ....He also took 2 deep biopsies from my duoden  and the result come back negative for celiac disease.After this I start a very strict gluten free diet.I have 3 weeks but no results,the symtoms are the same  and my GP said to me after one week I can eat gluten again.He also said that I'm affected by stress.I recognize I'm feeling depressed  when my symptoms are powerfull .The fact that I'm feeling sick is the cause not depression but this nobody can't understand.When you feel like me for years with no answers...

Please,I need help what should I do?

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    Hi, sorry to hear you are having such a bad time at the moment. I was diagnosed as coeliac 1 year ago after years of doctors doing tests on me and not knowing what was wrong. The average time a person has coeliac before it is diagnosed is 13 years!!My blood tests came back negative too but that was because by that time I was eating very little gluten anyway. You need to be eating gluten food every day for 6 weeks before testing......or you can have genetic testing as I eventually was offered.

    . GPs don't want to help you as there is no money to be made by the pharmaceutical industry (and then back to them for prescribing),there are no pills that make coeliac better. GPs are also being told to cut back and not keep sending people for tests so consequently serious conditions are being missed. I was put on antidepressants because they wanted to get rid of you I was only depressed by the symptoms.

    You really must keep going back until you get some answers as you do have a lot of symptoms and you should be able to to live comfortably....especially as you are so young. Try not to get too stressed about it all as that does seem to make things worse. Ask to be referred to a Gastroenterologist.

    Apparently 70% of all illness starts in the gut. It is vital that you are eating healthily but more important that the food is right for you. You maybe wheat intollerant and/ or lactose or various other foods. Keeping a food diary of literally everything you eat helps and noting how you feel. Then you have some evidence if it is food related.

    Good luck and hope you feel better soon. : )

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      HI Lyndo, thank you for  understanding me! smile

      The physician was actualy a gastroenterologist and internal diseases.I was eating gluten when I have my blood test and endoscopy.

      For how long you’ve been gluten free you notice changes ?

       I’ll keep my gluten free diet for 2 months.I think is enough and if I don’t feel any changes I will give up and eat gluten again.

      I also planning to be lactose free for 2 weeks (I feel bloated when I eat).

      Thank you for advice, I will make a food diary.

      I’m trying not to be stressed but I’m disappointed.There is a long time  and the miracle is not coming…

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    Hope this will help.

    I too had all of your symptom's many years ago, and Eventually was

    diagnosed with coliac disease.. Went on a strike cluten/wheat free diet

    and told I

    would have to do so for rest of my life. And only after a month of being

    on this I felt soooo much better and still do.🙌 But you must stick to it,

    it can be a pain having to want you are going to eat doesn't contain

    Wheat or Gluten.

    And can restrict you from eating out.

    , but I would rather this as I remind myself how bad I use to feel.😖.

    So good luck hope you too will feel better very soon take care.

    Please let us know how you get on.

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      Hi,I know the only person who understand me is that who is in the same situation…I’m happy you feel better.

      I have no regrets if I need to be  on gluten free diet  always and I will feel better.  : ).

      Thank you and  I will write how I'll feel.


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    No miracles i'm afraid but.......I did feel loads better within days. I could see clearly and think! For years i'd felt like i was walking around in a thick fog! I'd repeatedly had my eyes tested......but it was all the gluten poisoning me!

    I still have sympoms of hyperventilating and bloating when I eat any grains at all so have now given them up completely until my next hospital appointment. It really can take ages for the gut to heal and in some cases it never does completely. Youth is definitely on your side but you will need to be patient as it could take some time. It is a good idea to give up lactose too for the time being. Just be careful you are not having gluten without realising it,,,,,it's in everything....ketchup......the vinegar you put on your chips and is a thickener in so many foods, Also food can be contaminated as even miniscule amounts will effect you if you are coeliac. It is an autoimmune disease and not an allergy as many believe,

    I think the most important thing for you is to find out exaactly what is going on as soon as possible so you can deal with it and get well.

    Don't give up.....our health really is the most important thing.

    Best wishes Lyn :-)

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      Thanks for advices! What is strange is that in the morning when I wake up I feel better,I'm not so tired,my brain and eyes are clear and don't have that  dizziness like I have in the rest of the day.This simptoms(that I feel better in the morning ) are for years no metter if I go to University or I'm reading a nice book in bed.But I always  eat  when I wake up.

      Do you lynda feel you better in the morning when you wake up in comparision with the rest of the day?

      I'm eating only products that says Gluten free and I'm very

      thoughtful with cross contamination.

      I also think I will buy some vitamins and minerals(gluten free) because I'm very weak and maybe it will help me heal faster even my doctor

      said it's not really necessary...

      Best wishes : )


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      Yes, I do feel better in the morning or in fact anytime I haven't eaten anything! By the evening I'm a big swollen blob again!!

      I think vitamins may be a good idea and also probiotics to help restore the good bacteria in your gut. Try to just have lots of bland food;no strong spices or too much fibre which is hard to digest,

      I hope it will just be a matter of time for the healing to occur.


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      Thanks for you're time.I've notice in last days that stomach pain are not that strong.But I don't know if is from gluten free diet or from medicines prescribed by doctor.

      I 'll figure it out in time confused



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